RS3 mining guide

RS3 mining guide

Mining is a skill in RuneScape 3 that allows players to extract ores, gems, and other resources from rocks throughout the game world. Here is a comprehensive guide to RS3 Mining, including all boosts, ore boxes, and other tips:

To start

Ore Boxes and Stamina:

Unlock the ore box upgrade from Dungeoneering rewards shop. This allows you to store more ores while mining.

Stamina potions or energy-restoring items help maintain your stamina for longer mining sessions

Obtaining an ore box in RS3 can be done through crafting or purchasing from other players. The ore box is a useful item that allows you to store ores and reduce the number of trips to the bank while mining. By increasing its capacity and utilizing the ore box effectively, you can maximize your mining efficiency and make the most out of your mining sessions.

Outfits and Equipment:

Obtain and wear the Mining Outfit pieces from the Motherlode Mine, Volcanic Mine, and other sources for experience boosts.

Progressively upgrade your pickaxe, starting from Bronze and working your way up to the highest tier you can wield.


Mining Locations:

Levels 1-15: Mine copper and tin rocks in Lumbridge Swamp.

Lumbridge Swamp

Levels 15-99: Consider training at the Motherlode Mine for AFK experience and ores.

Alternatively, train at higher-level locations like Al Kharid's Mining Guild or the Lava Flow Mine.

Dwarven Army Axe:

Obtain the Dwarven Army Axe for a chance to gain double ores from rocks, making it useful for low-level mining.

Dwarven army axe

Mining Urns:

Use mining urns to gain additional experience while training. Fill the urns with the corresponding ore as you mine.

Mining Urns

Mining Familiars:

Summoning a familiar like the Lava Titan can provide invisible boosts to your Mining level, allowing you to mine higher-level rocks.

Mining Boosts:

Imcando Pickaxe: Use the Imcando Pickaxe after completing the "Birthright of the Dwarves" quest for a +2 Mining level boost.

Varrock Armor (Elite): The elite version offers a chance to mine double ores up to Adamantite.

Mining Skillcape: Wear the Mining Skillcape for a +1 Mining boost.

Perfect Mining Juju Potions:

Create Perfect Mining Juju Potions using Herblore. These potions provide various boosts, including invisible Mining level increases, increased geode chances, and more.

Rockertunities and Seren Spirits:

Rockertunities: Higher Mining levels grant a chance to receive "rockertunities," providing additional ores from a single rock.

Seren Spirits: These spirits can appear while mining and offer valuable rewards, including extra ores, items, and more.

Seren spirit

Invention Perks:

Use Invention to create equipment perks that enhance your Mining experience, such as "Prosper" for increased geode drops.

Remember that efficient training methods and strategies can change over time with game updates. Be sure to stay updated with the latest information from RS3's official forums, fansites, and community resources to optimize your mining training.


Levels 1-10: Copper/Tin

Players should begin by mining copper ore rocks and/or tin ore rocks. Mines containing these rocks include the Lumbridge Swamp training mining site, Burthorpe mine, and the South-east Varrock mining site. Players can continually mine from the same rock, but should switch to rocks with rockertunities when these spawn. With level 1-10 Mining players should gain an experience rate equivalent to around 5,000 experience an hour, and should achieve level 10 Mining after around 10 minutes.

Levels 10-20: Iron

At level 10 players can start mining from iron ore rocks; these can be found in the South-west Lumbridge swamp mining site, South-west Varrock mining site, and Piscatoris mining site. Players should gain around 15,000 experience an hour at these levels. At level 15 players unlock the "energetic mining" mining mechanic which allows the player to deal increased damage per swing to rocks while mining, if they are actively paying attention. A player's activity level/stamina is indicated by coloured sparks around the rock being mined.

Levels 20-30: Coal

From level 20-30 Mining players should mine coal rocks. The South-west Lumbridge swamp mining site, Falador mining site, and Barbarian Village mining site contain coal rocks. At these levels players should be able to gain around 25,000 experience an hour.

Levels 30-40: Mithril

With level 30 Mining players can begin mining mithril ore rocks for around 40,000 experience an hour; however, it is ideal to start at level 31 for the doubled critical chance. Mithril ore rocks can be found at the South-east Varrock mining site, South-west Varrock mining site, and Karamja Volcano mine.

Levels 40-50: Adamantite/Luminite

At level 40 players may choose to mine adamantite ore rocks or luminite rocks. However, it is ideal to start at level 45 for the doubled critical chance. Both ores give around 45,000 experience an hour. Luminite rocks are located at the Battlefield mining site, Dwarven Mine, Anachronia western ruin mine and the Mining Guild resource dungeon. Adamantite ore rocks can be found at the Rimmington mining site, Anachronia western ruin mine and South-east Varrock mining site.

Levels 50-60: Runite

Runite ore rocks can be mined with at least level 50 Mining, however it is ideal to start at level 56 for the doubled critical chance. The rocks can be mined in the Mining Guild, Fight Arena mining site and South and North Crandor mining sites. This gives around 60,000 experience an hour.

Levels 60-75: Orichalcite/Drakolith

From levels 60-70 Mining players may mine either orichalcite rocks or drakolith rocks; however, it is ideal to start at level 64 for the doubled critical chance. Orichalcite ore rocks may only be found in the Mining Guild, South-western Wilderness mining site and Anachronia canyon mine. Drakolith rocks can be found at the Karamja mining site, Heroes' Guild mine, Mining Guild resource dungeon, Wilderness level 14/15 just east of the wilderness lodestone and Al Kharid mining site resource dungeon. By mining either type of rock the player will gain around 70,000 experience an hour.

