OSRS In Aid of the Myreque Quest Guide

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In Aid of the Myreque Quest Guide OSRS

inaid of the myreque

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25 Agility 

25 Crafting 

15 Mining 

7 Magic

Quest Required:

In Search of the Myreque

Items Required:


A spade

A bucket (up to 5 recommended)

Any pickaxe

A hammer

11 planks (Only regular planks will work.)

44 nails (42 are obtainable during the quest)

Swamp paste

10 raw mackerel or 10 raw Snail meats (depending on what is asked)

10 bronze axes

4 tinderboxes

2 steel bars


Soft clay


A silver bar

A mithril bar

A sapphire

On the standard spellbook for Lvl-1 Enchant:

A cosmic rune

A water rune

A silver weapon to damage vampyres

Optional to give to Ivan Strom (Strongly recommended if you don't have a high combat level 85+):

A steel med helm

A steel chainbody

Steel platelegs

A silver sickle

15 cooked salmon, snails, slimy eels, or stew


45 Combat level

Completion of Shades of Mort'ton for access to the Shades of Mort'ton (minigame) teleport.

Partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen for quick access to Canifis via Fairy rings (code C-K-S).

50 Agility (boostable) to use the B-I-P fairy ring, which skips the swamp and most ghasts.

A dramen staff

A slayer ring

Several Mort'ton teleport scrolls/Barrows teleport tablets

Efaritay's aid (allow you to harm vampyres with any weapon)

A big fishing net and 16 Fishing (in case you are asked to supply mackerel)

Amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville furnace

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Ok Let’s do this!

Starting the Quest:

1. Speak to Veliaf Hurtz:

Start the quest by talking to Veliaf Hurtz in the secret cave of the Myreque.

2.Accessing the Secret Cave:

To reach the secret cave, go to the Canifis town center or use the Fairy ring with code DLS.

Find the trapdoor located south of the "Hair of the Dog" tavern.

Search the wall to the south of the ladder and enter the secret passage.

Proceed through the tunnel slightly to the south until you reach an east branch of the tunnel.

Enter the cave entrance.

3. Receiving Instructions from Veliaf:

Veliaf will provide you with instructions and inform you that your mission is to travel to Burgh de Rott to establish a new base of operations for the Myreque.

Choose the following chat options: 1•2•1•1

Preparing to Travel to Burgh de Rott

Before heading to Burgh de Rott, it's important to make sure you have the necessary preparations, as outlined in the quest. Here's a summary of what you need to do:

1. Banking Considerations:

Keep in mind that Burgh de Rott does not have a functional bank at the beginning of the quest.

Canifis is the closest available bank, so consider making any necessary preparations there.

2. Combat Level Warning:

Be aware that if your combat level is under 81, you will be attacked by aggressive shades when in Mort'ton.

3. Bucket Gathering:

It's recommended to have at least 5 buckets to minimize the number of trips to and from the pub's basement.

You can find buckets spawning just west of the well in Burgh de Rott.

4. Travel Options:

You have several options for traveling from Canifis to Burgh de Rott, depending on your preferences and quest progress:

Use the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport if you have completed "Shades of Mort'ton."

Utilize the boat shortcut you used in the previous quest.

If you have at least 50 Agility, consider using the fairy ring with code "BIP" to bypass the swamp and avoid most ghasts.

Run through the swamp if you prefer.

Use a Mort'ton teleport scroll, Barrows teleport tablet, or cast the Barrows Teleport spell (ensure you have the correct spellbook if necessary).

5. Return Options:

To return to Canifis from Burgh de Rott, you have several choices, including:

Use the fairy ring with code "C-K-S."

Utilize a slayer ring.

Use the Kharyrll Teleport or Salve Graveyard Teleport (remember to switch back to the standard spellbook if needed).

Employ an ectophial.

Utilize the boat shortcut.

Arrival at Burgh de Rott

Upon your arrival in Mort'ton (the town north of Burgh de Rott), you'll encounter angry residents at the gate. Follow these steps to proceed:

1. Talk to Florin:

Initiate a conversation with Florin from the outside of the gate.

2. Use Food Item:

After talking to Florin, use a food item from your inventory on the open chest located directly in front of the gate. This action is necessary to progress further.

3. Access Granted:

Florin will allow you to enter the town, and shades will no longer attack you.

4. Speak to Florin Again:

Once inside, have another conversation with Florin.

Askhim about 'out of the way' places, and he will inform you that the cellar of the inn might be suitable for your needs, but it is currently covered in rubble.

Clearing out the Rubble from the Bar Basement

1. Go to the Pub: Head to the pub located just southeast of the gate in Burgh de Rott.

2. Climb Over the Broken Wall: Approach the broken wall near the pub and climb over it.

3. Mine the Rubble: Equip your pickaxe and use it on the rubble to mine it. If you didn't bring a bucket, there's a bucket spawn near the well south of the front gate. You can world hop to quickly gather buckets. Having 5 buckets will speed up the process.

