OSRS Suquah Guide

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OSRS Suqah Guide

In Old School RuneScape, Suqahs are powerful monsters located on the Lunar Isle, accessible after completing the "Lunar Diplomacy" quest. Killing Suqahs can be a profitable and efficient method for training combat and Magic while also obtaining valuable loot.

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Here's a guide on how to effectively kill Suqahs in OSRS


1. Completion of the "Lunar Diplomacy" quest to access the Lunar Isle.

2. Recommended combat stats: At least 70+ Magic, Ranged, or Melee for faster kills.


Suqahs can be found on the northern part of the Lunar Isle. To reach the island, use the Lunar Isle Teleport spell or the Lunar Home Teleport, which becomes available after completing the "Lunar Diplomacy" quest.


Choosing the Attack Style:

Magic: Using Magic can be effective, especially if you have high Magic levels and access to powerful spells. Use Fire Wave, Fire Surge, or other high-level combat spells to deal damage from a distance.

Ranged: If you prefer Ranged combat, use a high-level crossbow or a magic shortbow with broad bolts or enchanted ruby bolts (e) for extra damage.

Melee: Melee can also be an option, but it's less recommended as Suqahs have high Defence, and getting close to them might be riskier.

Prayer Protection:

Protect from Magic: This prayer can help reduce the damage taken from Suqah's magic attacks, which can be quite accurate and damaging.

Alternatively, you can use Protect from Missiles if you're using Ranged combat.

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Equipament Ranged


Equipament Melee

Loot and Drops:




Gem drop table

Slayer task/Suqah

Suqahs can be an excellent Slayer task due to the relatively high amount of experience per hour that can be gained from killing them, especially with the help of a Dwarf multicannon. However, it's essential to consider the potential loss of coins when using expensive gear like the Toxic Blowpipe since Suqahs lack valuable drops.


Combat Strategy:

1. Using Dwarf Multicannon (Optional): Set up the Dwarf multicannon in the area where you plan to fight the Suqahs. Be prepared for other players to attack the Suqahs attracted by your cannon, as the area is multi-combat.

2. Prayer and Attack Style: Activate the appropriate Protection Prayer depending on the Suqahs' attack style. Choose your attack style (Magic, Ranged, or Melee) and begin the slayer task.

3. Astral Altar Area: If you want to avoid the magic damage, fight Suqahs near the Astral Altar, where they only use melee attacks. Keep in mind that this area is more popular and may have more competition.

4. Northern Area: If you decide to fight Suqahs in the northern part of Lunar Isle, be sure to keep an eye on your health and use appropriate healing methods, as they can hit hard.


Bring healing food, such as sharks or better, to sustain your health during the task.

Utilize the Protection Prayer efficiently to minimize damage and conserve Prayer points.

Consider using a Slayer helmet (i) if you have unlocked the imbued version for increased accuracy and damage during the task.