[OSRS] Dagannoth Kings Guide

Dagannoth Kings Guide

Master the Dagannoth Kings in OSRS with our comprehensive OSRS Dagannoth Kings guide. Discover winning strategies, optimal gear setups, and effective tactics to conquer Rex, Prime, and Supreme. Increase your boss kill count and unlock rare loot such as Berserker, Seers, Warrior, and Archer rings along with the coveted Dagannoth Pets with our expert advice. If you're seeking an exciting challenge and unique rewards, look no further than the Dagannoth Kings awaiting you in the Dagannoth Lair on Waterbirth Island. These formidable Old School RuneScape bosses will test your combat skills and strategy. In this guide, we will provide you with all the knowledge and tips necessary to confidently face the Dagannoth Kings in OSRS and obtain great rewards.

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1. Proper Battle Preparation:

   - Recommended Level: It is advised to have a combat level of at least 100+ to face the Dagannoth Kings.

   - Armor and Weapons: Equip yourself with high-end armor such as Armadyl or Bandos, and effective weapons for each combat style (ranged, magic, and melee). Ensure you have weapons that exploit the weaknesses of the different Dagannoth Kings.

   - Consumables: Carry an ample supply of high-healing food such as sharks or manta rays, as well as combat potions (attack, strength, defense), prayer potions, and antipoison.

   - Teleportation Rings: Make sure you have various teleportation options to quickly access Waterbirth Island and ease your way to the Dagannoth Kings.

   - Rune Throwing Axe: This ranged weapon is used for its special attack to destroy the central barricade supports, allowing access to the sublevels of the dungeon. It is commonly used by solo players.

2. Getting to the Dagannoth Kings' Lair:

The Dagannoth Kings reside on the sixth level of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. Reaching them involves overcoming a series of doors and traversing the dungeon. If you are unfamiliar with the path, you can enlist the help of one or two friends who know the route to accompany you and open the doors.


The journey to the Dagannoth Kings is undoubtedly the most challenging part. Here are several methods to reach Waterbirth Isle:

a. Group Teleportation: If you have access to the Group Teleportation spell in the Lunar spellbook, you can use it to teleport directly to Waterbirth Island.

b. Walking from Camelot: Head to Camelot and walk north until you reach the coast. Then, cross the bridge to Waterbirth Island and continue south until you reach the Dagannoth Lair.

c. Lyre Teleportation: If you have a lyre, you can use it to teleport to Waterbirth Island. Make sure you have unlocked the teleportation option to the island before using it.

d. Rellekka House Teleportation: If you have set your house in Rellekka and built the Waterbirth Teleportation Portal in your house, you can use it to quickly reach Waterbirth Island.

e. Fremennik Sea Boots: If you have completed the achievements for the Fremennik Sea Boots, you can use their teleportation to Waterbirth Island for quick access.

f. Lunar Isle Teleportation: If you have access to the Lunar Isle teleportation, you can head there and walk from the island to Waterbirth Island. You can also use a Lunar Isle teleport scroll if you have one in your inventory.

3. Understanding Your Enemies:


   - Dagannoth Rex: This Dagannoth King attacks with melee and is weak to magic. Exploit this weakness by using magic weapons and spells. Remember to continuously attack to prevent him from healing.

   - Dagannoth Prime: He is the magic combat Dagannoth King. He uses ranged attacks and is weak to melee combat. Equip melee weapons and maintain high defense against his magic attacks.

   - Dagannoth Supreme: This Dagannoth King attacks with ranged and is weak to magic. Use magic weapons and spells to exploit his weakness. Be prepared to deal with his venomous attack by carrying antipoison and keeping your health high.

4. Combat Strategy and Equipment:

When facing the Dagannoth Kings, it is important to consider the proper equipment to maximize your chances of success. Prayer bonus is essential, but configurations may vary from player to player. It is best to test facing the Dagannoth Kings with another player to limit the risk. Once you feel comfortable, you can adjust your configuration to suit your own playstyle. However, here are some general recommendations:

- Ranged Defense: When choosing your armor, it is advisable to prioritize ranged defense over melee and magic defense. This is because Dagannoth Prime, one of the Dagannoth Kings, attacks with magic. A good choice would be to use armor such as Armadyl or Karil's, which provide solid ranged defense.

- Prayer Bonus: After ranged defense, prayer bonus should be your second priority. Use items like the Fury amulet or Ranging amulet to increase your prayer bonus.

