OSRS Shadow Veil Guide

The Shadow Veil Spell OSRS

The "Shadow Veil" spell is a potent tool that adventurous mages in Old School RuneScape can wield to enhance their thieving and stealth abilities. This spell, available in the Arceuus spellbook, provides a unique advantage to those seeking to improve their prowess in the art of larceny. The Arceuus spellbook, occasionally known as the necromancy spellbook, becomes available to players who achieve a favorability level of 60% with the Arceuus faction in the region of Great Kourend.

Arceuus spellbook

Here we can see the list of Arceuus spells, Shadow Veil in the red square


1. Magic Level 47: Prior to casting the "Shadow Veil" spell, a Magic skill level of 47 or higher is a prerequisite. If your Magic level falls short of this requirement, dedicate time to honing your magical abilities.

2. Completion of the "A Kingdom Divided" Quest: To gain access to the "Shadow Veil" spell, it's imperative to successfully complete the "A Kingdom Divided" quest. This quest may entail a sequence of challenges and tasks, demanding thorough preparation before embarking on this quest.

Spell cost:

spell cost

Using the Shadow Veil Spell

1. Open the Spellbook: Open your spellbook and locate the page containing "Shadow Veil." Make sure you have enough rune energy to cast the spell.

2. Select the Target: Choose the target you wish to cast the "Shadow Veil" spell on. The spell will be applied to yourself, enhancing your chances of avoiding being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing NPCs.

3. Enjoy the Benefits: Once the spell is cast, you'll begin to experience the benefits of the "Shadow Veil" while engaging in thieving activities. The spell grants a 15% chance to evade being stunned and damaged when attempting to pickpocket. This chance stacks multiplicatively with the dodgy necklace, resulting in an impressive 36.25% chance to avoid taking damage from a failed pickpocket attempt.

Important Note: It's crucial to note that the "Shadow Veil" spell does not affect the success rate of pickpocketing using the blackjack method.

The spell can be cast only once every 30 seconds. With a Magic level of 50, casting the spell immediately when it becomes available results in a 100% uptime.