Levels 75-81: Phasmatite/Necrite

At level 70 players can mine either phasmatite rocks or necrite rocks. However, it is ideal to start at level 75 for the doubled critical chance, which gives around 85,000 - 95,000 experience an hour. Necrite rocks can be found in the Uzer mining site, Wilderness hobgoblin mine and Al Kharid mining site resource dungeon; phasmatite rocks are located South of Port Phasmatys, in the Abandoned Mine and Dwarven Mine hidden mine (Hard Daemonheim tasks required).

Levels 81-89: Banite

From level 80-90 players can mine banite ore for around 90,000-120,000 experience an hour; however, it is ideal to start at level 81 for the doubled critical chance. It can be mined from the Glacor Cave after Ritual of the Mahjarrat, from the Abomination Cave after Hero's Welcome, or from the Jatizso dungeon elite mine after completing the elite Fremennik achievements. Hallvar in the last location can note banite ore, which makes this the most convenient place to gather banite in large quantities. For players with a Dungeoneering skillcape, the Brimhaven metal dragons teleport can be used to quickly access the Abomination Cave mine. Without meeting any of these requirements, banite ore can be mined west of Trollweiss Mountain at the Arctic (azure) habitat mine, or at the Wilderness (Level 54) Pirates' Hideout mine west of the mage arena and east of the Wilderness Agility Course. The Pirates' Hideout mine is next to a metal bank, so this location is convenient for players willing to brave the wilderness.

Levels 89-97: Corrupted ore

Starting at level 89, players who have completed Plague's End can mine corrupted ore for 130,000-200,000 experience an hour. Corrupted ore is mined from Seren stones in the Trahaearn Clan's district of Prifddinas. Although corrupted ore is not a core rock and thus is ineligible for rockertunities or leveling bonuses, it has a 1.2 experience multiplier. This means that it will generally grant better experience per hour than banite or animica, which have multipliers of 0.82 and 0.84, respectively. Corrupted ore also stacks, which makes it an excellent choice for AFK mining. Corrupted ore is untradeable, but can be smelted for fairly quick Smithing experience.

Levels 90-97: Light/Dark animica

From level 90-97, players can mine either light or dark animica rocks. Players with level 96 Mining and the Elder rune pickaxe + 5 using Decorated mining urns can expect between 110,000-120,000 experience per hour, or around 90,000-110,000 experience per hour without urns. This jumps to around 160,000 experience per hour with level 99 Mining. However, it is ideal to start at level 91 for the doubled critical chance. Light animica rocks can be found in the Anachronia south-west mine, the Lletya mining site, and at the entrance to the Smoke Dungeon. Dark animica rocks are found in the Anachronia Swamp mine and in The Empty Throne Room. Additionally, during the Trahaearn Voice of Seren, rocks in the Trahaearn mines (excluding gem rocks) can randomly harmonize into a mixture of light and dark animica, potentially creating better arrangements for rockertunities, and giving 20% extra ores.

Levels 97-99+: Alaea crablets

At level 97 Mining players can begin mining alaea crablets. Alaea crablets are a rare Mining resource that can be found randomly on Uncharted Isles. Uncharted Isles can be explored from The Arc region, which requires completion of the Impressing the Locals quest to access. Completion of the Flag Fall miniquest, which allows the player to claim an uncharted isle and return to it, is also recommended to hunt alaea crablets effectively. To find alaea crablets, the player must first gain some chimes from skilling in The Arc so that they can purchase the supplies required to voyage to Uncharted Isles. Supplies can be purchased from Rosie. When the player finds an Uncharted Isle inhabited by colonies of alaea crablets then they can claim the island using a claim island flag. Once an uncharted isle is claimed the player may return to it for the price of three supplies per voyage: five supplies per day can be claimed for free from the box next to Rosie. Up to three colonies of alaea crablets may be present on an Uncharted Isle, if the player opts to go on a long voyage.

How to advance faster

Here are some tips on how to advance faster in RS3 Mining:

1. Start with Copper or Tin: At level 1, start mining copper or tin for around 5,000 exp per hour. The best place available at level 1 is the Lumbridge Swamp mining sites.

2. Mineral Deposits/Concentrated Sandstone: From level 50-75, the fastest way to advance is by mining mineral deposits or concentrated sandstone in the worker and VIP district of Menaphos. It provides about 15,000 more exp than other methods.

3. Use YouTube Guides: There are many YouTube guides available that can help you advance faster in RS3 Mining. Some popular ones include the 1-99 Mining Guide! Fast & AFK Methods [Runescape 3] New Post-Rework and Runescape 3 Ironman 1-99/120 Mining Guide Updated 2020 Rework.

4. Take Advantage of Boosts: There are many boosts available that can help you advance faster in RS3 Mining. For example, a brown spicy stew can raise Mining temporarily by up to 5, and a god banner will provide a visible +2 boost lasting for half an hour.

5. Pay-to-Play Mining Training: If you are willing to spend some money, pay-to-play mining training can be an effective way to advance faster. This involves collecting ores and gems from rocks throughout RuneScape.

By following these tips, you can advance faster in RS3 Mining and level up your mining skill. Good luck!