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Moss Giants Guide OSRS

Moss giants stand as one among the diverse array of giant creatures within the realm of RuneScape. In Gielinor, a range of moss giant variants exist, excluding Bryophyta.

These creatures manifest in three variations: level 42, level 48, and level 84. The moss giants of level 42 possess 60 hit points (HP) and deliver a maximum hit of 6. Their counterparts, the level 48 moss giants, wield the same maximum hit but exhibit significantly more resilience with 85 HP. Contrasting their level 42 brethren, the level 84 moss giants emerge as more than doubly potent, showcasing a max hit of 14 and boasting a sturdy 120 HP.

Despite their imposing stature, moss giants display lackluster defensive capabilities. This characteristic renders them formidable choices for intermediate-level players seeking training opportunities. Their relatively robust HP reserves contribute to their effectiveness as training targets.

Moss Giants   

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Slayer task/Moss giants

Moss giants are creatures designated as targets by both Krystilia and Vannaka for Slayer tasks, rewarding 115 Slayer experience upon defeat. They boast a drop table encompassing valuable seeds, while the option to combat Bryophyta also exists.

As a Slayer task, moss giants can be assigned by various Slayer masters. Krystilia offers them as tasks regardless of your level, whereas Vannaka assigns them once you reach a combat level of 40. These creatures are widespread across Gielinor, existing in numerous locations. Notably, all variants of moss giants possess uniform +0 defensive statistics, rendering them equally susceptible to attacks of all styles.

Within the Catacombs of Kourend, the moss giants hold a 1/440 drop rate for the Dark totem base, Dark totem middle, and Dark totem top.

During a Slayer task bestowed by Krystilia, the Wilderness-dwelling moss giants present the opportunity to yield a Slayer's enchantment (1/272) and a Larran's key (1/533).


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