4. Enter the Basement: Once you have at least one bucket, climb down the ladder located in the basement of the pub.

5. Mine the Rubble Piles: In the basement, mine each pile of rubble. After mining a few rubble piles, you will receive the following items: nails (including bronze, iron, steel, black, and mithril varieties), a rock, a broken glass, a dusty scroll, and a plaster fragment. The scroll and fragment are not needed for the quest. If your inventory is full, these items will drop to the floor, while the scroll and fragment will go into the buckets of rubble.

Mine the Rubble Piles

6. Fill the Buckets: Use a spade on the remaining debris to fill the buckets with rubble. Each bucket can hold 3 loads of rubble.

7. Empty the Buckets: Climb the ladder to exit the basement. Use the buckets filled with rubble on the rubble pile located just southwest outside the bar to empty them. You can also reobtain the dusty scroll and plaster fragment by searching the rubble pile.

8. Note: If you drop items to make room for the junk, they will disappear when you exit the basement. If you only mine the rocks to rubble and exit the area, the rubble will be restored to rocks, and you will need to mine them again.

9. Cutscene and Next Step: After clearing all the rubble, a cutscene will trigger, showing you noticing a plaque on the wall. The plaque has no significance for this quest. Next, go and talk to Razvan, who is typically located just north of the bar. He will instruct you to patch up the town further.

Repairing the General Store

Repairing Aurel's general store.

1. Speak to Aurel: Visit the general store in the north-eastern part of Burgh de Rott and talk to Aurel. He will inform you that you need to repair both the roof and walls of the shop.

2. Repair the Roof: Exit the store and locate the ladder on the outside of the southern wall of the General Store. Climb up the ladder and use 3 planks and 12 nails on the hole in the roof to repair it.

3. Repair the Wall: Descend the ladder and use 3 planks and 12 nails on the damaged wall just east of the ladder.

4. Talk to Aurel Again: Return to Aurel in the general store and speak with him. He will now request that the store be stocked before he can open it.

5. Fill the Crate: You will receive a crate from Aurel to fill with specific items. Gather the following items to fill the crate:

10 bronze axes

10 raw mackerel or 10 raw snail meats (depending on what is asked)

3 tinderboxes

6. Prepare for the Next Step: While you're at the bank, prepare for the next part of the quest by obtaining the following items:

5 planks

A hammer

Swamp paste

20 nails

7. Snail Meat: If you need snail meat, you can obtain it by killing snails in the Mort Myre Swamp or purchase it from the Grand Exchange. Any type of snail meat will work. If you brought a big fishing net, you can also catch mackerel in big net fishing spots south of the Burgh de Rott bank.

8. Deposit the Crate: Return to Aurel and deposit the crate filled with the requested items.

Note: You'll be asked to repair the bank south of the city in the next step.

Repairing the Bank

Repairing Burgh de Rott's bank booth.

1. Gather Materials: You will need the following materials to repair the bank:

A hammer5 planks

1 swamp paste

20 nails

2. Inspect the Bank Booth: Go to the damaged bank booth in Burgh de Rott.

3. Repair the Bank Booth: Use your hammer on the bank booth to begin the repair process.

4. Inspect the Wall: After inspecting the bank booth, inspect the wall on the west side of the bank in the same manner as you did previously to repair it.

5. Consult Cornelius: Speak to Cornelius again and ask him what to do. In the same conversation, ask him: "Do you fancy the job?"

6. Access the Bank: Once the repairs are complete, you should now be able to use the bank booth.

Repairing the Furnace and Confronting Gadderanks

Repairing the Furnace

1. Speak to Cornelius: After repairing the bank, speak to Cornelius again. He will ask you to fix the furnace located in the south-east corner of Burgh de Rott.

2. Gather Materials: Before heading to the furnace, make sure you have the following items:

2steel bars

A tinderbox

A hammer


Your silver weapon or Efaritay's aid

3. Repair the Furnace: Go to the broken furnace and inspect it to begin repairing. Use your steel bars, tinderbox, hammer, and coal on the furnace to repair it. This will trigger a cutscene.

4. Prepare for a Fight: After the cutscene, be prepared for a fight. Equip your silver weapon or any weapon with Efaritay's aid. Make sure you have it in your inventory.

5. Talk to Gadderanks: Go to the general store and talk to Gadderanks. Then, speak to Wiskit.

6. Combat: Engage in combat with one of the Vampyre Juvinates. Gadderanks will attempt to attack you during the fight. Defeat Gadderanks (level 35) first, and then focus on the Vampyre Juvinates (level 50 and 54). Veliaf will assist you by taking on one of the vampyres.

7. Use Safespots (Optional): You can safespot these enemies from behind the store counter with a ranged weapon, as long as Efaritay's aid is active.

