OSRS The lost Tribe Quest Guide

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The Lost Tribe Quest Guide OSRS

The Lost Tribe Quest

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 Agility  13 Agility 

Thieving  13 Thieving 

Mining 17 Mining

Quest Required:

Goblin Diplomacy

Rune Mysteries

Items Required:


Light source (Note: Candles, torches and oil lamps can cause swamp gas explosions if going off-route, and need a tinderbox to stay lit)


Fast travel to Varrock, Falador, Lumbridge, and Mind Altar Teleport (teleport spells or tablets)

Lockpick for the H.A.M. Hideout if Thieving is low.

Stamina potion if below 70 Agility

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Ok Let’s do this!

Starting the Quest

1. Speak to Sigmund:

  • Begin the quest by talking to Sigmund. You can find him on the 1st floor of Lumbridge Castle, in the same room as Duke Horacio.

2. Question the Castle Residents:

  • Talk to the following castle residents: the Cook, Hans, Father Aereck, and Bob.
  • One of them will inform you that they saw a goblin with enormous eyes in the castle basement. Note that once someone mentions the goblin, you don't need to question anyone else.

3. Report to the Duke:

  • Inform the Duke about the goblin sighting. Sigmund will also join the conversation.

4. Accessing the Basement:

  • After the conversation with the Duke and Sigmund, you'll receive permission to access the castle basement.
  • Head to the kitchen and go down the trapdoor.
  • Look for a blocked tunnel (rubble) on the east side of the cellar.
  • Use your pickaxe on the rubble to clear it.

5. Navigating the Basement:

  • Light a light source, as it will be dark in the basement.
  • Squeeze through a tight passage, which requires 13 Agility to pass. This leads you to the next part of the basement.
  • Retrieve the brooch in this area.
  • Be cautious not to fall into any pits during this section.Finding the brooch.

6. Reporting Back to the Duke:

  • Return to the Duke and show him the brooch.
  • The Duke will request that you show the brooch to Reldo, the librarian, who is located in the library north of the ground floor in Varrock Palace.

Consulting Reldo, the Librarian

1. Visit Reldo in the Library:

  • Show the brooch to Reldo, the librarian, as instructed. You can find him in the library located north of the ground floor in Varrock Palace.

2. Search for the Goblin Symbol Book:

  • Reldo will advise you to search the bookcases for a book on goblin history known as the "Goblin symbol book."

3. Locate the Book:

  • Look for the "Goblin symbol book" on the north-western part of the room, specifically the furthest up the west wall of the room.

4. Examine the Book:

  • Open the "Goblin symbol book" and examine its contents.
  • Turn to the last page of the book to find information about the symbol on the brooch.

5. Discovering the Translation:

  • Learn that the symbol on the brooch translates to "Dorgeshuun, goblins of the strong spears."

6. Keep the Book:

  • It's crucial to keep the "Goblin symbol book" with you for the remainder of the quest, as it contains important information.

Journey to Goblin Village

1. Travel to Goblin Village:

  • Head to Goblin Village. You can use a Falador Teleport or access the Mind Altar Teleport via the Arceuus spellbook to reach your destination.

2. Speak to the Generals:

  • Initiate a conversation with the Generals in Goblin Village.
  • Continue the dialogue until they agree to teach you the goblin salute and the goblin bow emotes.

3. Select Dialogue Options:

  • During the conversation with the Generals, make the following dialogue choices:
    • "Have you ever heard of the Dorgeshuun?" (Option 1)
    • "It doesn't really matter." (Option 3)
    • "Well either way they refused to fight." (Option 2)
    • "Well, I found a brooch underground..." (Option 3)
    • "Well, why not show me both greetings?" (Option 3)

You will receive confirmation that you have both gestures.

Continuing the Quest

1. Return to Lumbridge and Consult the Duke:

  • Head back to Lumbridge and speak to the Duke.
  • The Duke will instruct you to further investigate the caves.

2. Reenter the Tunnel:

  • Return to the tunnel you previously explored.

3. Navigating the Tunnel:

  • Use the provided map to guide you through the tunnel.

