[OSRS] Guardians of the Rift Guide

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Introduction to VIRTGOLDS Guardians of the Rift Guide:

Welcome to the complete guide to Guardians of the Rift (gotr guide), an exciting Runecrafting minigame in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). In this adventure, you will be transported to a mystical dimension full of challenges and rewards. Get ready to explore, collect rift fragments, empower the Great Guardian, and close the abyssal rift! This guide will provide you with all the details you need to succeed in Guardians of the Rift.


Table of Contents:

1. Requirements to access the minigame

2. How to get to Guardians of the Rift

3. Objective of the minigame

4. Imbued Essence

5. Charged Cells

6. Minigame Rewards

7. Tips and Recommendations

8. Conclusion

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1. Requirements to access the minigame:

- Complete the "Temple of the Eye" quest: Before embarking on this adventure, you must have completed the Temple of the Eye quest. This quest will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the challenges you will encounter in the minigame.

- Minimum level 27 in Runecrafting: Having at least level 27 in the Runecrafting skill is essential to participate in Guardians of the Rift. To reach this level, you must have obtained the necessary experience through prerequisite quests. However, if you start at level 1 and do not wish to spend additional time training, you can gain a small amount of experience after completing "Enter the Abyss" to reach the required level 10 to access the Temple of the Eye.

- A pickaxe: To venture into Guardians of the Rift, make sure you have a pickaxe in your inventory. This pickaxe will be useful for extracting minerals and resources needed during the minigame.

- A chisel (optional): If you are interested in creating guardians during the minigame, you will also need to have a chisel in your inventory. The chisel will allow you to carve guardian statues using the collected rift fragments.

2. How to get to Guardians of the Rift:


To access the Guardians of the Rift minigame in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you can follow the following options to reach the basement of the Mage Tower faster:

- Use The amulet of the eyes teleport: If you have an amulet of eyes teleport, you can use it to teleport directly to the Mage Tower. Activate the amulet and select the option to take you there.

- Use the grouping teleport: If you have access to the grouping teleport, you can use it to teleport near the Mage Tower. Activate the teleport and choose the location closest to the tower.

- Use a necklace of passage: If you have a necklace of passage, you can use it to teleport directly to the Wizard Tower. Once there, head south to reach the Mage Tower.

- Use the Fairy Ring code to the Mage Tower: If you have a Fairy Ring with the code (D-I-S) that takes you directly to the Mage Tower, use it to teleport there.

- Use a glory amulet: If you have a glory amulet, you can activate it and teleport to Draynor Village. Once in Draynor Village, walk south until you reach the Mage Tower.

- Use the Lumbridge Home Teleport spell: If you have the Lumbridge Home Teleport spell activated, use it to teleport to Lumbridge. From Lumbridge, walk southwest until you reach the Mage Tower.

Once you reach the Mage Tower, head to the basement and look for the Guardians of the Rift portal. By clicking on the portal, you will enter the minigame and can start your adventure in the mystical dimension.

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3. Objective of the minigame:

The main objective of the Guardians of the Rift minigame in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is to help the Great Guardian close the dangerous rift through which abyssal creatures enter. To achieve this, players must carry out the following actions:

- Collect Rift Fragments: Players must obtain guardian fragments from the remains of guardians of various sizes found in the Temple. There are three main nodes from which these fragments can be extracted: guardian parts, guardian remains, and large guardian remains.


The regular parts and remains are scattered around the edges of the temple area. By exploring this area, you can find fragments of different sizes that are necessary for creating guardians and imbuing the essence. However, the larger remains are located beyond some debris in the eastern middle of the temple area. To access this area, a minimum Agility level of 56 is required, which cannot be boosted with potions or other methods. Once you have reached this Agility level, you can overcome the obstacles and obtain the larger guardian remains. Additionally, in the western middle area of the temple, you can find the enormous remains of the guardian. These remains are particularly important as they yield guardian essence when extracted. Normally, this area is inaccessible, but occasionally portals will appear that will take players there. These portals usually appear approximately every 2 minutes and remain active for about 25 seconds. Take advantage of these opportunities to access the area and extract the valuable guardian essence.

Remember that collecting guardian fragments and obtaining guardian essence are crucial aspects in Guardians of the Rift. Pay attention to your surroundings, search for different nodes, and take advantage of opportunities to collect the required amount of fragments and essence to empower the Great Guardian and protect the mystical dimension from abyssal creatures.


- Empower the Great Guardian: Once you have collected rift fragments, you must deposit them in the corresponding altars. These altars are located near the Great Guardian and are designed to empower its strength. By depositing the fragments in the altars, you will be strengthening the Great Guardian and preparing it to close the rift. Empowering the Great Guardian is essential to achieve the ultimate goal of the minigame. The more rift fragments you deposit in the altars, the more accumulated energy there will be, and the more effective the Great Guardian will be in its task of closing the rift.

