OSRS Giants Foundry Minigame: A Comprehensive Guide

giants foundry osrs guide

A comprehensive guide to the OSRS Giants Foundry minigame - from how to get started, what rewards you can earn, and strategies for success. This giants foundry osrs guide will provide step by step methods of training the smithing skill in OSRS.

Get set for a comprehensive and efficient journey through Old School RuneScape's Giants Foundry minigame! This osrs giants foundry guide will invite players to dive deep into the exhilarating universe of weapon crafting and metal smelting as an alternative training method to the Smithing Skill in Old School RuneScape. Throughout this guide, you'll learn everything about the Giants Foundry minigame, from the prerequisites for entry to the minigame rewards. Let's embark on a journey to become a skilled swordsmith in Old School RuneScape's Giants Foundry!

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Chapter 1: The Prerequisites for the Giants Foundry Minigame

Before venturing into Giants Foundry, make sure you meet the following requirements:

1.1: Necessary Items to begin the Giants Foundry Minigame in Old School RuneScape:

  • Metal Bars: As the foundation of your crafting journey, a sufficient stockpile of metal bars is required. These serve as the raw materials for your swords.
  • Water Bucket or Ice Gloves: Working with molten metal and freshly forged swords demands protection. A water bucket can cool down your hot creations, while Ice Gloves offer a hands-on approach.
  • Stamina or Energy Potions: Crafting is hard work and will drain your energy. Keep a supply of stamina or energy potions handy to keep your fatigue at bay.
  • It is also recommended to bring Graceful until you can unlock the Smith's Uniform which provides players with the full set it will grant bonus progress on each machine tick. This works out at approximately a 15% smithing experience boost during the minigame. The smiths gloves can also be combined with ice gloves.

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1.2: Skill Level Requirements to participate in Giants Foundry Minigame:

It's not just about the raw materials; you also need the right skill level. In this case, the Smithing skill is crucial in becoming a master sword crafter. To partake in the Giants Foundry minigame, a minimum Smithing skill level of 30 is required. However, a higher level is always advantageous and offers more possibilities and potential smithing rewards such as the Smithing outfit, .

1.3: Quest Completion:

To gain access to the minigame, it's necessary to have completed the "Sleeping Giant" quest. This quest takes you on a journey that concludes in the unlocking of the area where Giants Foundry resides after completing a smithing tutorial from Kovac.

                                                                                  picture of Giants Foundry map location

Chapter 2: The Journey to Giants Foundry: Navigation Guide

The Giant’s Foundry is nestled within the ancient and imposing Giants' Fortress, which itself is situated on the Giants Plateau, northwest of the bustling city of Al Kharid. Here's a detailed guide on how to reach this smithing haven.

2.1: The Amulet of Glory Route:

The Amulet of Glory offers a direct teleport to Al Kharid Palace. From there, chart a northwest course to the Giants Plateau. Once you've reached the plateau, a northbound journey leads to the Giants' Fortress.

2.2: The Ring of Dueling Route:

Using the Ring of Dueling, players can teleport straight to Al Kharid's PvP Arena. Upon arrival, a northwest journey will bring you to the Giants Plateau, and a northward venture leads to the Giants' Fortress.

2.3: The Gnome Glider Route:

A more adventurous option involves the Gnome Glider, which will take you to Kar-Hewo, a location conveniently close to the Giants Foundry. From Kar-Hewo, simply navigate your way north to reach the Giants' Fortress.

2.4: The Lumbridge Toll Gate Route:

For players preferring a land journey, start from Lumbridge and head east. After crossing the Toll Gate to enter the Al Kharid Desert, continue your eastward journey until you reach Giants Plateau. From here, travel north to reach the Giants' Fortress.

Chapter 3: Diving into the Gameplay: Giants Foundry Minigame Guide

Now that you've reached the Giants Foundry, it's time to learn about the exciting process of crafting giant's swords. 

3.1: Securing a Commission from Kovac:

Start your adventure by speaking with Kovac, who will provide a commission for a particular type of sword. The commission might include specific descriptions, such as "narrow," "wide," "straight," or "spiked," which dictate the design of your sword. Players must remember these descriptions when choosing a suitable mold later.

3.2: Selecting the Appropriate Mold:

                                                                           picture of Giants Foundry mold interface

After receiving your commission, it's time to search Kovac's vast library of molds. It's crucial to find the one that aligns with the description provided by Kovac, as the mold determines the final design and form of the sword.

3.3: Filling the Crucible:

The next step in this smithing journey involves filling the crucible, a giant stone container situated above the lava pool. This container can hold up to 28 standard metal bars, which will be melted to create the molten metal needed for sword crafting. The crucible can only be filled with metal bars or metal objects that can be produced using the Smithing skill and have a cost of at least 2 bars. This means that items like white/black equipment, dragon equipment, and trimmed armor sets cannot be used, as they cannot be crafted with the Smithing skill.

