OSRS Underground Pass Quest Guide

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Underground Pass Quest Guide OSRS

King Lathas is in need of a daring adventurer like you as the Underground Pass, sealed for millennia, reopens. This presents a unique opportunity to embark on an extensive exploration of one of RuneScape's most extensive regions. You'll navigate a complex network of tunnels and chasms, requiring your agility, thieving skills, and wit to conquer each chamber. Your ultimate goal? To vanquish the malevolent Iban and move one step closer to thwarting King Tyras and his formidable army.

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25 Ranged 

Completion of the following quests:


Plague City

Items required          

Rope (2 recommended)


1-5 arrows (only non-poisoned arrows with metal arrowtips will work. Craw's bow does not work. Crossbows and bolts will not work. Broad arrows, Ogre arrows, and Ice arrows will also not work.)


Bucket (obtainable during quest)

Tinderbox (obtainable during quest)

Start point

Talk to King Lathas in Ardougne Castle.

Start point

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To commence this quest, initiate a conversation with King Lathas, who can be found on the second floor of the Paladin Castle in Ardougne. He will provide you with an overview of the quest's objectives and instruct you to seek out his scout located in West Ardougne.

talk to king lathas

Journey to West Ardougne, pass through the gates, and continue heading west until you reach the farthest western point. There, you will encounter Koftik. Engage in a conversation with him, and subsequently, make your way into the cave located nearby.

talk to koftik
At this juncture, you face two options. If you have brought along two ropes, you can employ one of them to secure it to a stalactite, providing a means of crossing. Alternatively, you can opt for an agile approach, using your dexterity to navigate the rocky terrain. I recommend the latter method of traversing the rockslides.

Upon successfully reaching the other side of the swamp, you will reunite with Koftik. Engage in conversation with him, and he will furnish you with a damp cloth. Utilize this damp cloth on the arrows you've brought along to transform them into fire arrows. Continue conversing with Koftik, and he will supply you with additional damp cloths, allowing you to prepare approximately 10 fire arrows in total. Ignite these arrows using the nearby fire to set them ablaze.

use iron fire arrows in fire

Begin by circumventing the cliff to the east, and then proceed northward. You'll find yourself positioned behind a fence. Take aim and shoot at the guide ropes supporting the bridge. Hitting them will automatically transport you across the bridge. The key to success when targeting the ropes is your positioning; ensure you stand at the center of the fence's length.

Continuing northward, retrieve the plank safeguarded by blessed spiders. Then, head south and follow the winding path that curves to the east.

Upon encountering a fork in the path, you'll notice that the south side leads to a swamp, while the north side features a gap. Utilize your rope on the pole-shaped rock positioned above the gap to facilitate your passage across it. (Note: Failing this obstacle will result in the loss of your rope and will lead you to the "washout" dungeon. Escaping this dungeon entails crossing several rockslides and eventually returning to the entrance of the underground path. It's essential to have another rope on hand in this event.)

Continue your journey by heading east and then south, navigating through a small alley by climbing over a rockslide. In the subsequent area, proceed west, surmounting another rockslide.

use rope in rock

Upon reaching this point, seek out Koftik and engage in conversation with him. You'll soon realize that he is slowly succumbing to possession.

Here's the grid area, but it's important to note that the safe path across varies for each player. Successful navigation requires experimentation to discover a path that works consistently for you in future crossings. What might have worked for someone else may not be effective for your character. The illustration provided serves as an example and will not apply universally. It's crucial to record your successful path, as it will remain the same every time you traverse this area. Falling onto the rocks below will result in damage, so if you do fall, return by climbing onto the protruding rocks, or you'll continue to sustain damage.

The trial-and-error approach to finding a safe path involves the following steps:

1. Identify the block in the first row where you can stand safely.

2. Attempt the straight path (path 2) across initially.

3. If that doesn't work, position yourself in the nearest corner of your current working square, diagonally opposite the square you intend to reach. (Each grid square consists of four RuneScape walking squares, so ensure you're in the correct corner.)

4. Click on the diagonal square you wish to explore (either path 1 or 3) once you're in the corner.

Once you find a square that works (for instance, path 3 in the illustrated example), try the straight path (path 2) again, and explore paths 1 and 3 as well.