- Create and Repair Barriers: One of your responsibilities is to create and repair barriers to protect the Great Guardian from abyssal creatures. These barriers play a crucial role in defending the Great Guardian and preventing abyssal creatures from attacking it.

Here are the necessary steps to create and repair barriers in GOTR:

a. Identify Vulnerable Areas: Observe the environment carefully and locate the areas where abyssal creatures can infiltrate and approach the Great Guardian. These areas may be marked by the presence of cracks or openings in the defensive structure.

b. Gather Materials: To create and repair barriers, you will need to obtain the appropriate materials. These materials may vary depending on the design and configuration of the barriers. Make sure you have the necessary items on hand before starting.

c. Interact with the Barrier: Once you are near a damaged barrier or in a vulnerable area, interact with it to perform the corresponding action. If the barrier is damaged, you will have the option to repair it. If there is no barrier in that location, you can create a new one from scratch.

d. Keep the Barrier Fortified: Once you have created or repaired a barrier, make sure it is fortified and in good condition. This will prevent abyssal creatures from being able to break through and attack the Great Guardian. Constantly monitor the barriers and perform additional repairs if necessary.

Do not underestimate the importance of creating and repairing barriers to safeguard the Great Guardian! Your skill and dedication in this task will be key to success in Guardians of the Rift in OSRS. Good luck on your protection mission and may the Great Guardian remain safe from abyssal creatures!

4. Imbued Essence:

The guardian fragments you collect will be converted into guardian essence, which can be stored in essence pouches. This essence is taken to the runic altars located around the center of the Temple to be imbued. However, only two portals are active at a time: one elemental and one catalytic. To imbue guardian essence into these portals, the same Runecrafting level required to create guardians regularly at the corresponding altar is needed.

It is important to note that crafting at the runic altars during the minigame will not grant players the Guardian Rift pet.

Additionally, for each guardian essence created, there is a 1/250 chance of receiving a portal talisman. These talismans can be used on Portal Guardians to return them to the previously used runic altar, even if the portal is closed for that altar at the moment. It is important to note that portal talismans cannot be saved once the game ends, so they should be used whenever possible. Players can right-click on a Portal Guardian and select "Toggle Talisman" to stop receiving talismans of the selected type.

Once players have imbued their essence into an elemental or catalytic guardian stone, they can return to the Temple and empower the Great Guardian. Each guardian stone will grant two respective type energies. If combined runes are crafted, players will receive polyelemental guardian stones, which grant three elemental energies when used on the Great Guardian. When empowering the Great Guardian, the player's run energy will be restored by 1% per guardian stone given. Additionally, a small bonus amount will be restored based on the player's current special attack energy. This ranges from an additional 1% with a fully depleted special attack energy bar, to an additional 11% execution energy when the special attack bar is completely full.

It is important to note that players must have completed certain quests to be able to enter specific Portal Guardians. These quests are:

- Cosmic Guardian: Lost City.

- Law Guardian: Troll Stronghold.

- Death Guardian: Mourning's Ends Part II.

- Blood Guardian: Sins of the Father.

5. Charged Cells:


In Guardians of the Rift, charged cells play a crucial role in creating rift guardians and building barriers. On the other hand, discharged cells are obtained from a container near the entrance barrier and can be recharged in the same way as guardian essence. However, it is important to consider some restrictions on their use.

Players can only have up to ten discharged cells in their possession, and they are only allowed to have one charged cell at a time. Proper management of these cells is essential to maximize their effectiveness in protecting the Great Guardian and defending against abyssal creatures.

Rift guardians are created using a chisel on the essence piles located near the southern tables. These guardians can be of two types: elemental (in the east) or catalytic (in the west). Each type of guardian will follow the respective elemental or catalytic guidelines set in the outer ring of the Temple. However, it is important to note that only up to ten active rift guardians are allowed at any given time during the minigame.

Building barriers involves using charged cells on the cell mosaics located in the front center of the Temple. By using cells in ascending level order (e.g., from medium to strong cells), the barriers will be further reinforced. On the other hand, if a less charged cell is used on an already overloaded barrier, it will recharge the barrier by partially "healing" it. In the event that a barrier breaks during the minigame, repairing the corresponding cell mosaic will be necessary, which will require ten guardian essences.

6. Minigame Rewards:

Upon completing a game of Guardians of the Rift in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players will receive points and experience in Runecrafting based on their Runecrafting level multiplied by 45, as long as they have obtained at least 150 total energy during the game. Additionally, one elemental point will be awarded for every 100 elemental energy units and one catalytic point for every 100 catalytic energy units. It is important to note that rounding may occur in this reward system. For example, if you have 73 elemental energy units, you will have a 73% chance of obtaining an elemental point.

