OSRS Rellekka Teleport Guide

Teleports to Rellekka Guide OSRS

Rellekka stands as the expansive capital within the Fremennik Province, serving as the abode of the resilient Fremennik people. Access to all its amenities is granted exclusively to adventurers who have successfully triumphed in The Fremennik Trials quest. Certainly, there are numerous ways to reach this city. Nonetheless, in this guide, our focus will be solely on teleports methods. We will provide you with a comprehensive rundown of these teleports and elucidate how to obtain them.


Teleports to Relleka

Enchanted lyre:

The enchanted lyre is procured during The Fremennik Trials quest. Following the quest's completion, players have the ability to transform their regular lyre into an enchanted version by imbuing it with Fossegrimen's power. This enchanted lyre can then be utilized as a teleportation device, whisking adventurers away to Rellekka

Enchanted lyre

Fremennik sea boots:

Adventurers who've made progress in the Fremennik Diary can employ the Fremennik sea boots for swift relocation to Rellekka, right within the bustling market square. Accomplishing the Easy, Medium, and Hard diary tiers provides one daily teleport, whereas achieving the elite tier bestows boundless teleportation opportunities.

The Player-owned house system:

Adjacent to the village gates, there resides a portal within a Player-owned house that, upon teleportation, positions players in close proximity to the city itself. To access this portal, a player's Construction level must reach a minimum of 30.

The Player-owned house system

Games Necklace/Lunar Spell:

Employing a games necklace offers the option to teleport directly to the Barbarian Outpost. From there, a journey northward leads to Rellekka. To utilize this route, it's essential to commence the "Horror from the Deep" quest and make partial repairs to the bridge. As an alternative, the Lunar spell "Barbarian Teleport" can also serve as a means to swiftly teleport to the Barbarian Outpost.

Games Necklace

If the player has unlocked Lunar spells, the Moonclan Teleport and Waterbirth Teleport transport them to islands only a short boat ride away from Rellekka. In particular, if one teleports to Lunar Isle, they need only talk to one of the NPCs in the area without a Seal of passage to be instantly kicked out to the Rellekka marketplace.

Waterbirth TeleportMoonclan Teleport

The Fairy Rings:

Within the vicinity, a network of five Fairy rings is present: one on Miscellania (code: cip), another adjacent to Keldagrim (code: "D-K-S), yet another near the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (code: "A-J-R"), one close to Sinclair Mansion (code: "C-J-R"), and a final one in proximity to the Lighthouse (code: "A-L-P"). To access and utilize these Fairy rings, adventurers must have made at least partial progress in the "Fairytale II - Cure a Queen" quest.

The Fairy Rings

Ring of wealth:

Upon triumphant completion of the Throne of Miscellania quest, players can harness the power of a ring of wealth to teleport directly to Miscellania. From there, a brief boat excursion serves as the final leg of the journey.

Ring of wealth

Rellekka teleport:

Through the utilization of the Scroll of Redirection, obtained from the Nightmare Zone, adventurers can forge a Rellekka teleport. This magical tablet, when shattered, promptly teleports players to the vicinity just outside the Rellekka house portal. This unique teleport can be crafted by combining a scroll of redirection with a teleport to house tablet, requiring a Construction level of 30.

Rellekka teleport

Having access to these various teleportation methods to Rellekka can prove incredibly advantageous for any adventurer in Old School RuneScape. These teleports not only streamline travel but also enhance the efficiency of tasks and quests carried out in the region. Moreover, by providing swift entry to the city from multiple locations, these teleports save valuable time that can be invested in exploration, combat, or a range of activities. Thus, possessing these teleportation options becomes an invaluable resource for maximizing a player's experience and achievements in and around Rellekka.