OSRS Chasm Of Fire Guide

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The Chasm of Fire Guide OSRS

"The Chasm of Fire" is a three-level dungeon that harbors a variety of demons. These demons are separated by type on each level of the dungeon. It's worth noting that these demons can only be slain while you are on a slayer task.

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It is situated northwest of the city of Shayzien in the kingdom of Great Kourend.

Location chasm of fire

How to get there

There exist various methods to enter the dungeon:

1. Utilizing the fairy ring code "D-J-R" will transport players to a point just southeast of the Chasm, provided they've visited Great Kourend before.

2. Employing Kharedst's memoirs for teleportation to the Graveyard of Heroes by selecting "History and Hearsay". This requires the completion of the Tale of the Righteous quest.

3. Using the Battlefront teleport will position players slightly northwest of the chasm.

4. Leveraging a skills necklace to teleport to the farming guild, then proceeding southeast. It's advisable to carry some form of antipoison due to the presence of lizardmen along the way.

the dungeon entrance

For those who were wondering what the dungeon entrance looks like

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Now let's see what types of demons we can find.

1. The Lesser demon: On the initial level of the dungeon, players will encounter 9 Lesser Demons. These creatures boast a combat level of 82 and provide 79 Slayer experience each when defeated.

Lesser demon

2. The Greater Demon: On the second tier, a grand total of 17 Greater Demons awaits, all at level 92 in combat strength. Successfully conquering these demons rewards 87 Slayer experience each.

Greater Demon

3. The Black Demon: Finally, on the last floor, players will come face to face with Black Demons. These formidable foes are at level 172 and grant a substantial 157 Slayer experience upon their defeat.

Black Demon

Map of the dungeon levels

Map of the dungeon levels

Players have the option to employ lifts for seamless traversal between different levels.

While the chasm isn't designated as a multi-combat area, a dwarf multicannon can still be deployed within its confines. Notably, there exist multiple safe spots for efficiently dispatching greater demons on the middle floor. These strategic vantage points make use of piles of rocks and the narrow pathways. It's important to note that resurrection spells are ineffective while inside the Chasm of Fire. Any attempt to cast such spells prompts the message "You can't resurrect a thrall here."


Furthermore, there are two NPCs located within the dungeon: the Disciple of Yama and The Voice of Yama.

1. The Voice of Yama: a demon with a minotaur-like head, serves as the spokesperson for Yama, a fire demon aligned with Zamorak. This unique entity can be encountered at the center of the lowest level within the Chasm of Fire.

The Voice of Yama

2. The Disciples of Yama: dedicated adherents of the fire demon Yama, are also present. One can be located near the entrance to the Chasm of Fire, while the other awaits on the second level of the chasm.

The Disciples of Yama