8. Resolve Bugs (If Needed): If one of the juvinates becomes invincible or does not turn into mist, leave the general store and try again. Switching to a non-silver weapon for a few hits may also work.

9. Talk to Gadderanks: Speak to Gadderanks again. He will reveal information about the vampyre's weaknesses and then die. You will receive his hammer, a weapon stronger against shades. If your inventory is full, you can receive the hammer from Aurel later.

10. Talk to Veliaf: Speak to Veliaf, who will instruct you to meet him at his hideout in the Hollows.

Escorting Ivan through Mort Myre Swamp

1. Prepare for the Escort: Before starting this part of the quest, it is recommended to bring the following items:

Steel chainbody


Steel med helm

Silver sickle

Up to 15 cooked snails, cooked salmon, cooked slimy eel, or stew

Runes for one attack spell (if using melee)

Efaritay's aid (if not using a silver sickle)

A hammer, swamp paste, and 20 nails (from previous quest)

2. Visit Veliaf: Return to Veliaf in the Myreque Hideout and talk to him. He will request that you escort Ivan Strom to the Paterdomus Temple.

3. Equip Ivan (Optional): If you brought the recommended equipment for Ivan, right-click and "use" the items on him.

4. Talk to Radigad and Polmafi: Speak to Radigad Ponfit and Polmafi Ferdygris in the hideout. Inform them of your plans to escort Ivan.

5. Begin the Escort: Speak to Ivan Strom when you are ready to escort him through Mort Myre Swamp. You will have two route options, each with its own challenges.

6. Route Choice: Choose between the 'long' route or the 'short' route through Mort Myre Swamp. In both cases, you will be attacked. The 'short' route has stronger enemies but may be easier to defend Ivan.

7. Combat: When you first enter the fight area, do not move. If you have runes, cast any attack spell on the first vampyre and defeat it. Remember to use your silver weapon OR equip Efaritay's aid to fight the vampyres. Efaritay's aid caps damage at 10, so a fast-hitting weapon is ideal.

8. Protect Ivan: The second vampyre will target Ivan. Try to keep him safe by positioning yourself between Ivan and the vampyre. Ivan may teleport out if his health gets too low or he runs out of food.

9. Completing the Escort: Once you defeat the vampyres and successfully protect Ivan, you will appear outside the Temple of the Salve.

10. Speak to Drezel: Enter the temple and talk to Drezel inside. Request the key to the library from him (use chat option 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3) and mention the importance of your mission.

11. Unlock the Library: Search the keyhole on the east side of Drezel's room. Use the key on the keyhole and go down the trapdoor into the library.

12. Retrieve the Book: Search the middle bookcase facing the west wall to pick up a book titled "The Sleeping Seven." Read the book.

Obtaining the Rod of Ivandis

1. Return to Canifis: Travel back to Canifis and enter the trapdoor located behind the pub.

2. Search the South Wall: Once inside, search the south wall of the basement area. You should notice two wooden boards forming an 'X' covering an entrance to another room.

3. Use a Hammer: Use a hammer on the wooden boards to remove them and gain access to the room beyond.

4. Inspect the Tomb: Inside the room, you will see a tomb resembling a coffin. If nothing interesting happens when you interact with it, make sure you have read "The Sleeping Seven" book you obtained earlier.

The tomb of Ivandis.

5. Obtain a Rod Mould: Use some soft clay on the top of the tomb to create a rod mould.

6. Gather Materials: Collect the necessary materials for crafting the rod: a silver bar, a mithril bar, and a cut sapphire.

7. Use a Furnace: Head to a furnace to craft the rod. There are several convenient options:

Use an Amulet of glory to access the Edgeville furnace. Return to Canifis using the fairy ring west of the Grand Exchange (use code "D-K-R").

Use a fairy ring to reach the Zanaris furnace and return to Canifis (use code "C-K-S").

Teleport to the TzHaar Fight Pit using the Minigames Teleport, use the lava forge furnace, and leave via the nearby fairy ring (use code "C-K-S").

Use the Burgh de Rott furnace you repaired earlier.

Visit the furnace in Port Phasmatys if you have completed Ghosts Ahoy, using the Ectophial to return.

8. Craft and Enchant the Rod: At the furnace, use the silver bar, mithril bar, and cut sapphire to craft a Silvthrill rod. Then, enchant the Silvthrill rod using the Lvl-1 Enchant spell.

Creating the Rod of Ivandis (10):

1. Return to Paterdomus Temple: Take the enchanted Silvthrill rod and a rope back to the basement of Paterdomus Temple.

2. Use the Rod with the Well: In the room next to Drezel, use the Silvthrill rod with the well, making sure you have a rope in your inventory. This will create the Rod of Ivandis (10).

3. Complete the Quest: Take the Rod of Ivandis (10) to Burgh de Rott, enter the cellar of the pub, and give it to Veliaf to complete the quest.

And that is! Quest Complete!

in aid of the myreque