Continue this process until you discover a reliable, safe path across the grid.

 safe path across the grid

Once you've successfully crossed the grid, approach the lever situated next to the portcullis. Pulling the lever will cause it to open automatically, granting you passage. This area is inhabited by zombies, and you'll also come across a furnace. To the north-northwest, there's a one-way shortcut pipe that leads back to the area before the rope-swing gap, but it cannot be used to return to this location.

In the western alley, you'll encounter five spike traps. You can either dash through them if your thieving skills are not proficient, or attempt to search for and disarm the traps by locating odd markings.

search odd markings

Following the traps, you'll enter a room featuring a central well, an old journal spawn, and an altar. By activating prayers such as "2x hp restore" and others, and regularly recharging your prayer at this location, you can gradually restore your health while preserving your food for later challenges.

The initial part of this quest is relatively straightforward. Proceed along the north road, where you'll notice flat rocks on the floor. Employ the plank on these flat rocks to cross until you reach the orb of light. Collect the orb, and then make your way back to the well.

use plank in flat rock                                     

To navigate through the northwest path, endeavor to avoid encounters with the hostile enemies. Swiftly cross this path, collect the orb of light, and then retrace your steps to the well.

The west path mirrors the north path, and the strategy remains the same. Utilize your plank on the flat rocks, secure the orb of light, and return to the well.

For the simplest route, take the southwest path. Search the flat stone beneath the orb of light, and when you attempt to pick it up, you'll be prompted to disarm it. Be cautious, as failure will result in damage from a swinging log. Once you have successfully disarmed the orb, make your way back to the well.

search flat rock                   

At this point, you have two options: you can either retrace your steps by running back across the path with the strange markings or choose to search and disarm the odd markings to return to the room with the zombies. Once you're back in the zombie room, use all the collected orbs with the furnace. Afterward, return to the room with the well, either by disarming the traps or by sprinting through them.

use orb of light in furnace

Descend into the well and search the nearby crates, as one of them contains some food. Then, dash across the path to reach a set of cages. Proceed to pick the lock of the cage situated to the southeast. Following that, use the spade on the mud to access a tunnel.

pick lock cage

Head west, and then proceed to cross the ledge to the south, leading to the next challenging segment. If your thieving skill is at level 50 or higher, you can pick the lock on the gate and make a swift eastward dash through the swamp, passing the rats along the way, until you reach the other gate. However, if you're not proficient in thieving, you'll need to navigate the stone bridges to reach the opposite end. Falling off the stone bridges will cause damage, requiring you to follow a designated path back to the start of the stone bridges to make another attempt.

agility route

Now, if you opt for the gate path after passing through the door, proceed through the swamp. However, exercise caution and make sure to avoid stepping on the bubbles, as doing so will result in a reset. Yes, you'll suddenly find yourself back at the beginning, outside the Underground Pass. This might be a suitable moment to visit the bank and replenish your food supply, given that you'll know the correct path to follow when you return.                        

Proceed along the path to the south and navigate through the obstacle pipe.

navigate through the obstacle pipe.

Next, search the Unicorn Cage to discover a railing. Head over to the location where the boulder is situated.

Utilize the Railing Pipe to relocate the boulder. Afterward, return to the unicorn cage and conduct a search to find the unicorn horn

search cage                                                                         

Enter the nearby tunnel.

Proceed down the path, passing by the zombies.

pass through tunnel

Initiate a conversation with either Carl the Paladin or Sir Jerro. They will provide you with food and a prayer potion. Following that, defeat all three of the paladins to obtain the three Paladin badges (red, green, and blue).

talk to sir carl

Proceed further down the path and utilize the plank on the flat rock to disarm it.

Use the Unicorn horn and Crests on the well, and then proceed through the door. (Note that this is the well where you can later recharge your Iban Staff once you've completed the quest and used up all its charges).

use unicorn horn in well
You find yourself on the second level of the Underground Pass dungeon (refer to the Underground Pass Map). Begin by heading as far south as possible, and examine the south wall to locate a small staircase leading downwards. Descend the staircase, and after reaching the lower level, proceed slightly to the west. You'll encounter three dwarves enclosed within a small fenced area, along with two buildings. Engage in conversation with Niloof, who will provide you with some food and mention a witch who possesses knowledge about Iban's secrets.

