OSRS Taverly Dungeon Guide

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Taverley Dungeon Guide OSRS

Taverley Dungeon in Old School RuneScape is an extensive network of underground passages and caverns located near the town of Taverley. This dungeon is famous for its diverse array of creatures and resources, making it a popular destination for combat-oriented players alike. Taverley Dungeon offers a variety of challenges and opportunities for the brave adventurers who venture into its depths. To gain complete access to the dungeon's entirety, a unique key known as the Dusty Key is essential.

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How to get there

The entrance to the dungeon can be located to the south of Taverley and west of Falador. Various methods of reaching this entrance include:

1. Employing the Falador Teleport spell or tablet.

2. Using the Teleport to House spell if your residence is in Taverley, or utilizing a Taverley teleport tablet.

3. Utilizing the Burthorpe Games Room Grouping teleport or a games necklace to reach Burthorpe, then heading south.

4. Leveraging the Explorer's ring 2 or a better version to teleport to the cabbage patch situated south of Falador.

5. Utilizing the Balloon Transport System to travel to Taverley.

6. Accessing the south portal in the Wizards' Guild (requires 66 Magic) located in Yanille, which transports you to the Dark Wizards' Tower just south.

7. Employing the Skills necklace teleport to the Crafting Guild and proceeding north from there.

The entrance taverly dungeon

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Getting The Dusty Key

n order to access the deeper sections of the dungeon, you'll need the dusty key. Acquiring this key involves navigating through the dungeon's southern path until you reach the headquarters of the Kinshra, also known as the Black Knights. Proceed into the narrow eastern passageway, where you'll encounter a Jailer (level 47).

location dusty key

Defeat the Jailer to obtain the jail key he drops. This key is then used to unlock the door of the southern jail cell. Inside the cell, you'll find Velrak the explorer, who holds the dusty key. Engage in conversation with Velrak to receive the key. Be aware that selecting the reward option will not grant you the dusty key. If this occurs, speak with Velrak again and choose the alternative dialogue option. It's important to note that Velrak will remain within the cell and will not leave.

Should the dusty key become lost, it can be reacquired using the same method.

A key point to remember is that the drop trick can be employed to obtain multiple keys at once.

Although the dusty key cannot be traded, it can be purchased from the Legends' Guild shop. Moreover, a dusty key always spawns deep within the dungeon, near the lava eel fishing area. Given that this location is situated behind a gate, players who lack a key are unable to access this area to claim the spawn. However, players possessing a Agility level of 70 can attain the key by using the shortcut to the blue dragon area, subsequently heading south to reach the lava eel region.

Map of the Dungeon

Map of the Dungeon

Let's take a detailed look at what is in this dungeon.

First Half

The initial portion of the dungeon boasts several noteworthy features, including:

1. The Cauldron of Thunder, a significant element in the Druidic Ritual quest.

2. The presence of Chaos dwarves, adding a challenging dynamic to the area.

3. A lair inhabited by black dragons, consisting of 12 black dragons and 5 baby black dragons. Slieve stands as their guardian, granting permission to engage them solely to those with a black dragon task.

4. Another lair is home to 12 blue dragons. Access is granted by Eve, but only if players possess a blue dragon task.

5. Chaos druids can be found in the dungeon's north-eastern corner.

6. The Kinshra hideout, which hosts Lord Daquarius. His interaction is pivotal during the Wanted! quest. Additionally, Velrak the explorer is imprisoned within a cell here. He provides the dusty key required for the dungeon's latter half, especially for those lacking the necessary Agility levels. Acquiring the jail key from a jailer is a prerequisite to entering Velrak's cell.

7. A substantial metal door blocks entry to the dungeon's subsequent portion, and only the dusty key can unlock it.

Second Half

The latter part of the dungeon ushers in significantly more formidable adversaries. Unlocking access to this section necessitates the possession of a dusty key or a minimum Agility level of 70 to traverse the obstacle pipe. Key features within this portion encompass:

1. Blue Dragon Lair: Within this domain, multiple baby blue dragons and adult blue dragons are found, along with various blue dragon scale spawns.

2. Lava Eel Fishing Spots: These are pertinent for the Heroes' Quest, unless an alternate route to the Lava Maze is chosen.

3. Black Demons: An assortment of formidable black demons awaits, ready to challenge adventurers.

4. Poison Spiders: Encounter venomous adversaries, the poison spiders, as you traverse the second half.

5. Hellhounds and Cerberus Chamber: Among the challenges are hellhounds, and an extra chamber exists specifically for battling Cerberus.

6. Black Dragons: Two more black dragons populate this region, adding to the intensity of encounters.

7. Obelisk of Fire: Positioned to the west of the black dragons, the Obelisk of Fire offers its own unique presence.

8. Obelisk of Water: Situated above the ladder near the black dragons, ascending leads to an island off Catherby's coast. The Obelisk of Water is located here, contributing to the area's distinct allure.

This second half of the dungeon delivers a heightened level of challenge and complexity, promising rewarding encounters for those equipped to tackle its formidable inhabitants.

Upper Level

 The upper level of the dungeon is home to blue and black dragons, presenting challenges suited for those on a slayer task.

1. Black Dragon Lair: This section accommodates a total of 12 black dragons and 5 baby black dragons. Access is gained through a staircase located west of the Cauldron of Thunder. These dragons are overseen by Slieve, permitting engagement solely to players assigned a black dragon task.

2. Blue Dragon Lair: Containing 12 blue dragons, this area is accessible via a staircase within the blue dragon region. Players with 70 Agility can opt to leap up the rocks opposite the stairs leading to the black dragons. This unique route allows access to the upper level of the dungeon. Similar to the black dragon lair, the blue dragons are supervised by Eve, who sanctions their elimination only for players with an active blue dragon slayer task.

The upper level offers a distinct encounter, with dragons that demand strategic engagement and the fulfillment of specific slayer tasks for the opportunity to challenge them.