3.4: Pouring the Molten Metal:

With the crucible filled and the metal melted, you're ready to pour the molten metal into the mold. Once the crucible is filled, players can pour the molten metal into the previously set mold. However, it is important to note that the crucible cannot be emptied if another preform has already been emptied and not yet delivered.

It is important to mention that the chosen metal level will determine the difficulty and the number of steps required to forge the sword. Additionally, swords made from alloys, which are a mixture of two or more different metals, usually yield better results.

Once the molten metal has been poured into the mold, players can move on to the next step of the forging process.

Remember that commissions cannot be canceled, so players must either complete the sword preform or ruin it before delivering it to Kovac. This step is crucial and requires the right kind of metal to meet Kovac's commission requirements.

Chapter 4: The Art of Refinement: Mastering Sword Creation

The refinement process forms the heart of the Giants Foundry minigame, where you shape your sword to meet the specifications provided by Kovac.

4.1: Metal Smelting:

Start the crafting process by smelting your chosen metal. The variety ranges from the more common iron and steel to the rare mithril and adamant, each with its unique properties and value.

4.2: Crafting the Rough Preform:

Pour the molten metal into the selected mold to create a rough preform. This preform serves as the initial structure of your sword.

4.3: Using the Proper Tools:

Refinement involves several tools, such as the Traveling Hammer, Grindstone, and Polishing Wheel, used in specific stages and temperatures to shape and refine your sword.

4.4: Repeating the Refinement Cycle:

Sword crafting requires patience. The process of hammering, grinding, and polishing must be repeated in a specific cycle until your sword reaches its final form. Timing is key here - hitting the "perfect hit" moments during the cycle results in significant progress.

1. Hammering:

Start by hammering the hot sword using the Traveling Hammer. This step involves removing imperfections and shaping the blade. Every 5 game ticks, the sword will gain 2% progress and cool down by 2.5%.

2. Grinding:

When the sword is at a medium temperature, use the Grindstone to grind the sword's edge and make it smooth. This will improve the quality and appearance of the sword. Every second game tick, the sword will gain 1% progress and heat up by 1.5%.

3. Polishing:

Once the sword is cool, use the Polishing Wheel to clean the blade and give it a shiny finish. This further enhances the quality and appearance of the sword. Every second game tick, the sword will gain 1% progress and cool down by 1.7%.

4. Repetitive Cycle:

The process of hammering, grinding, and polishing repeats in a specific cycle until the sword is fully refined. The order is: Hammering -> Grinding -> Hammering -> Grinding -> Polishing -> Sharpening.

5. Perfect Hits and Their Importance:

During the refinement process, there are "perfect hit" moments that offer an opportunity for significant progress. When a perfect hit is triggered, the game's HUD will display a thick yellow/gold border around the tools. By clicking the tool at the right moment, you can make a significant advancement in the sword's progress. These perfect hits can quickly accelerate progress to the next section, but you must consider the appropriate tools and temperature at each stage.

4.5: Controlling the Temperature:

It is important to control the temperature of the sword during refinement. To heat it up, immerse it in the lava pool, and to cool it down, use the waterfall. Make sure to maintain the proper temperature for each stage of refinement.

4.6: Delivering the Finished Sword:

Once players successfully complete the refinement process and reach 100% without ruining the sword, they can deliver it to Kovac, who generously rewards their hard work. The rewards include a global sum of Smithing experience, gold, and reputation points in the foundry. Additionally, the player's run energy is restored by 50%, allowing them to continue with other activities in the game.

It is important to note that the rewards obtained will be greater for higher-quality swords forged. Kovac will deposit the gold reward directly into the player's bank, and they will receive a chat message notifying them of the amount of gold obtained and the total number of swords produced so far. Ultimate Ironman players will receive the gold reward directly in their inventory.

In addition to material rewards, players will also receive information about the final quality of the sword and the time it took to complete it. This time starts when the commission is assigned and stops once the sword is delivered to Kovac. However, it is important to note that the use of preform storage does not stop during this time. The current Personal Best (PB) result will also be displayed, determined by the highest achieved quality. In the case of delivering a sword of the same quality, time will also be considered, and a shorter time is better for the result.

If players wish to embark on a new commission immediately, they can request one and start the entire gameplay cycle again. This gives them the opportunity to improve their skills, surpass their Personal Best, and seek new and exciting rewards.

Make sure to make the most of your forging skills, achieve the highest ratings, and complete Giants Foundry commissions again and again to reach new levels of achievements and rewards!

