OSRS Icthlarin's Little Helper Guide

Icthlarin's Little Helper Guide OSRS

"Icthlarin's Little Helper" is indeed the first quest in the Desert quest series in RuneScape. In this quest, players are introduced to the Menaphite demigod Icthlarin and embark on an adventure that delves into the pyramids of the city of Sophanem in the Kharidian Desert. The quest involves a mix of puzzles, challenges, and interactions with the inhabitants of the desert, making it an engaging start to the Desert quest series.



Completion of Gertrude's Cat

The ability to defeat a level 91 monster.

Items required

Regular or overgrown cat, hellcat or kitten. No food is required as the kitten can stay in your inventory for the most part, or automatically go in/out of your inventory.


Willow log

Bag of salt (can be bought from any Slayer Master, other players, or the Grand Exchange) or an empty bucket to obtain a pile of salt in Sophanem

Bucket of sap (use a knife on an evergreen tree or a regular tree with the description "a commonly found tree" with a bucket in your inventory)

Full waterskin to give away (can be bought for 30 coins at Shantay pass)

Linen (Can be bought on The Grand Exchange or bought from Raetul in Sophanem for 30 coins during the quest)

Means to enter the desert. (Such as the Shantay pass, Teleport tablets or scrolls, Fairy rings or the Pharaoh's sceptre)

Start point

Speak to the wanderer in the camp west of the Agility Pyramid    

start point


In the "Icthlarin's Little Helper" quest, it's important to note that you can exit the city of Sophanem without causing harm to yourself by using a crack in the wall near the north-eastern corner close to the locust. This allows you to leave the city without completing the quest or risking damage. To re-enter the city, you must return through the same crack in the wall as when you began the quest. To initiate the quest, you should travel to the southern part of the desert, past Pollnivneach, and find a Wanderer near the city's entrance. By convincing your cat to move away and providing the Wanderer with a waterskin and tinderbox, she will guide you through a secret entrance into the city, leading you to a pyramid outside it. Collect the Canopic jar, visit the Embalmer's house to obtain an Embalming manual, and then enter the pyramid. Inside, navigate through various traps, like wall crushers, using diagonal movements to avoid damage.

Avoid the pyramid traps.

As you continue your journey through the pyramid in the "Icthlarin's Little Helper" quest, you will encounter invisible pits ahead. To safely traverse this area and avoid falling into the pits, follow these steps:

1. Start by moving to the left.

2. Then, move one step to the right.

3. Proceed forward three steps.

4. Move one step to the left.

5. Continue forward three steps.

6. Move one step to the right.

7. Finally, proceed forward three steps until you reach the end.

By following this path, you will avoid falling into the invisible pits and taking 5 damage. However, be cautious of a level 84 Mummy waiting at the end of the path.

Avoid the pyramid traps. part 2

Continuing your journey through the pyramid in the "Icthlarin's Little Helper" quest, you'll face more challenges including wall crushers, scarabs, and mummies that can poison you. After jumping across pits, which require at least 20% run energy to jump, you'll arrive at the west door of the burial chamber. To open it, you'll need to solve a puzzle where four squares flip over at a time. Click on a square to toggle it, and the squares around it will also flip. Continue clicking on the squares until the correct image is formed, granting you access to the next part of the quest.

jump across pit

To simplify the process of opening the locks on the west door of the burial chamber in the "Icthlarin's Little Helper" quest, you can use the "reset puzzle" button until the puzzle resembles the configuration shown, excluding the numbers in red. This tip can help you solve the puzzle more efficiently and proceed with the quest.

puzzle Solution

To successfully unlock the west door of the burial chamber in the "Icthlarin's Little Helper" quest, follow these steps after resetting the puzzle to the specified configuration:

1. Begin by clicking on the square marked with the number 1.

2. Next, click on the square marked with the number 2.

3. Finally, click on the square marked with the number 3.

Following this sequence of actions will unlock the door and allow you to continue your quest with ease.

After successfully solving the puzzle on the west door of the burial chamber, you will experience a "flashback" and find yourself outside the pyramid. Approach the sphinx and ask for assistance. The sphinx will pose a riddle: "A husband and a wife have 6 sons. Each son has a sister. How many people are in the family?" The correct answer is 9. Be cautious not to choose the wrong answer, as it will result in losing your cat. Once answered correctly, you will receive a token that allows you to speak to the High Priest.

Proceed to the High Priest, located west of the city, and inquire about the remains. He will instruct you to place them in the burial chamber. Return to the pyramid and access the west door once more. Be prepared for a battle and pick up a random jar. Upon attempting to pick up the jar, a monster will attack you, with its level ranging from 63 to 81. After defeating the monster, pick up the same jar to continue your quest.

talk to high priest

Continuing with the "Icthlarin's Little Helper" quest, take the jar and begin your journey back towards the entrance. However, when you jump over the pit, you will have the thought that leaving the jar behind is a better choice. Jump back over the pit and return to the west door, where you will need to solve another puzzle involving 9 flipping squares. Once you successfully complete the puzzle, enter the room.

Place the jar back where you originally found it, and then head back to the High Priest. He will inquire if you can prepare for a ceremony.

To proceed with the preparations, go to the eastern side of the city and locate the carpenter. Give him your willow log. (Note that after completing the quest, the carpenter will purchase willow logs from you at a rate of 40 gp each, and he'll buy them in groups of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20.)

talk to carpenter

Proceed a bit north from your current location and approach Raetul, who can be identified by his purple headpiece. Purchase a linen from Raetul and then return to the Embalmer to continue with the quest.

Give the Embalmer the requested items: a bucket of sap, a linen, and a bag of salt. After completing the quest, note that he will purchase buckets of sap from you at a rate of 30 gp each, and he'll buy them in various quantities, including 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20.

talk to embalmer

Return to the High Priest, and he will instruct you to speak with the carpenter once again. When you speak to the carpenter, he will provide you with the symbol.

Next, re-enter the pyramid and make your way to the eastern burial chamber. Inside the chamber, use the unholy symbol with any of the Sarcophagi along the walls. Upon doing so, proceed through the door, but you will have an inner dialogue expressing regret for your actions.

use unholy symbol in sarcophagus

Jump across the pit once more and re-enter the eastern burial chamber. Following a cinematic sequence, you will engage in a battle against a level 91 Possessed Priest. Utilize "Protect from Magic" to defend against his attacks and defeat him.

Note: The Possessed Priest has the chance to drop a one-dose potion, which can be one of the following types: Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, or Agility.

attack possessed priest

After the battle with the Possessed Priest, speak with the High Priest once more. Then, leave the room, and you will undergo hypnosis once more, leading you to Icthlarin. When you regain control, you will find yourself back in the eastern burial chamber. Exit the pyramid and have a conversation with the High Priest to continue the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Icthlarin's Little Helper completed