Here are a couple of specific setups for facing the Dagannoth Kings:



a) Magic Setup (Solo Rex Only):

This setup is specifically designed for facing Dagannoth Rex alone. Rex is the easiest of the Dagannoth Kings as he can be found

 in a safe spot and has the chance to drop the berserker ring. Here is the recommended setup:

- Armor: Use a complete melee armor set, such as the Guthan's armor set, to increase your ranged defense. Make sure to have a good prayer bonus on your armor.


- Weapon: For your main weapon, use the best staff you have, or you can use a Saradomin godsword or blood spells to attack Rex between Spinolyps kills and restore your hitpoints.

- Jewelry: You can use the Occult necklace or the Fury amulet, a tormented bracelet, and a Ring of Suffering or Ring of Serpentine.

Magic is highly effective against Rex due to his extremely low magic defense. With a decent Magic level, you can use a complete melee armor set and continuously hit Rex.

The most challenging part is entering the lair and establishing the safe spot. Here is a step-by-step guide:

* Before entering: Disable auto-retaliation and activate Protect from Magic.

* Entering the lair: Climb over the roots slightly east of the entrance ladder. Check if there are other adventurers in the lair before proceeding.

* Establishing the safe spot: The goal is to enter without attracting aggression from any of the other Dagannoth Kings. If Dagannoth Supreme or Dagannoth Prime start attacking you, go back up the roots and wait for several seconds until they change position. Then, try again.

* Attacking Rex from the safe spot: Once you have successfully established the safe spot, move carefully to the southeastern corner of the lair, staying close to the coast to avoid the range of the other Dagannoth Kings. From the safe spot in the southeast, attack Rex (using the long-range attack style can be helpful), lure him to the specific location (you can consult an image or map), and then move south. This way, they will become trapped, allowing you to easily eliminate Rex.

b) Tribrid Setup (Solo):

If you are looking for an even greater challenge and have the appropriate resources, consider using a tribrid setup to face the Dagannoth Kings. This setup involves using Magic, Ranged, and Melee combat to defeat all three kings. However, it is important to note that this strategy is only recommended for experienced players who can afford high-quality equipment to eliminate the kings quickly.

For players who have no experience in fighting all three kings, an alternative is to have another person focus on attacking Dagannoth Rex while you focus on Dagannoth Prime and Dagannoth Supreme. The person dealing with Rex can help defeat Prime and Supreme if necessary.

Here is a general strategy for facing the Dagannoth Kings using a tribrid setup:

- Magic Protection: Enter the lair with Protect from Magic activated to mitigate the damage from Dagannoth Prime's magic attacks.

- Supreme Positioning: Place Dagannoth Supreme as close to the ladder as possible before attacking it with the Piety prayer. If Prime is at a safe distance and Supreme is close to the ladder, you can use Protect from Missiles. You can lure Supreme by going up and down the ladder until it attacks you.

- Prime Elimination: Head to the northeast of the lair and kill Dagannoth Prime. Look for the optimal spot to attack him, indicated by rocks on the ground in a triangular shape.

An alternative strategy is to follow the same procedure until Prime (i.e., kill Supreme and then Rex), but leave Prime with the least amount of health possible and wait in the east for Rex to respawn. Then, kill Rex again, finish off Prime, and finally go defeat Supreme.

As the journey to the Dagannoth Kings' lair takes time, it is important to maximize the total number of kills per hour. This is achieved by completing a Slayer task in a single trip or in as few trips as possible. Sometimes, it may be preferable to sacrifice some damage per turn in favor of sustainability, especially if you need to last throughout the task. Consider minimizing equipment changes to carry more supplies (e.g., using Barrows gloves instead of Ferocious gloves + Zaryte bracers) or prioritizing equipment that provides sustainability (e.g., using the spectral spirit shield instead of a defender, using guardian boots instead of primordial boots, using SGS + Lightbearer instead of offensive options).

Remember that facing the Dagannoth Kings with a tribrid setup is an additional challenge and will require a good mastery of combat mechanics and supply management. Make sure you are well-prepared and have the appropriate equipment before attempting it.

5. Tips and Tricks:

-There is a special lair intended for those who are on a dagannoth assassination task. You can access it by right-clicking on the Kings' staircase. It is not necessary to have an active task to enter the assassin's lair. This allows you to retrieve your items after a death, even if you have completed your task. However, just like with all exclusive assassin locations, players cannot attack the Kings there if they do not have an active assassination task for them.

- Use of Dwarf Multicannon: Consider using a Dwarf Multicannon with 1-2k cannonballs to smoothen the combat rotation when fighting the three kings. Place the cannon in the Prime's spawning area and only load cannonballs when it appears. Avoid continuously reloading, as it is less effective against Dagannoth Rex and Dagannoth Supreme and will cause them to attack you immediately after being hit by a cannonball.