Warning for Players with Open Flames:

  • If you are using an open flame as a light source (e.g., lantern or candle), pay close attention to the guide.
  • Taking the wrong route will trigger one of two scenarios:
    • A rock will fall in front of you or on top of you, causing damage.
    • You will fall down a trapdoor and end up in the main part of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, which contains explosive swamp gas.
  • Players using open flames should consider bringing a teleport option (such as the Chronicle for lower-level players) in case they take the wrong route.
  • When following the correct route, you won't encounter swamp gas, making open flames safe.

Note: The path through the Goblin Maze is the same for all players, as shown on the map.

Contacting the Dorgeshuun Tribe

1. Reaching the End of the Tunnel:

  • Follow the correct path in the tunnel until you reach the end.

2. Locate the Dorgeshuun Tribe:

  • At the end of the tunnel, you'll encounter the Dorgeshuun tribe.

3. Talk to Mistag:

  • Initiate a conversation with Mistag, a member of the Dorgeshuun tribe.

4. Perform the Goblin Bow Emote:

  • Use the Goblin Bow emote in front of Mistag as a gesture of goodwill.

5. Discovering the Truth:

  • Mistag will reveal that the Dorgeshuun are peaceful, and the Lumbridge kitchen incident was an unfortunate accident.

6. Learning About the Goblins:

  • Gain insight into the backstory of the goblins from Mistag.

7. Offer to Leave with Mistag:

  • Mistag will offer to guide you back to Lumbridge. Accept his offer.

8. Report to the Duke:

  • Return to Lumbridge with Mistag as your guide.

9. Speak to the Duke:

  • Talk to the Duke of Lumbridge and provide him with the information you've learned from Mistag and the Dorgeshuun tribe.

        Tunnels map

Tunnels map

Reporting Back to the Duke and Investigating the Theft

1. Speak with the Duke:

  • Inform the Duke that you have successfully made contact with the goblins.
  • Mention that some silverware was stolen from the castle basement, and the goblins are wrongly being blamed for it.

2. Pickpocket Sigmund and Unlock the Chest:

  • Pickpocket Sigmund (requires 13 Thieving) to obtain valuable information.
  • Unlock Sigmund's chest, which can be found in the spinning wheel room.

3. Discover H.A.M. Robes:

  • Inside Sigmund's chest, you'll find H.A.M. robes. Keep them, as they will be needed for the sequel quest, "Death to the Dorgeshuun."

4. Reveal Sigmund's Affiliation:

  • Inform the Duke that Sigmund is part of an organization called "Humans Against Monsters" (H.A.M.).

5. Heading to the H.A.M. Hideout:

  • Exit Lumbridge Castle through the west side.
  • Make your way to the H.A.M. Hideout, located north-west of Lumbridge Castle.Trapdoor location
  • To access the hideout, pick the lock on the trapdoor entrance.

6. Retrieve the Stolen Silverware:

  • Inside the H.A.M. Hideout, look for the stolen silverware in a crate near the entrance, just before the large meeting area.

        Inside the H.A.M.

7. Return the Silverware to the Duke:

  • Bring the recovered silverware back to the Duke in Lumbridge Castle.

8. Duke's Decision:

  • The Duke will be grateful for the return of the silverware and will decide to fire Sigmund for his involvement in the theft and his affiliation with H.A.M.

Negotiating Peace

1. Obtain the Peace Treaty:

  • The Duke of Lumbridge will provide you with a peace treaty.
  • The Duke will sign the treaty and request your assistance in arranging a meeting with the leader of the Dorgeshuun to also sign it.

2. Enter the Tunnel:

  • Head back into the tunnel. This time, you won't need to navigate through it on your own.

3. Meet Kazgar:

  • In the tunnel, you will encounter Kazgar, a new goblin. Follow Kazgar to the mines.

4. Speak to Mistag:

  • Once in the mines, speak with Mistag, who will arrange for the Dorgeshuun leader, Ur-tag, to sign the peace treaty.

5. Witness the Treaty Signing:

  • The signing of the peace treaty will commence with a cutscene in the Lumbridge dining room.
  • You and Mistag will serve as witnesses during the signing.

6. Sigmund's Threat:

  • During the cutscene, you will notice Sigmund outside, threatening that the goblins will soon face destruction.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

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