OSRS Regicide Quest Guide

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Regicide Guide OSRS

"Regicide" stands as the fourth installment within the Elf quest series. In this chapter, King Lathas tasks the player with a mission that entails traveling to Tirannwn. The objective is to eliminate his brother, King Tyras, in a bid to halt his oppressive rule.

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Completion of the following quests:

Underground Pass


Plague City

Crafting  10 Crafting 

Agility  56 Agility 

The ability to defeat a level 110 Tyras guard (can be safespotted)

Items required:    

5 coal in the bank (although at least 25 is recommended; you may bring the coal noted to save you a bank trip)

Bow and some arrows (or lit fire arrows if you already have some.)

2 ropes (3 in case you fail)


Limestone (or a pickaxe and mining 10+ Mining). Note that limestone bricks will not work.


Strip of cloth (made on a loom with 4 balls of wool; not a bolt of cloth - you can use the loom at the Iorwerth Camp or at the Falador farm)

Pestle and mortar

Gloves, the list on Quicklime shows all gloves that work.

Pot (obtainable during quest)

Cooked rabbit (obtainable during quest if you bring an axe) or roast rabbit

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Following the successful completion of the Underground Pass, a squire may unpredictably emerge before you. The squire's purpose is to deliver a message, which you should promptly peruse. The contents of the message will prompt you to make your way to King Lathas.

start point

In your conversation with King Lathas, he conveys that the wizards have finalized the construction of the portal. Your designated task involves traversing this portal to engage in a discussion with the Elven King. As you embark on your journey, you'll navigate the familiar path of the underground pass (for detailed guidance, refer to the "Underground Pass" section). However, this time around, certain segments can be bypassed. The need to destroy the crystal, eliminate the unicorn, and engage in combat with the paladins can be omitted.

talk to king lathas
Important: Avoid conversing with the paladins, as they are under the impression that you are aligned with Iban and will initiate hostilities upon interaction.

Proceed towards the route leading to Iban's chamber. Notably, there's no requirement for the doll this time. Once you've reached the door, make your way inside. Descend through the well to proceed further.

pray at altar

Reminder: The altar offers the opportunity to replenish your prayer points.

A warm reception to the realm of the Elves! Your arrival prompts an encounter with an individual named Idris. However, the scene swiftly shifts as Morvran and Essyllt, two elves, intervene and dispatch him. Their direction for you is to proceed towards Lord Iowerth's encampment, situated in the forest's northwest quadrant.

Here are some dangerous traps you will encounter:

map of Tirannwn

Concealed trip wires: Exceedingly challenging to detect, these wires pose a considerable risk. Straying into their path results in being targeted by venomous arrows, inflicting 5 points of damage each and afflicting you with a poison that chips away at your health at a rate of 2 hit points per interval. To successfully evade this trap, spot the wire and choose "Step over" upon clicking it. This maneuver necessitates agility and is susceptible to failure.

Camouflaged leaf traps: A cunning deception, these traps mimic trees when viewed from above and take on the appearance of leaves or bushes from the side. Stepping onto one triggers a harsh blow, dealing a substantial 15 points of damage and plunging you into an uninviting pit. To navigate around this hazard, locate the trap and select "Jump leaves" to make an attempt at crossing. Should you encounter difficulty, consider opting for "Jump leaves" from the side closest to you. This feat, too, hinges on your agility.

Concealed stick traps: These traps, fashioned from sticks, deliver a punishing 8 points of damage upon a failed crossing attempt. Employ the right-click option and opt to "Pass" to deftly navigate over them.

Commencing from the spot of Idris's demise, proceed along the southwest-bound trail that winds through the forest. Navigate past a leaf trap and subsequently, a stick trap. Once successfully traversed, veer onto the northern path that leads toward the Elf Camp nestled in the northwest expanse of the woods. A leap over the leaf trap and skillful negotiation of a log balance grant you access to the campsite. Within this enclave, engage in conversation with Lord Iorwerth. He extends his unwavering support in the endeavor to oust Tyras. However, due to his forces being engaged elsewhere, he advises you to seek out one of his skilled Trackers. Before departing the campsite, be sure to procure an Empty Pot from the ground.

talk to lord iorwerth

Proceed once more to the southern direction, bypassing the leaf trap along the way. Continue onward in the same trajectory. Engage in conversation with the Tracker, who initially harbors suspicions about your intentions. Retrace your steps to Lord Iorwerth and procure a pendant from him. Subsequently, make your way back to the Tracker and exhibit the pendant as a gesture of trust and cooperation.