To claim your rewards, you should seek out the Rewards Guardian, located just outside the rift gate. There, you can redeem one of each type of point (elemental and catalytic) to receive your rewards. During the game, a maximum of 1200 total energy units can be accumulated (1320 if you have the abyssal lantern burning yew logs). However, there is a limit of 1000 energy units per type (elemental and catalytic).

Remember that the exact amount of points and Runecrafting experience you receive upon completing the minigame will depend on your Runecrafting level and the total energy accumulated during the game. Make sure to collect enough energy and maximize your points to obtain the best possible rewards.

a. Guardian Rewards: The rewards from The Guardian include a standard table of runes and talismans, as well as a list of unique items presented below.

- Abyssal Pearls

- Abyssal Needle

- Intricate Pouch

- Abyssal Lantern

- The Atlas

- Abyssal Dyes

- Elemental Talisman

- Abyssal Orb

- Catalytic Talisman

b. Temple Shop: The existing items in this shop are obtained using abyssal pearls, which are a reward from The Guardian.

- Raiments of the Eyes

- Ring of the Elements

- Guardian's Eye

- Talismans

7. Tips and Recommendations:

Of course! Here are some tips and recommendations for playing Guardians of the Rift in Old School RuneScape:

a. Communicate with your team: Guardians of the Rift is a minigame that can be played in a team. Make sure to communicate with your teammates to coordinate your actions and maximize efficiency in protecting the Great Guardian. Working together and maintaining clear communication can make a difference in the minigame's success.

b. Prioritize protecting the Great Guardian: The main objective of the minigame is to protect the Great Guardian from abyssal creatures. Make sure to always keep an eye on its health and the threats approaching it. Create barriers, repair them, and defeat abyssal creatures to keep the Great Guardian safe.

c. Collect guardian fragments and essence: Guardian fragments and guardian essence are key resources in the minigame. Make sure to collect them from guardian remains in the Temple and strategically use them to create rift guardians and empower the Great Guardian. Manage your resources efficiently and prioritize their collection during the game.

d. Utilize relevant skills: When playing Guardians of the Rift, it is important to leverage relevant skills such as Runecrafting and Crafting. These skills will allow you to create guardians, repair barriers, and improve your performance in the minigame. Make sure to have the required levels and use your skills effectively.

e. Keep an eye on portals: During the game, portals will appear that will take you to special areas such as the enormous remains of the guardian. Be attentive to these portals as they can provide you with additional opportunities to collect valuable resources. Take advantage of these moments to gain strategic advantages.

f. Pay attention to rewards: Upon completing the minigame, you will receive rewards in the form of points and Runecrafting experience. Use these resources wisely to enhance your character and gain additional advantages in the game. Consider which rewards are most beneficial to your play style and plan accordingly.

g. Practice and experiment: Guardians of the Rift may require some practice to master all the mechanics of the minigame. Do not be afraid to experiment with different approaches and strategies to discover what works best for you. The more you play, the more familiar you will become with the minigame and the more efficient you will be in protecting the Great Guardian.

8. Conclusion:

In conclusion, Guardians of the Rift is a challenging and exciting minigame within Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Through our exploration of this minigame, we have learned several important aspects that will help us succeed in our adventures in the abyssal dimension. Here is a summary of what we have learned:

- Requirements: To access Guardians of the Rift, you need to complete the Eye of the Temple quest and have at least level 27 in Runecrafting, along with some additional requirements depending on the experience gained in previous quests.

- Objective: The main objective of the minigame is to help the Great Guardian close the rift through which abyssal creatures enter. To achieve this, we must collect guardian fragments, imbue guardian essence in runic altars, create rift guardians, and erect protective barriers.

- Rewards: Upon completing the minigame, we will receive points and experience in Runecrafting, which will allow us to enhance our skills. Additionally, there is a standard loot table offering runes, talismans, and unique rewards that may vary in each game.

- Strategies and Recommendations: We have discussed various strategies for playing Guardians of the Rift, including communication with the team, prioritizing the protection of the Great Guardian, efficient collection of guardian fragments and essence, utilization of relevant skills, attention to portals, and proper resource management.

- Teamwork and Coordination: Guardians of the Rift can be played as a team, emphasizing the importance of communication and collaboration with other players. Working together and coordinating actions will be crucial to succeeding in protecting the Great Guardian.

In summary, Guardians of the Rift is a challenging minigame that invites us to embark on an exciting adventure to protect the Great Guardian and close the abyssal rift. Through the collection of guardian fragments, creation of rift guardians, and construction of barriers, we will test our skills and teamwork. Get ready to delve into this mystical dimension and face the abyssal creatures in Guardians of the Rift in OSRS!