Next, return to the second level of the dungeon by climbing upstairs. Head slightly southeast, and you'll spot a house. From there, walk a bit to the north until you come across a bridge you can jump over. Traverse this bridge, and take the first turn south to reach Kardia's house. To gather information, search through the window, and you'll overhear her speaking to herself about her missing cat.

Important Note: Avoid attempting to open the door, as it will inflict damage, potentially causing up to 20 lifepoints' worth of harm.

search window

1. Head north, make a left turn, leap across the gap, and then take the northern branch of the path. Continue following it until you locate the cat, which will be indicated by a yellow dot on your minimap. Collect the cat, and return to the witch's house.

2. Use the cat on the door. You will automatically conceal yourself while the witch answers the door. While she's distracted with the cat, enter her house and search the chest located near the door. Inside, you'll discover the Iban doll, an old journal, a stat restore potion, and a super attack potion.

3. Depart from the witch's house, and head north, west, and then south until you encounter three demons (refer to the Underground Pass Map). Eliminate these demons and retrieve their Amulets. Open the nearby chest to obtain Iban's shadow. Apply this shadow to the Doll.

Note: If you are of low level or are utilizing ranged or magic attacks, there are safe spots for defeating the demons by positioning yourself on the narrow pathways.

use iban shadow in doll of iban                                                                

Upon returning to the dwarves' area (or if you've fallen, you'll find yourself with the dwarves), you'll find yourself in an expansive open space. Head to the southwest, where you'll encounter some dwarves. After obtaining the witch's items, engage in conversations with all the dwarfs. Klank will generously provide you with Klank's Gauntlets and a Tinderbox. Don't forget to pick up the bucket as well. You can empty the single indoor barrel in the house to obtain Dwarf Brew. Additionally, you can acquire unlimited food from the drunken dwarf near Klank.

Make your way to the southeastern part of this cavern, where you'll find Iban's Tomb. Do not attempt to search it, as doing so will inflict damage. Instead, use the Dwarf Brew on the tomb, and ignite it with the Tinderbox. Collect Iban's ashes, and then apply them to the Doll. You can now discard your Tinderbox and the Bucket.

sets Iban's tomb on fire

1. Head northeast into a canyon teeming with spiders. At the northern end of this area, confront the enormous spider (level 89). The blood from the spider will automatically smear onto the Doll.

2. To the west of the spiders, you'll find another set of stairs. These stairs will directly lead you to the Soulless cage area, which is the next step in your journey.

3. Proceed all the way to the northwest within the Maze. Equip Klank's Gauntlets and then search the cages. The Soulless creatures will attempt to bite you, but their attempts will fail thanks to the protective gauntlets you're wearing. Be persistent in your search for the cage containing Iban's dove; it can be challenging to locate, but with determination, you'll find it. Use Iban's dove with the Doll, and now you have a Doll that is prepared for the Final Battle.

Note: When searching for Iban's dove, remember to explore both areas containing cages. There are two sections with cages: one in the northwestern corner and another slightly south from there.

search cage

Prepare yourself for the Final Battle. Head to the center of the maze and engage in combat with Iban Disciples to obtain Zamorak robes. Before entering the temple, make sure to remove any weapons and armor you have equipped. Replace them with the Zamorak robes. Once you're prepared, enter the temple.

Important Note: Prior to entering the temple, ensure that you have at least 3 inventory slots available. Failing to do so may result in a partial loss of your reward, including the Iban Staff, Death runes, and Fire runes, as you'll be immediately teleported out of the room. If you require food, you can purchase some from Klank.

Inside the temple, Iban will recognize that you possess the sole weapon capable of defeating him: the complete Doll. He will unleash powerful spells in your direction (appearing like monstrous legs emerging from the floor).

Swiftly approach Iban, endeavoring to dodge his attacks, and hurl the Doll into the Well. This action will ultimately lead to Iban's demise. Remain in the area, as it will take some time for the spell blasts to cease after you've successfully thrown the Doll into the well.

use doll of iban in well

1. Following the successful defeat of Iban by throwing the Doll into the Well, you will find yourself transported to an underground area. This is why it's crucial to ensure you have empty inventory slots: there won't be time to consume food, and failing to have available slots may cause you to miss out on your reward. Speak to the helper again, and he will promptly escort you outside.

2. Return to King Lathas and deliver the news that Iban has been vanquished. As a token of your accomplishment, you may retain Klank's Gauntlets.

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Underground Pass completed