OSRS Roving Elves Quest Guide

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Roving Elves Quest Guide OSRS

Nestled within Isafdar reside a multitude of elves, with a special duo requiring aid. Deep within the lush woods coexist Islwyn, an elderly and cantankerous elf with a disdain for humans, and Eluned, a compassionate and charming young woman. Should you lend a hand in resolving their predicament, you might not only mend the past's woes but also potentially diminish Islwyn's bias against your kind.

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Completion of the following quests:


Underground Pass


Plague City

Waterfall Quest

The ability to defeat a level 84 enemy unarmed, with heavy restrictions (60 Combat level )

56 Agility ,unless travelling with a charter ship to the elven woods

Items required:

Glarial's pebble 




Start point:

Talk to Islwyn inside the elven woods of Isafdar. 

start point

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Initiate the quest by conversing with Islwyn. He can be located alongside his companion, Eluned, at one of three potential sites within Isafdar. To pinpoint their whereabouts, consult the map and follow the routes leading to them. Should Islwyn be absent, switch to another world until you locate him. These elven woods are accessible via a charter ship (Port Tyras), utilizing an Iorwerth camp teleport, or journeying through the Underground Pass.

talk to islwyn

Be mindful that traversing Isafdar entails certain risks due to an array of traps, capable of inflicting up to 15 damage and potentially causing poisoning. To ensure your safety, it's advisable to bring along food for sustenance and antipoison supplies.

After the events of Regicide, you decide to aid the rebel elves, led by Arianwyn, against Lord Iorwerth's suspected plot to seize control of Camelot. Arianwyn dispatches scouts, including Islwyn and Eluned, to guide you to their hidden location. However, Islwyn harbors an inherent distrust of humans due to their involvement in his grandmother's demise. He shares that his grandmother was Glarial, whose remains you previously moved from her tomb to the Waterfall Dungeon during the Waterfall Quest. Upon discovering this, Islwyn feels relief and surprise, viewing it as the ideal resting place for her.

With your revelation, Islwyn changes his stance and agrees to assist you, contingent upon the completion of the burial ritual. Consult Eluned to learn more about this ceremonial procedure. She instructs you to retrieve the consecration seed from Glarial's original resting place. Remember to engage in conversation with Eluned before embarking to the tomb; otherwise, retrieving the seed will be impossible.

Accessing Glarial's tomb requires the possession of Glarial's pebble. In case you have lost this item, consult Golrie in the Tree Gnome Village Dungeon to obtain a replacement.

Having conversed with Eluned, make your way to Glarial's Tomb and employ Glarial's pebble to gain entry. Be mindful of the various limitations placed on accessing the tomb.

Upon entering, your objective is to defeat a level-84 Moss Guardian to retrieve the consecration seed. Due to the entrance restrictions, this battle necessitates unarmed melee combat. You're allowed to employ prayer, consume food, and use potions, all of which are advisable strategies. Opting for Protect from Melee prayer is recommended, considering the Moss Guardian inflicts physical damage or unavoidable magical damage if it misses its physical attack. Equipping the ring of recoil can also be effective. Utilizing the goblin paint cannon to boost attack speed is permissible as it doesn't face restrictions. Donning H.A.M. clothing can provide a slight defense bonus. Alternatively, you can utilize the tactic of standing directly south of the south-eastern pillar while engaging the Moss Guardian positioned west of the entrance to reduce incoming damage.

defeat moss giant

Return the consecration seed to Eluned, who might have relocated to one of the three spots depicted on the map. She will bestow enchantment upon the seed through a silent spell. Should you lose the seed from this point onwards, you can return to her to acquire a replacement.

Embark on a journey to the Waterfall Dungeon, equipped with all the necessary items. Following the same approach used during the Waterfall Quest, step onto the raft positioned in the center of the lake above the Baxtorian Falls. The raft will drift and eventually crash just before the waterfall. Employ the rope on the southern rock, then interact with the dead tree clinging to the edge. These actions will transport you to the entrance of the dungeon.

Once within the dungeon, search the crates in the eastern room's northernmost section to uncover a key. Utilize this key to unlock the doors in the western rooms, progressing toward the chamber housing the Chalice of Eternity. To complete the ritual and grant Glarial's spirit repose, bury the consecration seed adjacent to the chalice.

plant consecration seed

Return to Islwyn to collect your reward. You will be presented with a choice between a partially used crystal shield or a crystal bow. Both items can be acquired later from Islwyn at the respective costs of 750,000 and 900,000 coins. These items possess charges that diminish with usage, rendering them unusable until recharged by Ilfeen, at a cost that varies.

Considering the requirement of the crystal bow for the completion of the Hard Western Provinces Diary, and its utility, it's advisable to opt for the bow despite its higher cost.

Prior to departing, you can engage in conversation with Eluned to initiate Mourning's End Part I, provided the prerequisites are met. Keep in mind that during your interactions with Islwyn and Eluned, they may have relocated to a different one of the three designated locations. Should this occur, you can switch worlds to find them anew. Commencing Mourning's End Part I is highly recommended, as it grants a charged teleport crystal offering convenient teleports to Arianwyn.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

roving elves completed

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