The Tracker directs you to explore the western precinct of the camp, aiming to uncover any indications of Tyras's forces. Head directly west from the Tracker's position, where you'll come across four distinct black footprints etched into the grass. Carefully examine these imprints before retracing your steps back to the Tracker. It's important to note that you shouldn't venture into the nearby "Dense Forest" until you've located the footprints and reported back to the Tracker.

follow tracks

Engage in the imminent clash! After venturing westward into the dense forest on three occasions, brace yourself for a confrontation with a formidable adversary, a level 110 Tyras Guard. Upon vanquishing this guard, proceed forth, assured that the subsequent ones will not assail you. Within the clearing's northern section, a narrow path awaits. Exercise caution as you navigate this path, as two almost imperceptible black line traps lie in wait. To avoid their perils, execute a leap over these traps; failure to do so will subject you to both poison and a sizeable 10 points of damage.

defeat tyras guard

Navigate your way into Tyras's camp by traversing the dense forest. Once inside, engage in conversation with General Hining. Should the need arise, you can make use of the camp's shop to procure sustenance or any halberds except for the dragon variant. Prior to your departure from the campsite, secure a barrel from the ground, as it will prove indispensable in the forthcoming events.

talk to general hining

Noteworthy: It's advisable to collect multiple barrels, considering their requirement in the Mourning's End Part 1 quest. You can stow them in your bank until the quest's commencement.

Return to the Tracker and subsequently proceed to Lord Iorwerth. Here, you'll receive a copy of The Big Book of Bangs, an informative volume on explosives. Peruse its contents to glean insights into the requisite items for crafting the explosive. While within the camp, don't forget to acquire the Empty Pot from one of the tents.

Vital Reminder: Refrain from discarding the book after reading, as it holds importance for your activities in Rimmington at a later stage.

1. Sulfur:

Collect a quantity of Sulphur from the fringes of the swamp. Employ a Pestle and Mortar to process the Sulphur, resulting in a finely powdered substance. While situated at the swamp, seize the opportunity to fill your barrels with tar, subsequently yielding a Barrel of Coal-Tar.

take sulphur

2. Quicklime:

Employ your Limestone with the compact furnace situated within Tyras Camp (be prepared for a potential 8 points of damage). This action will result in the creation of Quicklime. With an Empty Pot within your inventory, utilize the Quicklime in conjunction with the Pestle and Mortar, crafting a powdered substance.

Important to Remember: In case you lack an Empty Pot, you can readily acquire one from the tents in the Elf camp. Furthermore, post-quest completion, it becomes viable to utilize the Limestone with a conventional furnace to produce Quicklime, sans incurring any damage.

use limestone in small furnace

3. Naphtha:

Initiate a teleportation to Falador and ensure you have both the barrel and a supply of Coal in your inventory (around 10-20 pieces, contingent upon your distillation proficiency). Make your way to the Rimmington Chemist, a character familiar from the Biohazard quest. The chemist can be located within a building positioned southwest of the house portal. Prior to commencing the Distilling process, engage in a conversation with the chemist.

Embark on the distillation procedure by placing the Coal Tar into the distillation apparatus. Subsequently, introduce Coal to the process, adhering to the subsequent instructions. Aim to maintain the heat levels within the red and green zones, while keeping the pressure within the green region. Upon successfully filling the 'distilled' bar within the green area, conclude the process and you'll obtain naphtha.

talk to chemist

How to Distill:

To begin, utilize the tar-filled barrel by interacting with the distiller. Subsequently, adjust the valve on the right-hand side of the apparatus twice in a clockwise direction, ensuring that the tar flows at maximum capacity. You'll observe the 'pressure' indicator on the left side gradually increasing. As this indicator enters the green section, manipulate the valve on the left side of the apparatus to release pressure, effectively halting the progress of the left indicator.

At this juncture, you can initiate the addition of coal. This action will cause the indicator on the right to rise. If the indicator falls below the green zone, introduce more coal. Conversely, if it surpasses the green zone, abstain from adding coal until it diminishes.

Observe the lower bar as it transitions to a green hue. Once it's completely filled, desist from adding coal and conclude the procedure by closing the window located in the upper right corner. By doing so, you'll be in possession of your distilled tar.

The interface when making a barrel of naphtha.

Combine the Pot of Quicklime and the Ground Sulphur with the Barrel of Naphtha to fabricate a Barrel Bomb (unfused). Subsequently, affix the Strip of Cloth to the Barrel Bomb (unfused), resulting in the Barrel Bomb (fused).

Important Note: In case you lack a Strip of Cloth, you can fashion one by utilizing 4 Balls of Wool on a loom. A suitable loom is conveniently situated to the west of the Falador cabbage patch, within the farmhouse.

To embark on the next phase, assemble the following items: Bow, Arrows, Spade, Rope, Axe, Plank, and Tinderbox.

Navigate through the Underground Pass to reach the Elven Kingdom. While within the kingdom, acquire raw rabbit meat by hunting a rabbit and subsequently cook it. Subsequently, proceed through the Isafdar forest towards the catapult located just north of Tyras Camp. Present the Cooked Rabbit to the Tyras Guard stationed there, using his distraction to your advantage. Exploit this opportunity to employ the Barrel Bomb (fused) on the catapult, culminating in a captivating cutscene.

The barrel bomb destroys King Tyras' tent.

Reconvene with Lord Iorwerth and relay the recent developments to him. In response, he will furnish you with a message of significance. With this task completed, you now possess the liberty to employ a teleportation to Ardougne. Once there, proceed to hand over the message to the King, thus fulfilling this step of your journey.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

regicide completed

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