OSRS The Leviathan Guide

The Leviathan Boss Guide OSRS

The Leviathan is an ancient sea creature located within The Scar and encountered during Desert Treasure II. Following the completion of Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire, players have the opportunity to battle a more formidable variant of the Leviathan.

The Leviathan can be challenged using ranged or magic combat styles, with enchanted ruby and diamond bolts proving effective. It is strongly advised to carry runes for shadow spells to stun the boss and a stamina potion for better mobility.

Auto-casting shadow spells may bring the player into melee range, where the spells only stun without dealing damage. To maximize effectiveness, it's recommended to combine ranged attacks with shadow spells for stunning purposes.

Recommended equipment

Recommended equipment

Boss Attacks

Normal Attack:

Similar to The Whisperer, this boss employs rapid-firing sequence attacks rather than single strikes, which can be countered through prayer. After each sequence, the boss executes a rock slam, causing minor damage to the player while introducing melee orbs into the battle or increasing attack speed by one tick. However, melee orbs are not released when the attack speed increases. Once the attack speed reaches one tick, it becomes impossible for a player to effectively pray against it, as the attack registers before it even reaches the player.

Orb Effects:

1. Orange Orb: Inflicts a melee attack.

2. Green Orb: Launches a ranged attack.

3. Blue Orb: Executes a magic attack.

Bite - If the player is within melee range, the boss may employ a biting melee attack as part of its standard attacks. As this attack gives insufficient warning to pray against, it's advisable to stay out of melee range.

Special Attacks:

1. Rock Slam: After standard attacks, rocks fall around the player. Move away from the shadows to dodge. Some rocks stay on the ground as obstacles.

2. Stun: Boss can be stunned using shadow spells, dealing capped damage at 10. Attack its weak spot from behind for high damage and break the stun, triggering a retaliation.

3. Thunder Stroke: Boss radiates a circle of thunder. Run in a tight circle or time it right to pass through. Beware of melee range after the attack, as it may use a bite.

4. Boulder Special: 10 boulders fall on the player's location. Walk to avoid them, or stand still for one tick on each tile to attack the Leviathan. Hide behind a boulder after the boulders' attack to avoid damage.

Note: The special attack depends on the spawn location of the persistent rock slam rocks. West/east spawns lead to lightning; north/south spawns lead to boulders.

The fight

The leviathan

Normal Mode:

1. Watch for boulder falls to determine the first special attack for coordinating stuns.

2. The Leviathan's attack speed slows down after being stunned and losing 25% of its health.

3. Aim for 5 attack sequences before using a shadow spell on the boss.

Enrage Phase:

1. At around 20% health, the Leviathan intensely stares at the player.

2. An Abyssal pathfinder spawns to the northwest, moving clockwise across the arena.

3. Stay within the pathfinder's AoE to avoid piercing attacks and deal full damage.

4. Use the Webweaver bow for a powerful special attack while illuminated by the pathfinder.

5. Switch to a toxic blowpipe for increased accuracy while in the pathfinder's radius.

Awakened Mode:

1. Health increased from 900 to 2,700.

2. At 50% health, a tracking tornado spawns, dealing 40+ damage on contact.

3. Boulder spawns are more persistent.

4. Stuns last 50% shorter than in normal mode.

5. Enrage phase attacks fire at one tick instead of two.

6. Stun the Leviathan before it finishes an attack sequence to prevent falling boulders.

7. Hang by the edges to minimize restricted tiles due to the tornado threat.

8. Swap to Protect from Melee when rushing in to stun the boss and avoid potential bite attacks.

9. Leave the boss close to 20% health during the enrage phase, then stun and hit from behind.

10. Dump two Webweaver specials during the enrage phase, then switch back to the twisted bow for higher damage output. Flicking the boss' attacks takes priority over extra hits.

Rewards uniques