OSRS Hespori Guide

OSRS Hespori Guide

The Hespori is a unique and sporadic boss in Old School RuneScape. To initiate the fight, players must plant a Hespori seed in the Hespori patch located within the west wing of the Farming Guild. Access to this area requires level 65 Farming (boostable) and 60% Hosidius favor. The seed takes 22-32 hours to grow, depending on the planting time. Once fully grown, the flower behind the cave entrance will sprout open, indicating the boss is ready to be fought.

The Hespori is a rare carnivorous plant with origins in Morytania. It becomes conscious and highly aggressive once fully grown. Interestingly, it has a link with The Maiden of Sugadinti, as both share a similar appearance. In the quest "A Night at the Theatre," it is revealed that the Maiden was created using Hespori bark, which has regenerative properties.




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Fight overview


The Hespori is a boss in Old School RuneScape with ranged attacks and magic. He shoots green spores that hit twice, up to 8 damage each. Using "Protect from Missiles," he reduces the maximum damage to 2. His Earth Wave-type magic attack can deal up to 14 damage, reduced to 3 with "Protect from Magic." He also uses a vine special attack that immobilizes the player; To avoid damage, the player must click on different tiles to break free. Four flowers surround him and open three times during the fight, the Hespori is immune as long as they are open. Prioritizing flower damage and using the right protections is key to beating him. The Hespori offers valuable rewards, including Farming experience and rare seeds like White Lily and Anima Seeds.


it's best to use slash weapons and have at least level 60 melee stats with a dragon scimitar. High Ranged defense or Strength bonus gear is recommended. A special attack weapon like a dragon dagger can be useful for quick damage. Bring healing food, antipoison, melee stat boosts, and possibly a Ranged weapon like darts or a charged blowpipe for killing Hespori's flowers. You may need a Prayer potion if the fight lasts long. After defeating and digging up the Hespori, you'll need a hespori seed, spade, and seed dibber to plant a new one.


Prepare by boosting, getting poison immunity, and equipping a Ranged weapon. Use Protect from Magic or Protect from Missiles based on armor. Wake up Hespori, attack flowers with Ranged, switch to special attack weapon for Hespori, and back to slash weapon if flowers aren't active. Kill flowers with Ranged. Avoid being rooted by vines if fight lasts over 50 seconds. Attack Hespori until flowers activate again, then switch to Ranged to kill them. Defeat Hespori and clear patch for drops. This strategy ensures success against Hespori, gaining valuable rewards.

Combat Achievements

There are 6 Combat Achievement tasks (totalling 22 points) available for Hespori.

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