OSRS Priest in Peril Quest Guide

Priest in Peril Quest Guide OSRS


Items Required:

50 unnoted rune essence or pure essence



15 Combat level

Essence pouches - optional, but helps carry more essence.

Food (recommended for low levels)

3 Varrock teleports

Stamina potions or (super) energy potions

Ok Let’s do this!

Initiate this quest within Varrock Palace by conversing with King Roald.

Start point

He will inform you that contact has been lost with the temple and request you to investigate.

The temple is situated to the east of Varrock. Proceed through the wooden gate northeast of the eastern exit, near the Earth Altar. Follow the path leading to the temple. Click on the temple doors, and someone will inquire about your purpose and identity. Inform them that you have been dispatched by King Roald. Following a hushed discussion, they will ask you to eliminate a dog. Accept this task.

Explore the dungeon by descending into the entrance located to the north of the temple. Your objective is to defeat the level 30 temple guardian within. It's important to note that you cannot employ Magic against this foe. You can use a safespot technique by positioning yourself in a corner of the room and moving one square east after initiating a ranged attack on the dog, once you've descended the ladder. After successfully dispatching the dog, return to the ladder to ascend.

The dungeon consists of several rooms:

1. Ladder leading to the trapdoor at the surface.

2. Entrance chamber featuring a level 30 temple guardian beast, which must be vanquished as part of the quest. After completing the quest, the beast will cease to be hostile and cannot be engaged in combat.

3. A gate that leads deeper into the mausoleum.

4. The main chamber of the mausoleum, where you'll find the graves of the Seven Priestly Warriors, along with a well that provides holy water sourced from the River Salve.

5. Staircase leading to the Columbarium.

6. A gate that leads to Drezel's chamber.

7. Drezel's chamber.

8. A holy barrier that serves as a deterrent to Morytanian invaders trying to gain access to the mausoleum.

Returning to King Roald

Make your way back to Varrock Palace; you have the option to use a Varrock teleport for convenience. Once there, engage in conversation with King Roald once more. King Roald will become furious and clarify that the dog was actually guarding the palace against potential attacks. He will direct you to promptly rectify the situation. If you don't already have one, obtain a bucket from the area above the kitchen or purchase one from the general store.

Back to the Temple

Begin by traveling east once more and knocking on the temple door. This time, the door swings open. Your task here is to defeat one of the level 30 Monks of Zamorak in order to obtain a golden key.

Please note that these monks can be formidable with their Magic attacks, though they can be safespotted using the church pews. Using prayers to bolster your defense may prove wise since there's an altar in the room that can recharge your prayer points.

After obtaining the key, head to the top floor by using the flight of stairs and climbing the ladder located in the southwest corner. Use the "talk-through" option found on the cell door to engage in conversation with Drezel. Inquire about information regarding the holy river. Next, return to the dungeon by descending through the trap door.

With the golden key in your inventory, you can unlock the gate in the Paterdomus dungeon where the guardian was previously located. Inside the central room, you'll find seven monuments and a well. Examine the monuments to locate one holding an iron key, then use your golden key on that monument to exchange the two keys. Once you have the iron key, employ a bucket on the well to fill it with murky water.

Please note that you can swap any of the golden items with their regular counterparts if desired. To do so, you'll need a pot, a feather, a candle, a tinderbox, a needle, and a hammer. These can be used on the appropriate monument holding that item. However, this option becomes unavailable after Drezel relocates to the mausoleum. The golden items serve no practical purpose (e.g., the Golden tinderbox cannot be used to light fires), but they can be converted into coins using Low or High alchemy. Each golden item can only be obtained once per account.

Return to the top floor of the temple and use the iron key to unlock the cell door. Enter the cell and converse with Drezel so he can bless the murky water. Use the blessed water on the coffin to seal the vampyre.

Use the blessed water

Talk to Drezel once more, and he will instruct you to meet him in the dungeon. If you exhaust his dialogue completely, Drezel will relocate to the mausoleum, and the golden items can no longer be obtained.

Head to the dungeon, passing through the monument room, and meet Drezel. He will request 50 total essence, which must be unnoted. These can be a mix of either rune or pure essence. Players with essence pouches can bring all 50 essence in a single trip if desired. If not, you may need to make multiple trips as your inventory has only 28 spaces. It is recommended to bring 24 essence on the first trip, along with the other necessary items, then bank and return with 26 essence and enough space for runes to teleport.

And that is! Quest Complete!

Priest in peril completed