OSRS Ironman Fletching Guide

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Ironman Guide Fletching OSRS

The Fletching skill is most often trained by ironmen while working on other skills, as the ability to purchase all ingredients, as well as their stackability, makes them easy to bring to different training locations. Common skills Fletching is trained alongside are Runecraft, Agility, and Farming. Players also train Fletching while completing quests.

Fletching is also used for making high-level darts and arrows for use in Ranged combat. It can also be useful as a source of mid-tier Ranged armour or weaponry, depending on the player's Fletching level. Players looking to train Slayer will need large amounts of arrows if they plan to use Ranged in combat.

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Levels 1–52: Early training methods

Levels 1–52: Headless arrows

Starting at level 1, feathers can be attached to arrow shafts to make headless arrows. Headless arrows give 1 Fletching experience per arrow. This is a relatively slow training method, but is useful if the player plans on training Fletching by making broad arrows at a higher level, or if the player is training Woodcutting.

Feathers can be easily bought in bulk through feather packs, costing 2 coins per feather. Arrow shafts can be bought for 1 coin each at the Bow and Arrow shop within the Ranging Guild, which requires level 40 Ranged to access. Alternatively, players can cut the arrow shafts from logs, giving ⅓ Fletching experience per arrow regardless of the type of log. At 30 Fletching, willow logs are recommended as they are one of the fastest sources of arrow shafts at lower levels.

Because feathers, arrow shafts, and headless arrows are all stackable, this method can be used to train almost anywhere with very little stress in terms of inventory space. For example, training Agility, or while running about the world for Farming training or doing quests.

Assuming all materials are collected, about 45,000 headless arrows can be made per hour (3,000 actions).

Headless arrows

Levels 1–52: Arrows

Fletching arrows is a faster but more expensive alternative to solely fletching headless arrows. Refer to each arrowtips' page below to find shop locations. Assuming all materials are collected, about 45,000 arrows can be made per hour (3,000 actions).


Note: that this section assumes headless arrows are already obtained, and that arrowtips are bought from stores for their minimum price. Since prices increase depending on a shop's stock, buying all arrowtips at once will increase the overall price.

Alternative for levels 22–52: Iron darts

Another low-level training method is to smith iron bars into iron dart tips, and fletch the tips into iron darts. This can be a good way to train low-level Mining, Smithing, and Fletching at the same time, before faster methods for each skill are available. Darts have a hard limit of 10 sets made per tick, meaning that players can theoretically make up to 600,000 darts per hour; realistically, players can expect to make 3 sets of ten during a single game tick, resulting in 18,000 darts made per hour, or 1,800 sets of 10.

Iron darts

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Levels 52–99: Advanced training methods

Levels 52–99: Broad arrows

Fletching broad arrows becomes the most efficient training method at level 52. Each broad arrow made gives 11 experience, including the experience gained from making headless arrows (or 11.33 if also fletching the arrow shafts from logs).

While the arrows themselves are not very useful for anything, players are able to quickly buy the supplies in bulk, which makes this method a lot more effective than any other methods. However, it's very expensive, costing around 5.70 per experience point.

To be able to fletch broad arrows, players must purchase the Broader Fletching perk for 300 Slayer reward points. Broad arrowhead packs can be bought from any Slayer master, and feather packs from the Port Sarim or Fishing Guild fishing shops. It is best to buy the arrow shafts from the Ranging Guild, but players can alternatively fletch the arrow shafts from logs.

For the best efficiency, broad arrows and the headless arrows required to make them should be made while doing other activities, specifically those which do not require a full inventory and which provide downtime that allows making the arrows. Such activities include training Agility at Hallowed Sepulchre and tracking herbiboars. Another option is to fletch arrows while crafting blood or soul runes in Arceuus.

Broad arrows

Levels 55–99: Maple longbows

Maple logs can be obtained for 56.10 each from Miscellania and can then be fletched into Maple longbows (u) for about 100,000–110,000 experience per hour. They can then be turned into maple longbows for additional Fletching experience. Bow strings can be obtained quickly from tasks such as Temple Trekking or Killing Zulrah for flax, at which point they can be spun with the Spin Flax spell with 76 Magic and access to the Lunar spellbook. These longbows can then be high alched for 48 coins each.

Alternative for levels 92+: Redwood shield

If the player has excess redwood logs from training Woodcutting, they may choose to fletch them into redwood shields at 92 . Requiring two redwood logs, these provide 216 experience per shield made, or 108 experience per log. The experience rates are over 150,000 experience per hour, and require minimal attention.

Other methods


Training Firemaking at Wintertodt can give some passive Fletching experience. Fletching a bruma root into bruma kindling give 0.6 times the player's Fletching level in experience, so the experience rates are heavily dependent on the player's current Fletching level.

Each root will give between 0.6-59.4 experience, and players can fletch between 350-370 kindling per hour while actively playing. Players are not recommended to use this method as a primary training method at lower levels, and will benefit from reaching at least level 20 before joining.

fleching  experiencie in Wintertodt 


High-level to mid-level players who have the toxic blowpipe will need to make darts to use it. Adamant darts are easy to obtain and provide decent experience. Amethyst darts are the highest level darts that can be gathered and provide significant bonuses over adamant darts.

As this section is highly dependent on Smithing, players may also want to consider either fletching or stringing bows, or making more arrows and crossbow bolts, as they will need plenty of ammunition for ranging. Bows can be sold for an small amount at Lowe's Archery Emporium.