OSRS Cooking Gauntlets Guide

The Cooking gauntlets Guide OSRS

Cooking Gauntlets are a unique pair of gloves in "Old School RuneScape" (OSRS) that provide a special ability for players focused on the Cooking skill. These gloves allow players to enhance their cooking experience by reducing the likelihood of burning certain types of fish.

The Cooking gauntlets

How to get them

Cooking Gauntlets can be obtained after completing the "Family Crest" quest, along with the goldsmith and chaos gauntlets. To acquire the cooking enchantment on your Family Crest gauntlets, follow these steps:

1. Complete the Family Crest Quest: Before obtaining the Cooking Gauntlets, you need to complete the "Family Crest" quest. This quest involves solving puzzles and interacting with various NPCs. The quest can be started by speaking to Dimintheis in Varrock.

2. Steel Gauntlets: As a reward for completing the Family Crest quest, you will receive steel gauntlets. These will serve as the base for enchanting the Cooking Gauntlets.

3. Visit Caleb: Caleb can be found in or near the house north of the archery shop in Catherby. Take your steel gauntlets to him.

4. Enchantment Process: Hand over your steel gauntlets to Caleb. If your gauntlets already have a different enchantment, he will charge you 25,000 coins. Otherwise, he will enchant them for cooking without any additional fee.

5. Final Product: After the enchantment process, you'll receive the Cooking Gauntlets. These enchanted gloves are now ready to enhance your cooking experience.

Reasons why you want these gloves

1. Reduced Burning: Cooking Gauntlets significantly decrease the chances of burning specific types of fish, including lobsters, swordfish, monkfish, sharks, and anglerfish. This means you'll be able to cook these fish more efficiently and with higher success rates.

2. Enhanced Experience: As a result of reduced burning, you'll gain additional Cooking experience when preparing the aforementioned fish. This is especially beneficial for players looking to level up their Cooking skill faster.

3. Resource Efficiency: With fewer burned fish, you'll save resources and money that would have been spent on replacing failed cooking attempts.

Cooking Gauntlets focus exclusively on improving the cooking process for the designated types of fish. They do not affect the cooking of other types of food items.

Note: Once the post-miniquest "Family Pest" has been successfully concluded, players gain the privilege to retrieve the cooking gauntlets from Caleb whenever they choose. Subsequent pairs won't incur the 25,000-coin charge, and players have the freedom to possess various versions of the Family Crest gauntlets concurrently.

Upon attaining level 99 in the Cooking skill, players have the opportunity to purchase a Cooking cape. This esteemed cape bestows the wearer with the exceptional ability to eliminate the risk of burning food indefinitely while it's equipped. Consequently, players can opt to discontinue the use of cooking gauntlets. Furthermore, the Cooking cape's effectiveness extends to all types of food, in contrast to the gauntlets, which exclusively enhance cooking outcomes for the following five fish:

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