OSRS Eagles Peak Quest Guide

Eagles' Peak Guide OSRS

"Eagles' Peak" is indeed a quest in the popular MMORPG game RuneScape. In this quest, players are tasked with assisting the Ardougne Zoo in acquiring a ferret to be used as a new exhibit attraction. The quest is closely tied to the Hunter skill, and completing it offers various rewards, including a novel method for training the Hunter skill and a unique form of transportation.


Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

27 Hunter

Items required          

Yellow dye

Swamp tar

50 Coins

Start point  

Speak to Charlie, one of the keepers at Ardougne Zoo

start point


Upon approaching Charlie, the zookeeper at Ardougne Zoo, he'll share the tale of a northern ferret's escape and the subsequent mission he entrusted to his colleague, a huntsman by the name of Nickolaus, to capture another northern ferret for the zoo's collection. Regrettably, Nickolaus has vanished without a trace, raising concerns about his whereabouts. In response to this dire situation, Charlie will seek your assistance and request that you embark on a journey to Eagles' Peak.

talk to charlie

you are instructed to travel to Eagles' Peak, which is situated to the west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold and northwest of your current location. Once you arrive at Eagles' Peak, head north of the peak to locate a campsite. At this campsite, you can inspect the books to find a Bird book. Reading this book will provide you with a Metal feather, which is an important item needed to progress further in the quest. The Metal feather plays a role in solving puzzles and advancing the storyline of the quest.

inspect books

Begin by ascending to the summit of Eagles' Peak. If you've honed your Agility skills to a level 25, there's a handy Agility shortcut that can significantly expedite your journey. Once you've reached the summit, take a moment to closely examine the rocky outcrop. Following your inspection, employ the Metal feather to interact with it, and a concealed passageway will be revealed.

Upon entering the cave, opt to head east at the point where the path splits. Proceed southward from there, and at this juncture, a pivotal cut-scene featuring Nickolaus will transpire. During this scene, Nickolaus will beseech you for your assistance in crafting an Eagle disguise to facilitate his escape from the perilous eagles' nest.

shout to nickolaus

Procure 10 Eagle feathers, which are essential for your forthcoming endeavor. Subsequently, journey to the eastern district of Varrock. Locate the Fancy Dress Shop Owner and initiate a conversation with him. Inquire about bird costumes, and he should express his willingness to craft the costume you require.

However, in exchange for his services, you must provide him with the following materials: 10 Eagle feathers, 1 Yellow dye, 1 portion of Swamp tar, and 50 gold coins. Once you've gathered these components, engage the Fancy Dress Shop Owner in conversation once more, and furnish him with the requested supplies.

In return for your contributions, he will present you with 2 Eagle capes and 2 Fake beaks, which will undoubtedly prove invaluable for your mission.

talk to fancy dress shop owner

Reconvene with Nickolaus and engage in a conversation with him to update him on your progress. Once you've exchanged information, make your way to the southern side of the area. There, you'll encounter a stone door blocking your path.

However, the door will be securely locked, and you'll require a specific set of feathers to gain entry. To unlock the door, ensure you possess a Bronze feather, a Silver feather, and a Golden feather. These feathers are the key to opening the door and accessing the eagles' nest.

open stone door

To acquire the Bronze feather, venture into the cave located to the southwest of your current position. Once inside, make an attempt to retrieve the Bronze feather. However, exercise caution, as your actions will trigger a concealed trap. As a result, the Bronze feather, along with the pedestal it rests upon, will become inaccessible.

You'll need to find an alternative method or solution to overcome this obstacle and secure the Bronze feather.

To regain access to the Bronze feather, you must manipulate the four winches positioned at the corners of the room where the feather is located. Interact with each of these winches to lower the pedestal containing the Bronze feather back to a reachable level.

After successfully operating the winches and lowering the pedestal, claim the Bronze feather, ensuring it's now within your grasp. Subsequently, exit the room, armed with the Bronze feather for your mission.

take from pedestal                             

To acquire the Silver feather, follow these steps in the northwestern cave:

1. Enter the northwestern cave, and once inside, locate the pedestal.

2. Examine the pedestal closely to gather initial information.

3. Next, pay attention to any distinctive footprints or tracks around the pedestal.

4. Inspect the nearby rocks or any other clues in the cave to gain a better understanding of where these tracks lead to.

By carefully observing the prints and investigating the surrounding area, you should be able to uncover crucial information that will guide you towards obtaining the Silver feather.

inspect rocks

As you follow the tracks and approach the opening in the northwestern cave, you'll encounter a level 13 Kebbit. This creature will spring forth and engage you in combat, posing a threat. Defend yourself and defeat the Kebbit in order to secure the Silver feather, which it carries.

Once you've successfully vanquished the Kebbit and obtained the Silver feather, make your way back to the previous room, ensuring you have this valuable feather in your possession for the upcoming challenges.

To obtain the Golden feather, follow these steps within the northeastern cave using the provided map:

1. Enter the northeastern cave.

2. Locate the Birdseed holder and take 6 Odd bird seeds from it.

Now, follow the steps on the map:

Step 1: Pull down lever.

Step 2: Use Odd Bird Seeds on Bird Feeder.

Step 3: Use Odd Bird Seeds on Bird Feeder.

Step 4: Pull down lever.

Step 5: Use Odd Bird Seeds on Bird Feeder.

Step 6: Pull down lever.

Step 7: Push up lever.

Step 8: Use Odd Bird Seeds on the Bird Feeder.

Step 9: Pull down lever.

Step 10: Use Odd Bird Seeds on the Bird Feeder.

Step 11: Use Odd Bird Seeds on the Bird Feeder.

After successfully completing this sequence, you'll be able to take the Golden feather from the pedestal. Remember, if you make a mistake during the puzzle, you can reset it by exiting the room and pulling the reset lever.

take from stone pedestal

With all three feathers in your possession, return to the stone door that was previously locked. Insert the Bronze feather, Silver feather, and Golden feather into the door. This action should unlock the door, granting you access whenever you need it.

Before proceeding, ensure you are donning your Fake beak and Eagle cape. These disguises will be crucial for blending in. Walk past the giant eagle, taking care not to arouse suspicion. Then, approach Nickolaus and engage in conversation with him. Agree to meet him outside at the campsite to continue your mission. Your disguises will help you navigate the eagles' nest without raising any alarms.

walk past eagle

Head towards the designated campsite and locate Nickolaus. Engage in a conversation with him to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene, you'll be shown how to capture a ferret, an essential part of your mission.

Once you've learned the necessary skills for capturing a ferret, make your way back to Ardougne Zoo. There, you can find Charlie and present him with the ferret you've successfully captured, completing this part of your adventure.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

eagles peak completed