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Castle Wars Guide OSRS

Castle Wars, a popular minigame in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), offers an exciting blend of strategy, teamwork, and combat. This guide will delve into the world of Castle Wars, providing you with the knowledge you need to engage in epic battles, capture flags, and emerge victorious. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to refine your skills or a newcomer eager to learn the ropes, this guide will equip you with the essentials to conquer the battlefield and claim victory for your team. Let's dive into the world of Castle Wars and prepare for an adventure filled with sieges, strategies, and intense action.

Castle Wars - OSRS Wiki

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The Arena:

1. Underground Floor: The underground floor of each base is accessible through tunnels and features various passageways. It serves as a secret route for players who wish to surprise their opponents or evade their enemies. This floor is also home to the powerful catapults that can be operated to launch projectiles at the enemy team.

Underground Floor

2. Ground Floor: The ground floor is a critical area where much of the action unfolds. Players must navigate through barricades, traps, and enemy forces to reach the center, where the coveted flag stands are located. Coordination and strategic movement are crucial in this high-traffic zone.

Ground Floor

3. First Floor: The first floor houses the vital flag room, where each team's flag stand is positioned. It's a focal point of contention, with players from both sides attempting to capture the enemy's flag while safeguarding their own. Sturdy defense and swift offense play a significant role on this floor.

First Floor

4. Second Floor: The second floor offers an elevated perspective, providing a strategic advantage for those who can control this vantage point. Players can utilize the elevated terrain to scout enemy movements and assess the battlefield.

Second Floor

5. Third Floor: The third floor offers an even higher vantage point and is characterized by the battlements overlooking the ground below. Skilled archers and mages can use this advantage to rain down attacks on foes below.

6. Fourth Floor: The highest accessible floor provides a commanding view of the entire arena. While it's not as commonly utilized as the lower floors, it offers valuable information for coordinating tactics and observing the flow of the battle.

Fourth Floor

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Boundaries and Fort Features:

In the Castle Wars arena, the layout extends beyond the base interiors to include the outer boundaries of the fort. These boundaries provide a strategic advantage for rangers and mages, enabling them to effectively target and eliminate oncoming attackers from a distance. The positioning of rangers and mages on these boundaries can be a game-changer, as they can disrupt enemy advances and protect their team's assets.

One noteworthy feature of the fort boundaries is the presence of the fort's catapult. The catapult is a powerful weapon that can launch boulders at designated coordinates to inflict damage upon opponents. It operates within a range that allows for a maximum of 30 height and 30 width. Notably, the catapult's aiming mechanism only allows adjustments in the up and left directions. To load the catapult, players must interact with it and select the boulders they wish to fire.

However, these boundaries are not limited to defenders alone. Players positioned outside the fort can access the elevated areas by using climbing ropes. These ropes can be acquired from the tables located on the ground floor of the fort. This strategic approach allows attackers to enter the fort from unexpected angles, catch defenders off guard, and contribute to the dynamic gameplay of Castle Wars.

Additionally, the fort's catapult, while powerful, is not impervious to damage. Attackers can destroy the catapult by attacking it directly. This serves as both an offensive tactic and a defensive measure, preventing the opposing team from using the catapult against your allies.

The inclusion of boundaries and the dynamic elements of the fort, such as the catapult and climbing ropes, adds an extra layer of complexity and strategy to the Castle Wars experience. Players must consider their positioning, timing, and teamwork to effectively utilize these features and gain the upper hand in the ongoing battle for victory.

By mastering the art of positioning, making strategic decisions, and capitalizing on the fort's unique features, players can contribute significantly to their team's success and emerge as heroes on the battlefield of Castle Wars.

Equipment and Ground Floor:

Transitioning to the ground floor of the Castle Wars arena, players will find a selection of tables that offer a diverse array of items. These items are essential tools that players can utilize to enhance their effectiveness in the game. Here's an overview of the items available and their distinct uses:


Description and use

Bandages Bandages

Used to heal players by replenishing health points.

Climbing Ropes Ropes

Enables access to elevated areas and fortifications.


Boost combat stats, offense, or defense based on type.

Repair Kits Repair Kits

Fix damaged barricades and broken catapults.

Tinderboxes Tinderbox

Light catapults and destroy barricades.

Barricades Barricades

Deploy to obstruct pathways and disrupt opponents.

Catapult Ammo Catapult Ammo

Boulders for loading and firing the catapult.


In Castle Wars, you have several routes to move between the two bases. While one route is through the underground passage, there are three additional routes available on the surface, as shown on this map:

castle wars map

Capturing the Standard

Congratulations, you've successfully made your way to the enemy base and acquired their standard. However, your task is only halfway complete – now you need to safely return the standard to your own base. Before you set out to capture the enemy's standard, consider the following advice:

1. Team Coordination: Communication with your teammates is essential. Inform them about your plans to capture the enemy standard so they can provide support or cover for you if needed.

2. Health and Energy: Ensure that you have sufficient health and energy before attempting to capture the standard. Being low on health could make you an easy target for opponents.

3. Escape Plan: Before making your move, have a clear escape plan in mind. If you encounter strong opposition or find yourself outnumbered, you should be prepared to retreat safely.

