OSRS Bone Voyage Quest Guide

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Bone Voyage Quest Guide OSRS

bone voyage quest

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100 Kudos

Quest Required:

The Dig Site

Items Required:

2 vodka

Marrentill potion (unf)


Fast travel to the Digsite (Digsite teleport or Digsite pendant; 3-4 teleports recommended)

Fast travel to the Lumber Yard (short walk from the Digsite or use a Lumberyard teleport -- alternatively, use the Balloon Transport System, costing a willow log per flight; 2 teleports recommended)

Fast travel to the Woodcutting Guild (Skills necklace or Xeric's talisman to Xeric's Lookout)

Fast travel to Varrock (Varrock teleport)

Fast travel to reach Port Sarim (Amulet of glory or Explorer's ring 2)

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Ok Let’s do this!

Initiate the quest by speaking to Curator Haig Halen at the Varrock Museum.

start point

Inquire if there is any intriguing news. He will inform you that they've discovered a fascinating island to the north of Morytania, which they suspect may hold significant archaeological value. The team is in the final stages of preparations for the voyage, and he recommends you speak with the barge foreman, who has requested the assistance of a skilled and seasoned adventurer. Agree to help and head to the Digsite.

Making Progress

Begin your journey by heading north of the Digsite to reach the canal barge. Locate the barge foreman, who can be found standing in front of the barge. Although the crew is in the final stages of preparation, there are some minor adjustments that need to be made to the barge before they are ready to set sail. Specifically, the barge foreman requires a more robust type of wood to ensure the barge remains afloat; magic logs are not suitable due to their peculiar side effects (which you'll discover later). He needs a special high-quality wood known as redwood.

The barge foreman will direct you to speak with the Sawmill operator, who is located at the Sawmill to the northwest of the barge.

Make your way to the Lumber Yard and have a conversation with the Sawmill operator. To obtain redwood planks, he has arranged a favorable deal with the sawmill in the Woodcutting Guild within Great Kourend. He will provide you with a sawmill proposal, which you must deliver to the Woodcutting Guild.

Now, journey to the Woodcutting Guild in Hosidius, and use your skills necklace to teleport there (ironmen may prefer to use the Tithe Farm minigame teleport). Hand over the proposal to the Woodcutting Guild Sawmill operator. If you do not meet the requirements to enter the Woodcutting Guild, attempt to open the eastern gate to the guild to complete this step; Berry will sign it on behalf of the guild's sawmill operator.

Finally, return to the Varrock Sawmill operator and present him with the sawmill agreement.

The Enigmatic Curse

Now, return to the barge foreman, who will request you to come aboard the barge. Approach the barge guard and engage in conversation to gain permission to board the vessel. Once on the barge, seek out the Lead Navigator.

Begin by confirming your intent to assist them. The Lead Navigator will then inquire if you are familiar with the previous attempts at the expedition. Opt for the first option if you wish to hear the details, or choose the second option to bypass the dialogue.

Here's a summary of the ill-fated attempts:

1. The first barge was plagued with design flaws and couldn't stay afloat.

2. The second barge suffered from 'feature creep,' with unnecessary additions like 'go-faster stripes,' a portable fossil centrifuge, and a walk-on mini-museum, resulting in buoyancy issues.

3. The third barge used a special sealant that attracted sea monsters, leading to a short journey.

4. The fourth barge, also with a problematic sealant, attracted icebergs.

5. The fifth barge collided with the sixth.

6. The seventh barge was lost without a trace.

7. The eighth barge, due to a magical explosion and some talking anchovies, exists partially out of phase.

8. The ninth version was constructed with magic logs, gaining rudimentary sentience and suffering from severe depression, eventually grounding itself near Crandor.

The completed barge.

Convinced that the voyage is cursed, the Lead Navigator refuses to sail until you can ensure the crew's safety from this curse. He instructs you to seek advice from experienced sailors at the Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim.

Teleport to the Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim using an Amulet of Glory (Draynor), a Rimmington house teleport, or the Rat Pits Minigame teleport. Locate Jack Seagull within the inn and inquire about cursed voyages. He will suggest acquiring a lucky bone charm and mentions speaking to the Odd Old Man in Silvarea to obtain one. Ahab, another character present, will propose a 'potion of sealegs' as an alternative. You decide to consult the navigators to see which option they prefer.

Return to the Lead Navigator. He expresses a preference for the potion of sealegs, while the Junior Navigator desires the bone charm.

Now, make your way to the Odd Old Man, known as the rag and bone man, located near the Silvarea mine to the north of the Digsite. Ask him for a lucky charm and explain that you require it for a cursed voyage.

Next, speak with the Apothecary in Varrock, situated southwest of Varrock Square. Choose the "Talk about something else" option and inform him of your need for a marrentill potion (unf) and two bottles of vodka. Speak to him once more to receive the potion of sealegs.

The "Cursed" Expedition

Return to the barge and deliver the bone charm to the Junior Navigator and the potion of sealegs to the Lead Navigator.

As expected, the potion causes everyone, except the Junior Navigator, to lose consciousness. Since he lacks experience in navigating open waters, the responsibility of steering the barge now falls upon you. You must manage the rudder's direction, choosing between left, right, or straight, using the controls provided on the interface. A progress bar will indicate the remaining distance to reach the island, and veering too far off course will hinder your progress. If it takes too long or you go off course significantly, the crew will awaken, and you can simply restart by speaking to the Junior Navigator.

Here are some tips to navigate more efficiently:

1. When the top arrow tilts to the left, click on the right arrow a couple of times to adjust the rudder accordingly.

2. When the top arrow tilts to the right, click on the left arrow a couple of times to shift the rudder in the opposite direction.

3. When the top arrow remains mostly straight ahead, use the arrows to center the rudder.

The barge controls

Additionally, modifying the sail's height will influence the boat's swaying motion. Keeping the sails at their largest setting while sailing in a straight line will enable faster progress. You can successfully reach Fossil Island by keeping the sails fully deployed throughout the journey.

Once the progress bar fills up, you will successfully arrive at Fossil Island.

And that is! Quest Complete

Bone voyage completed