Chapter 5: The Quest for Quality: Perfecting Your Craft in The Giants Foundry

Maintaining the highest possible quality throughout the process is crucial. A high-quality sword brings more rewards and contributes to a higher reputation. Factors affecting the sword quality include the player's Smithing level, accuracy in hitting the perfect moments during the refinement cycle, and the overall speed of crafting.

The quality of a sword in Giants Foundry has a significant impact on the rewards obtained, as well as the difficulty of the forging process. The initial quality of a sword is determined by adding the score of the metal used and the score of the selected mold. This score can range from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 199.

The sword's quality has several important effects. Firstly, it determines the amount of Smithing experience obtained upon completing the sword. The higher the quality of the sword, the more experience is rewarded. This means that players who manage to create high-quality swords will be rewarded with greater progression in their Smithing skill.

In addition to experience, the sword's quality also influences the amount of gold awarded as a reward. As the quality of the sword increases, the amount of gold obtained also increases. This gives players the opportunity to achieve greater economic gains by successfully completing the forging process and delivering high-quality swords.

However, it is important to note that the sword's quality also affects the difficulty of forging it. Each time the incorrect tool or temperature is used, 10 points of quality are lost from the sword. This means that players must be precise and careful at each step of the refinement process to avoid damaging the sword and maintain its quality as high as possible.

With an initial quality of 199, players have the challenge of maintaining and improving the sword's quality as they progress in the forging process. This requires a deep understanding of the appropriate tools and temperature control to avoid mistakes and keep the quality at optimal levels.

Chapter 6: The Molds within Giants Foundry

In the Giants Foundry minigame, molds play an important role in the sword forging process. These molds determine the shape and design of the sword to be created. Here is some information about molds in Giants Foundry:

1. Mold Selection:

Before starting the forging process, players must choose a suitable mold from Kovac's mold library. Each mold has a specific shape and design, and it is selected based on the descriptive words provided in the commission. For example, if a "narrow" and "spiked" sword is requested, players should look for a mold that fits those characteristics.

2. Mold Score:

Each mold has an associated score, which is added to the score of the metal used to determine the sword's initial quality. The higher the mold score, the higher the sword's initial quality. It is important to note that the sword's quality can be affected by the choice of mold and how it combines with the metal used.

3. Additional Molds:

Players also have the option to spend reputation points in the foundry to acquire additional molds. These additional molds allow players to increase the base score of the mold at the beginning of the forging process. This means that players can start with a higher initial quality by using additional molds. The availability and cost of these additional molds may vary, and players need to have enough reputation points to acquire them.

4. Impact on Sword Quality:

The choice of mold can influence the final quality of the sword. By selecting a mold that fits the descriptive words of the commission, players can enhance the sword's quality and, in turn, obtain better rewards upon completing the forging process.

It is important to consider both the metal used and the selected mold to achieve a high-quality sword. The proper combination of metal and mold can increase the chances of obtaining a superior-quality sword.

Remember that each commission will require a specific mold, so it is essential to pay attention to the descriptive words and select the correct mold for each task.

In summary, mold plays a key role in the sword forging process in Giants Foundry. They determine the shape and design of the sword, and their choice can influence the quality and rewards obtained. Players must select the appropriate molds to fulfill the commission descriptions and maximize their chances of creating high-quality swords.

Chapter 7: The Bounty of Craftsmanship: Rewards of the Giants Foundry Minigame

Upon completing and delivering a sword, you will receive rewards in the form of gold coins, Smithing XP, and foundry reputation points. The exact amount depends on the quality of the sword and your Smithing level. As you gain more reputation in the foundry, you can also earn unique cosmetic rewards and titles.

1. Gold: As a reward for your work, you will receive a certain amount of gold. The exact amount of gold varies depending on the type and quality of the created sword. The obtained gold can be used for various in-game activities and purchases.

2. Smithing Experience: Every time you use a tool correctly at the right temperature during the refinement process, you will gain Smithing experience. The amount of experience gained depends on the progress achieved on the sword and how well you handled the tools and temperature.

3. Reputation Points: By completing commissions, you can earn reputation points in the foundry. The number of reputation points obtained is based on the final quality of the sword. These reputation points can be used to acquire additional molds for each section of the preform or to redeem rewards in the minigame's store.

4. Additional Gold Reward: In addition to the basic gold reward, you will also receive an additional gold reward based on the sword's quality. This additional gold reward is calculated as double the experience reward obtained during the process.

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                                                 picture of Giants Foundry experience rate


Giants Foundry offers players an exciting forging and sword crafting experience in Old School RuneScape. Through the refinement process, players can create high-quality swords, gain Smithing experience, and obtain valuable rewards in the form of gold and reputation points. Controlling the temperature, using the appropriate tools at the right time, and taking advantage of perfect hits are key elements to succeed in this challenging minigame.

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