- Home Portal: Tune a portal in your house to Waterbirth. This will significantly ease travel time and negate the need to have your house in Rellekka or use redirection scrolls to access it.

- Recommended Consumables: For food, it is suggested to bring Super Restore potions and Saradomin brews. However, for simplicity and cost-effectiveness, sharks and some Saradomin brews or Super Restores for emergencies will suffice. Carrying the Guthan's armor set and Saradomin godsword can help reduce the use of food.

- Boosters and Ancient Magic: Consider using various Ancient Magicks to aid in the fight. Ice Barrage can be used to freeze Dagannoth Rex, while Blood spells can be used in combination with a Trident of the Seas or Swamp to heal.

- Antipoisons and Safe Spots: It is important to carry antipoisons, as the Spinolyps in the water surrounding the lair can poison players. However, if you use a Serpentine helm throughout the journey, this won't be an issue. Sanfew serums are also useful, as they function as both antipoison and super restore potions. Note that the poison resistance granted by Sanfew serums lasts half as long as that of an Antipoison++.

- Elite Fremennik Diary Benefits: Completing the Elite Fremennik Diary will noticeably increase the drop rate of Dagannoth King bones, substantially improving the profitability of extended trips.

- Explorer's Ring and Divine Sword: Consider bringing an Explorer's Ring instead of a stamina potion for high alchemy, as this will provide a bit more profit.

- Saradomin Godsword: If your melee combat stats are high enough (80+), consider using a Saradomin godsword or any other godsword as your special attack weapon and melee weapon to kill Dagannoth Supreme. This will save an inventory space.

Follow these tips and tricks to maximize your chances of success when facing the Dagannoth Kings. Remember to adapt them to your own playstyle and needs.

5. Rewards:

Defeating the Dagannoth Kings can yield several valuable rewards. Here are some of the notable rewards you can obtain by defeating the Dagannoth Kings:

- Unique Rings: Each of the three kings has a chance to drop a unique ring, which provides powerful bonuses to different combat skills. These rings are:

  - Berserker Ring: Dropped by Dagannoth Rex, provides a Strength bonus.

  - Seers'Ring: Dropped by Dagannoth Prime, provides a Ranged Attack and Magic Defense bonus.

  - Archers' Ring: Dropped by Dagannoth Supreme, provides a Ranged and Ranged Defense bonus.

- Other rewards you can acquire by killing the Dagannoth Kings include:

  a. Dragon Axe: Each of the kings has a chance to drop a dragon axe, which is a powerful melee weapon.

  b. Dagannoth Kings Bones: By defeating the Dagannoth Kings, they will drop Dagannoth Kings Bones. These bones can be buried or used at the Dagannoth Lair's Bone Altar to gain Prayer experience. Completing the Elite Fremennik Diary will allow you to obtain noted bones making trips last much longer.

  c. Other Valuable Items: In addition to the aforementioned unique rewards, the Dagannoth Kings can also drop other valuable items such as runes, tree seeds, herbs, and other tradable items including the 3 Dagannoth King pets, a rare drop from each of the DK’s in OSRS.

It is important to note that the probability of obtaining these rewards may vary and depends on each player's luck. Some rewards may be rarer than others. However, consistently defeating the Dagannoth Kings can be highly profitable and provide opportunities to obtain valuable items and benefits for your character.


In conclusion, the Dagannoth Kings are formidable challenges in the world of RuneScape. Located in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon, these three dagannoth kings represent the combat triangle and require different attack styles to defeat. Dagannoth Rex is weak to magic, Dagannoth Prime is weak to ranged, and Dagannoth Supreme is weak to melee combat.

Defeating the Dagannoth Kings can be a demanding task, but the rewards are well worth it. The unique rings they drop offer powerful bonuses to various combat skills such as Strength, Ranged Attack, Magic Defense, and Ranged Defense. Additionally, the possibility of obtaining the coveted dragon axe and other valuable items adds extra allure to the fight.

Proper preparation is crucial before facing the Dagannoth Kings, including choosing the right equipment, ensuring you have enough supplies, and following effective strategies. It is also recommended to complete the Elite Fremennik Diary to further enhance the rewards obtained.

While the Dagannoth Kings can pose a significant challenge, the satisfaction of overcoming them and obtaining their valuable rewards is rewarding. They not only provide an opportunity to test your combat skills but also offer an exciting and profitable experience for those seeking a challenge in the world of RuneScape.