OSRS Iron Dragon Guide

Iron Dragon OSRS Guide


iron dragon


Iron Dragons are a type of metallic dragon found within the world of Old School RuneScape. These formidable creatures belong to the class of metal dragons and are known for their high combat level and distinctive abilities. Iron Dragons possess a notable resistance to melee attacks and have the capability to unleash a ranged fire breath attack that inflicts damage upon players. They are often sought after by adventurers for combat training, valuable drops, and resource gathering. Utilizing an anti-dragon shield in conjunction with the Protect from Magic prayer doesn't offer complete protection for the player. However, opting for a super antifire potion or its extended counterpart ensures comprehensive safeguarding against dragonfire, rendering the use of prayer or a shield unnecessary.


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Brimhaven Dungeon (Slayer Task only area):

brihaven dungeon


Brimhaven Dungeon:

brinhhaven dungeon


Catacombs of Kourend:

Catacombs of Kourend


Isle of Souls Dungeon:

Isle of Souls Dungeon:




Recommended Skill Levels:

For optimal performance against Iron Dragons, consider attaining the following skill levels:

  • Attack: 70 or higher
  • Strength: 70 or higher
  • Defence: 70 or higher
  • Ranged: 70 or higher
  • Magic: 75 or higher
  • Hitpoints: 70 or higher
  • Prayer: 44 or higher (for Eagle Eye), 45 or higher (for Mystic Might), 70 or higher (for Piety), 74 or higher (for Rigour), 77 or higher (for Augury)


Recommended Equipment

Engaging Bronze, Iron, and Steel Metal Dragons allows for utilization of all three combat styles. However, players lacking dragonbane weaponry are strongly advised to opt for the Magic setup as their primary approach.

Note: Slayer Mask and Black Mask only if you are on Slayer Assignment


Melee Equipment:

While Melee, particularly with a Zamorakian hasta, is effective, using Proselyte armor for Prayer or high-tier armor like Bandos or Barrows is recommended. Optimal stab weapons are Zamorakian hasta, Abyssal dagger, Leaf-bladed sword, or Dragon longsword in stab mode. Avoid slash weapons for quicker kills due to high Defense. Use Prayer strategically. Dragons' max hits are 12, 20, and 22 for Bronze, Iron, and Steel dragons respectively. Stay above these levels for safety.


mele gears



  • Dragon dagger (p++) [1]
  • 6-7 or 10-12 Prayer potions [2]
  • 4-6 Antifires or Extended antifires [3]
  • 1-2 Super combat potions or Super sets [4]
  • Some good-healing food
  • Any axe [5]
  • 905 coins [6]
  • A House tab or an Ectophial for emergency
  • Holy wrench (optional)[7]
  • 25-50 Alchs (optional)[8]


Magic Equipment:

Magic's effectiveness varies with the chosen spell. The most cost-efficient methods for dispatching metal dragons involve the Trident of the seas/swamp or Fire Bolt with Chaos gauntlets and a Smoke staff. The ultimate choice is the Trident, combining hard-hitting speed with cost-effectiveness. It's potent against all metal dragons, even Mithril and lava dragons, inflicting swift, powerful hits, especially at higher levels. Maintain distance to avoid their devastating Melee attack. Ensure adequate antifire protection and unleash spells from a safe distance.

Mage Void Knight gear is a strong alternative, especially the full set, enhancing accuracy for more effective spell casting.

magic gears



  • 5,000 Chaos runes (and 20,000 Fire runes only if using an Air staff instead of Smoke staff) - Fire Bolt [3]
  • 1-2 Prayer potions (optional)[4]
  • 12-15 Antifires or Extended antifires [5]
  • Imbued heart or Magic potion(s) (optional)
  • Some good-healing food
  • Any axe [6]
  • 905 coins [7]
  • A House tab or an Ectophial for emergency
  • 25-50 Alchs (optional)[8]

Ranged Equipment:

Ranged offers an economical option using broad bolts, while Diamond bolts (e) can prove costly. Although diamond bolts are optimal, they may not justify the expense, making broad bolts the preferred choice. Alternatively, Ranger Void Knight gear, with its full set bonus boosting damage, is viable. Armadyl or black dragonhide armor is even better. For a special bolt, Emerald bolts (e) can inflict poison, switching to broad bolts afterward. Maintain distance to evade the dragon's powerful Melee attack. Ensure ample antifire protection and snipe from a safe range.

ranged gears



  • 300-400 Emerald bolts (e)[1]
  • 1-2 Prayer potions (optional)[2]
  • 12-15 Antifires [3]
  • 1-2 Range potions (optional)
  • Some good-healing food
  • Any axe [4]
  • 905 coins [5]
  • A House tab or an Ectophial for emergency
  • 25-50 Alchs (optional)[6]