OSRS Infernal Mage Guide

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Infernal Mage Guide OSRS

Infernal Mages are malevolent creatures that require a skill level of at least 45 in the art of assassination to be successfully defeated. Their renown among adventurers stems from the valuable rewards they occasionally bestow, such as coveted death runes, as well as rare loot that includes dark mystic boots and magical hats. However, intrepid players who dare to confront these foes must be on guard, as these wicked mages possess lethal precision in their magic attacks.

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Slayer Level: 45 Slayer is required to kill Infernal Mages.

Items: Slayer equipment (Slayer helmet if available), runes for combat spells or ranged/magic equipment.

Recommendations Skills:

Combat Skills: High Ranged or Magic levels are recommended.

Prayer: Protect from Melee or other protection prayers can be useful.

Hitpoints: A higher Hitpoints level will increase your survivability.

Agility: Optional but can be useful for faster navigation.

Getting There:

Infernal Mages can be found in the Slayer Tower, located to the north-east of Canifis. Access to the Slayer Tower requires starting the Priest in Peril quest. Here's how to get there:

1. Start the "Priest in Peril" quest by speaking to King Roald in Varrock Palace.

2. Complete the quest objectives, which include crossing the River Salve to enter Morytania.

3. After completing the quest, head to Canifis (a Morytania town) and proceed north-east to reach the Slayer Tower.

Slayer Tower entrance.png

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Infernal Mages primarily use Magic attacks.

They are immune to poison and venom.

Infernal Mages can drop various items, including runes, herbs, and the Mystic robe top.

Infernal Mage.png





Elemental runes

Catalytic runes


Please note that these are some of the common drops, and there may be additional, less common drops when you defeat Infernal Mages in OSRS. Additionally, the chance of receiving specific items may vary depending on your Luck stat and other factors.


1. Equipment: Equip a Slayer helmet if you have one (for the damage and accuracy bonuses against your assigned Slayer target). Otherwise, wear gear that boosts your Ranged or Magic attack bonuses.

slayer helmet

2. Prayer: Using the Protect from Melee prayer or other protection prayers can reduce the damage you take from Infernal Mages.

3. Combat Style: Use Ranged or Magic attacks depending on your preference and skill levels. Ensure you have an ample supply of runes or ranged ammunition.

4. Inventory: Bring food to heal and potions like Prayer potions or Saradomin brews if you plan to use prayers extensively.

5. Task Completion: Infernal Mages are a common Slayer task. To maximize efficiency, obtain a task from a Slayer master and head to the Slayer Tower.