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Wanted! Guide OSRS

The dangerous exiled criminal, Solus, has once again emerged as a grave threat to the peaceful lands of RuneScape. The conventional efforts of the White Knights tasked with handling this menace have proven inadequate. It appears that the time has come for a skilled adventurer to step up and confront this perilous adversary.

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32 Quest points

Completion of the following quests:

Recruitment Drive

Black Knights' Fortress

Druidic Ritual

The Lost Tribe

Rune Mysteries

Goblin Diplomacy

Priest in Peril

Partial completion of Enter the Abyss

The ability to defeat a level 32 Black Knight.

Items required

10,000 coins, or:

Law rune

Enchanted gem (bought from a Slayer Master)

Molten glass

20 un-noted Rune essence or pure essence (you'll get them back)

The player must deliver all 20 rune essence at once

Light source (Note: Candles, torches and oil lamps can cause swamp gas explosions if going off-route, and need a tinderbox to stay lit)

Start point  

Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park

Start point

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Seek out Sir Tiffy in Falador Park, and he will divulge a little-known secret about joining the prestigious White Knights order. Following your discussion with him, he'll advise you to proceed to Sir Amik Varze for further guidance.

Talk to Sir Tiffy in Falador Park

Head to the 3rd floor of the western tower of the White Knight's Castle and engage in a conversation with Sir Amik Varze. He'll extend an offer for you to become his squire, but for the moment, choose the option "No, not right now" to politely decline. (Choosing to become his squire would lead you on a different path, involving fetching an Asgarnian ale for him. If you do, you'd need to return to Sir Tiffy to continue.)

Instead, share with Sir Amik that you've encountered a mysterious individual who hinted at a quicker route to White Knight status. Engage in further dialogue, expressing your interest in becoming his deputy. Sir Amik will acknowledge your potential but will inform you that he can only enlist you as his deputy in times of crisis.

Talk to Sir Amik Varze

Return to Sir Tiffy Cashien, and he will inform you of the looming crisis, involving a notorious criminal named Solus Dellagar, a powerful Murder-Mage. He instructs you to once again approach Sir Amik Varze for your mission orders.

Back in the presence of Sir Amik, he will warmly greet you and divulge the unsettling news of Evil Solus Dellagar's return. Upon accepting his request to aid the White Knights, he will formally deputize you into their esteemed order.

Upon returning to Sir Tiffy Cashien, he emphasizes the importance of avoiding direct confrontation with Solus Dellagar. Instead, he tasks you with the role of a scout. You are given the option to either purchase or craft a Commorb for communication. The purchase of the orb requires 10,000 coins, while crafting it entails providing an Enchanted gem, a Law rune, and a piece of Molten glass to Sir Tiffy, who will create the Commorb for you.

With the Commorb in hand, you contact Savant, a Temple Knight agent, who briefs you on your assignment and shares details about two crucial recordings: one featuring Lord Daquarius of the Black Knights and another involving the Mage of Zamorak in Varrock.

To advance your mission, you venture to the temple located in the southeast of Varrock and speak with the Zamorak mage. If you haven't initiated the Mage of Zamorak miniquest, you should first converse with him north of Edgeville before approaching him in Varrock. He will request 20 Rune or Pure essence (in non-note form) in exchange for vital information. He informs you that Solus Dellagar has moved eastward from his location.

Talk to Mage of Zamorak in Varrock

To proceed with your journey, make your way to Falador by either traversing on foot or utilizing your teleportation spells. Once you arrive in Falador, head westward towards Taverley Dungeon. Upon entering the dungeon, continue your path by heading north, bypassing the Skeletons, and proceed through the eastern gate, paying no attention to the Suits of Armor.

From this point, venture eastward, navigating past the Giant bats. Keep walking southward, cautiously moving past various foes such as the Magic Axes, Scorpions, Chaos Dwarfs, and Hill Giants, until you finally encounter the Black Knights.

Be cautious and vigilant as you make your way through the dungeon, as many of the denizens there are aggressive and will not hesitate to engage in combat with you. Their levels may vary, so stay prepared for unexpected encounters.

climb down ladder

Proceed through the entrance into the cavernous area, and make your way to the next room. Head westward, and you should spot Lord Daquarius. Engage in conversation with him, but initially, he refuses to divulge any information, expressing his concern for the safety of his comrades.

To extract the necessary details from Lord Daquarius, engage in combat with a Black Knight. After this, Lord Daquarius will become more talkative and provide you with the essential information. Eventually, you will piece together that Solus Dellagar may be located in Canifis.

Now, head to Canifis. You can reach it by using your Varrock teleport and walking northeast, or if you possess Ancient Magicks, you can employ those for teleportation. As you enter Canifis, Savant will intercept you and deliver a lecture on "Slow Teleporting." Subsequently, she will instruct you to scan the area in Canifis. Comply with her directive, and a cutscene will unfold involving Solus.

Note: If you happen to skip the conversation with Savant, exit Canifis, then re-enter to trigger the necessary dialogue.

Scan Commorb

Your quest to locate Solus Dellagar will involve a series of scans at various locations, with each scan yielding a random item that provides hints about his whereabouts. You'll need to repeat this process until you pinpoint his final location. During this pursuit, Solus will occasionally cast spells on you, most of which are harmless. However, at some point, he will unleash the powerful Flames of Zamorak, inflicting substantial damage. You'll be teleported to Falador Castle with ample opportunity to replenish your food supplies. Keep an eye out for the following items and their corresponding locations:

1. Banana: Banana plantation on Karamja.

2. Bear Fur: Ardougne Market Fur Stall.

3. Blue Cape: Champions' Guild.

4. Blue Wizard Hat: Wizard Tower.

5. Bone Spear: End of the Dorgeshuun mines.

6. Castle Wars ticket: Castle Wars Arena.

7. Cape (blue): Champions' Guild south of Varrock.

8. Cake: Ardougne Market Bakers Stall.

9. Cream Hat: Grand Tree right next to King Narnode.

10. Earmuffs: Morytania tower at the Banshees.

11. Eye Patch: Brimhaven, pub with pirates.

12. Fake Beard: Ali Morrisane in Al-Kharid.

13. Fremennik Cloak: Relleka.

14. Frogs Legs: Lumbridge Caves where the giant frogs are.

15. Fur: Ardougne Market Fur Stall.

16. Goblin Mail: Goblin Village north of Falador.

17. Greenman's Ale: Yanille Pub.

18. Red Vine Worm: McGrubor's Wood.

19. Toy Horsey: Draynor Market (scan, and he will appear to give you a new item).

20. Unholy Symbol: The Scorpius shrine north of the Observatory.

21. White Wizard Hat: Ground Floor of the tree in Gnome Stronghold.

Use these items as clues to identify Solus Dellagar's ultimate hiding place, and be prepared for his powerful spell during your pursuit.

Once you've completed your search and identified the final location of Solus Dellagar in the Rune Essence Mine, make your way there using one of the Rune Essence Teleport Wizards. Upon your arrival, a brief cutscene will unfold, depicting Solus ruthlessly dispatching 15 White Knights by inflicting a devastating 70 damage to each of them.

Savant will then inform you that Solus has been significantly weakened and that you are the only one capable of finishing him off. Fortunately, the battle with Solus Dellagar should be relatively straightforward due to his weakened state. Engage him in combat and defeat him in battle.

After successfully defeating Solus, retrieve his hat as proof of your triumph and return it to Sir Amik Varze to complete your mission. Congratulations on your victory over the powerful Murder-Mage and your dedication to the White Knights!

defeating the Solus

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Wanted Completed