4. Use of Items: Utilize any special items or abilities that can aid you during the capture process. For example, agility potions or energy-restoring items can help you navigate obstacles and cover distances quickly.

5. Awareness of Opponents: Keep an eye out for enemy players who might try to intercept you. If you spot opponents heading your way, adjust your route or consider using shortcuts to evade them.

6. Safe Routes: Familiarize yourself with the available routes and obstacles within the enemy base. Identifying safe paths can help you avoid unnecessary confrontations and delays.

7. Team Support: If possible, have a teammate or two accompany you during the standard capture. Their presence can deter opponents and provide you with protection.

8. Map Awareness: Stay aware of your surroundings and the locations of both teammates and opponents. This awareness will help you make split-second decisions and adjust your strategy as needed.

Teams, Waiting, and Transformations

In the captivating realm of Castle Wars, the teams that vie for victory are embroiled in a timeless clash between divine forces. Assemble your allegiances, prepare for battle, and navigate the intricate mechanics that define this immersive gameplay. Let's delve into the essential aspects of teams, waiting areas, and transformative experiences within the heart of Castle Wars.

1. Joining the Factions: To pledge your allegiance, approach the portals that bear the colors of Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix - the gods central to this conflict. The fiery red portal represents Zamorak, the enigmatic God of Chaos, while the serene blue portal signifies Saradomin, the wise God of Wisdom. Should you venture into the verdant green portal, you align yourself with Guthix, the keeper of Balance. However, be aware that sometimes a team may be at full capacity, ensuring equilibrium between factions.

2. The Waiting Domain: Each team possesses an underground cavern where warriors can await the commencement of the next clash. The countdown until the next battle is illuminated at the screen's apex in crisp white script. This waiting period extends beyond the duration of the ongoing game by an additional five minutes, granting players time to regroup and strategize.

The interval between games always surpasses the current match's length. For instance, if a game concludes with 12 minutes remaining, the subsequent waiting interval spans 17 minutes. However, outside the realms of the recommended Castle Wars Worlds, the intermission dwindles to a mere two minutes.

3. Team Balancing and Opportunities: As harmony in battle is crucial, Castle Wars seeks to maintain equipoise. If a team's combined combat levels lag 60 levels behind their opponents, a vacant spot becomes available. Such measures ensure that every clash is an equitable challenge, enabling each faction to showcase their prowess.

4. Transformative Encounters: In a fascinating twist, players adorned in the armors or symbols of the three gods - Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak - undergo whimsical transformations upon entering the respective portal. Saradomin, the compassionate deity, metamorphoses a player into a rabbit if they don Zamorak or Guthix regalia. Guthix, the embodiment of balance, shapes them into sheep when Saradomin or Zamorak attire graces their form. Meanwhile, the chaotic Zamorak transmutes them into imp if they sport Saradomin or Guthix garb.

Guthix transmutes:

Guthix transmutes

Saradomin transmutes:

Saradomin transmutes

Zamorak transmutes:

Zamorak transmutes

Holding the Flag

Within the tumultuous battlegrounds of Castle Wars, one of the pivotal objectives is securing and protecting the illustrious flag. As defenders and attackers vie for dominance, the art of flag holding takes center stage. Mastering this aspect can tip the scales of victory in your favor. Let's delve into the intricacies of flag holding and the strategies that can lead your team to triumph.

1. Understanding the Flag: The flag serves as a symbol of supremacy, a tangible embodiment of a team's prowess. To seize it from the enemy's stronghold is a feat of valor, but the challenge lies in preserving it as you navigate the treacherous terrain of Castle Wars.

2. The Keeper's Role: The task of holding the flag typically falls to skilled players, adept at defense and evasion. The flag bearer must prioritize survival while making calculated decisions to advance their team's progress. Holding the flag grants bonuses, enhancing both offense and defense, a crucial element in steering the tide of battle.

3. Flag Holding Strategies:

Defensive Anchoring: Station the flag bearer near crucial choke points or defensive structures. This strategy bolsters your stronghold's protection while allowing the team to control the pace of engagement.

Evasion and Agility: A skilled flag bearer employs agility and nimbleness to evade attackers. Utilize obstacles, hiding spots, and movement to stay one step ahead, frustrating your opponents' attempts to seize the flag.

Teammate Cooperation: Collaborate with teammates to create diversionary tactics, luring attackers away from the flag bearer. Teamwork can create windows of opportunity for the flag holder to slip through and deliver the flag to safety.

Communication: Effective communication is paramount. Teammates should coordinate efforts, guiding the flag bearer to safety while ensuring they remain informed about enemy movements.

Strategic Retreat: If overwhelmed, consider a strategic retreat. Lure pursuers into the midst of your allies, using their combined strength to repel attackers and safeguard the flag.

4. The Triumph of Strategy: In Castle Wars, flag holding epitomizes the marriage of skill, strategy, and teamwork. The flag bearer becomes a beacon of hope, rallying their team toward victory. It's not just about clutching the flag; it's about the strategic dance that unfolds as you navigate obstacles, adversaries, and fleeting moments of triumph. A successful flag holder can tilt the balance of power, turning the tide in a game that hinges on strategy, cunning, and the art of flag holding.

Saradomin flag.pngZamorak flag.png