OSRS 1-99 Construction Guide

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Construction 1-99 Guide

Construction is undoubtedly one of the costlier skills to train in Old School RuneScape. To ensure a smooth training experience, it's highly advised to have a substantial amount of spare money to purchase a significant quantity of planks from the Grand Exchange in advance. This way, players can avoid the hassle of frequently restocking supplies whenever they deplete their resources. In this guide, we will show you two ways to level up this skill: the cost-effective method and the fast-paced method.

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The Cheapest Way

Levels 1–99: Mahogany Homes

Experience a slower yet cost-effective and less click-intensive path to level up your Construction skill with Mahogany Homes. Work as a contractor for the Mahogany Homes company, repairing furniture in NPC houses across Falador, Varrock, East Ardougne, and Hosidius. Ensure you have teleports to these cities and a charged Xeric's talisman for Hosidius.

Estimated costs for this method are -2.51 GP/XP (Novice contracts), -2.80 GP/XP (Adept contracts), and -5.80 GP/XP (Expert contracts). You'll need a hammer, saw, and the required level and materials for each contract.

Speak to Amy in Falador to begin, and choose a contract based on your Construction level. Amy offers additional rewards, like the carpenter's outfit, plank sack, and supply crates. More contracts can be obtained from Amy, Marlo (Varrock), Ellie (East Ardougne), or Angelo (Hosidius).

NPC houses for repair are near estate agents who also house the contractors. After completing a contract, NPCs may offer you a "cuppa tea" to replenish your run energy to 100%.


Planks level

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The fastest way

Levels 1–33: Laying the Foundation

Here's a breakdown of the furniture and materials required to achieve level 33:

Regular planks necessitate the use of nails. Opting for sturdier nails like steel nails is advisable, as lower-tier nails tend to bend more frequently. Once you reach level 15, consider switching to oak planks, which are faster to work with as they do not require nails.

For a head start, players can tackle the Daddy's Home miniquest, rewarding a total of 944 Construction experience. This miniquest will take you from level 1 to 8, setting you on the path to further advancement.

Object construction 1-33

Levels 33–52/74: Oak Larders

Build oak larders in the Kitchen from level 33 to 52, requiring 8 oak planks each for 480 experience.

From level 50 onwards, expect to gain around 480,000 experience per hour. For a cost-effective training method using oak planks, switch to oak dungeon doors (listed below) at level 74. They offer faster experience rates compared to oak larders.

Oak larder

Levels 52–99: Mahogany Furniture

Starting at level 52, go for the fastest training method by building mahogany furniture. It's expensive, so consider teak or oak furniture if you want to save money.

Build mahogany tables in the Dining room from level 52. Each table requires 6 mahogany planks and gives 840 experience. Optimize your efficiency by building 3 tables and removing 2 while the Demon butler fetches planks, completing an inventory cycle in 22 ticks (on a consistently low ping world). In higher ping worlds, consider removing 3 tables and building 2 (23 ticks/inventory) or build 2 tables and remove 2 (24 ticks/inventory) while the Demon butler gets planks.

At level 77, consider building gnome benches in the Superior garden, slightly faster than mahogany tables with precise timing and clicks. Each gnome bench requires 6 mahogany planks and gives 840 experience. It's a challenging method, demanding near-perfect execution to exceed mahogany tables' rates. Mistakes significantly lower efficiency, and most players are likely to achieve faster rates with mahogany tables. The method for gnome benches is as follows:

1. Send the Demon butler away for 24 planks.

2. Build 2 benches and quickly remove them.

3. Repeat with another 2 benches without interruption from the Demon butler.

Expect around 900,000 experience per hour with mahogany tables and approximately 1,100,000 experience per hour with gnome benches.

Mahogany table and gnome bench