OSRS The Depths of Despair Quest Guide

The Depths of Despair Guide OSRS

The Depths of Despair is a quest that continues the storyline introduced in Client of Kourend within the Great Kourend quest series. This quest was officially announced on October 9, 2017, and underwent a polling process as part of Old School Content Poll #57.

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Completion of the following quests:

Client of Kourend

X Marks the Spot

18 Agility 

20% Hosidius favour

Ability to kill a level 36 Sand Snake

Start point  

Speak to Lord Kandur Hosidius at his home in Hosidius, north-west of the Vinery.

start point

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Approach Lord Kandur Hosidius, who resides in the house located to the northwest of the Hosidius Vinery. You can conveniently teleport to him by utilizing the Xeric's Glade option on Xeric's Talisman. Lord Kandur expresses his deep concern about his missing eldest son, Artur Hosidius, and implores you for assistance. Opt for chat options 2 and 1 to agree to assist him in this troubling matter. He then requests that you start your investigation by conversing with his family and household staff.

talk to lord kandur

Next, pay a visit to Chef Olivia in the kitchen. During your conversation, Olivia discloses her romantic involvement with Artur and informs you that he had confided in her about his quest to locate the original copy of the Accord of Twill. She mentions that he had been dedicating a significant amount of time to research in the Arceuus Library. Olivia suggests seeking the guidance of a librarian named Galana, who may have valuable information to aid in your search.

Make your way to the Arceuus Library, which can be conveniently accessed using a nearby fairy ring. If you've already paid Trossa 80,000 coins to restore it, you can use the code "cis" to teleport there. Once you arrive, locate Galana within the library; she can be found in the north-eastern section on the ground floor. Engage in conversation with her, and she will suggest your next step: finding a book titled "Varlamore Envoy." The catch is that the book's location is different for each player. Politely ask Galana for its whereabouts, and then meticulously search the bookcases in the designated area. Keep in mind that each square in the game corresponds to its own bookshelf, so be thorough in your search. If you happen to log out before finding the book, make sure to consult with Galana again, as the book's location may have shifted.

Once you've located and obtained the "Varlamore Envoy" book, read it to uncover a crucial piece of information. The book reveals that the original copy of the Accord of Twill was lost at sea, and the ship carrying it met its demise in the Crabclaw Caves. You can access the Crabclaw Caves by heading south of the Woodcutting Guild. Look for the entrance marked with the Dungeon map link icon.png icon. It's worth noting that if you attempt to enter the caves without reading the book, you'll receive a message stating, "You have no reason to go in there."

To reach the Crabclaw Caves, you can either use the Skill necklace teleport to the Woodcutting Guild or utilize a rowboat to travel to Land's End.









To reach the Crabclaw Caves (not to be confused with Crabclaw Isle), begin by heading south from the Woodcutting Guild. Follow the path as it leads you east, and then continue south through a crevice in the cave system. As you progress, you'll encounter Stepping Stones and rocky terrain. If your Hitpoints and Agility levels are on the lower side, it's advisable to bring some food along in case you fall while attempting to navigate the Stepping Stones or rocks, and also for the upcoming battle.

Please note that defeating a Sand Crab is a requirement for the Easy Task in the Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Upon reaching the end of the caves, you'll find a tunnel entrance. Climb down into it to locate Artur Hosidius. He believes that the chest further ahead contains the original Accord of Twill, but it is guarded by a formidable Sand Snake. As Artur is not skilled in combat, he implores you to eliminate the Sand Snake on his behalf. Proceed to climb the rocks ahead and engage the Sand Snake in battle. It's worth noting that the Sand Snake is particularly susceptible to magic attacks, so utilizing magical abilities is recommended to dispatch it swiftly.

Once you've successfully defeated the Sand Snake, search the chest it was guarding to uncover the original Royal Accord of Twill. If you prefer to minimize the risk during the battle with the Sand Snake, you can safespot it by positioning yourself along the walls. You can do this by moving all the way to the north or south along the wall and then walking in front of the entrance from either the south or north, depending on your approach


Head back to the Hosidius family's residence and have a conversation with Lord Kandur. He will gratefully accept the recovered Accord and, in appreciation for your assistance, present you with your well-deserved reward.

Congratulations, quest complete!

The Depths of Despair  completed