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Zombie Guide OSRS

Zombies are commonplace creatures scattered across the expanse of Gielinor, often arising due to the nefarious practices of Necromancers who revive their lifeless forms, a phenomenon akin to the reanimation of Skeletons. As a consequence of their reanimated status, zombies classify as undead entities and are consequently susceptible to the influences of both the Salve Amulet and the Crumble Undead spell.

The majority of zombies one encounters are typically of lower tiers in terms of strength and threat. This quality renders them particularly suitable as effective training targets for individuals who are at the lower echelons of combat proficiency.

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Graveyard of Shadows, levels 18 and 24

Edgeville Dungeon, level 18 and 24

Varrock Sewer, levels 13 and 24

Draynor Sewers, levels 13 and 24

Ardougne Sewer, level 24

West Ardougne Cemetery, levels 13, 24

Magic Guild, level 24

Stronghold of Security, levels 30, 44, 159

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Slayer task/Zombies

Zombies can be designated as a slayer assignment even for those with a combat level as low as 10. Various slayer masters may allocate this task to aspiring slayers. Typically, environments imbued with themes of mortality, such as graveyards, are the favored haunts of zombies.

To fulfill this task, a range of zombie types can be targeted. These include Monkey Zombies, Undead Chickens, Undead Cows, Undead Druids, Undead Ones, Vorkath, Zogres, and Zombie Rats. Notably, the zombies encountered within Tarn's Lair do not contribute toward this task's completion, and the same exemption applies to the Zombies Champion.

Among the options, dispatching Undead Cows and Chickens emerges as a swift method to accomplish the task. On the other hand, it's advisable to avoid engaging Monkey Zombies, as their loot lacks tradeable value and non-quest utility. For those seeking a more challenging route, Vorkath presents the highest-level alternative within this task's scope. Accessible only during and post the events of Dragon Slayer II, Vorkath offers a formidable option to ambitious slayers.


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