[OSRS] 1-99 Fishing Guide

Welcome to our OSRS 99 fishing guide, where we'll walk you step by step through the most efficient methods to get from 1 to 99 fishing in osrs. We'll ensure you get the most out of your Runescape journey with our comprehensive OSRS 1-99 fishing guide. Learn the quickest and most efficient methods to level up your fishing skill all the way to 99 in no time!

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Level 1-26 Fishing: Starting with Quests to gain early fishing levels in OSRS

- Complete the "Sea Slug" quest: This quest is located in the city of Witchaven and requires a Firemaking level of 30. Completing the quest will reward you with 7,175 Fishing experience, taking you to level 24 in Fishing. This is an excellent way to start your fishing training.


- Complete the "Fishing Contest" quest: This quest is located in the village of Hemenster and requires a Fishing level of 10. Completing the quest will reward you with 2,437 Fishing experience, taking you to level 26. Make sure to have bait in your inventory before starting the quest.

The next step is to fish trout and salmon using the fly fishing method. Here's a continuation of the guide:

1. Level 26-47/58: Fly Fishing for Trout and Salmon

Fly fishing for trout and salmon provides fast fishing experience up to level 58, especially if you use tick manipulation. Here are the steps to make the most out of this technique:

- Obtain a fly fishing rod and feathers: Make sure to have these items in your inventory. You can purchase feathers at fishing shops or the Grand Exchange.

- 3-tick fishing method: If you want to maximize your experience, you can use tick manipulation to perform 3-tick fishing. This involves dropping the fish between catches to maintain a fast cycle. To do this, initiate the 3-tick cycle, drop the fish using the "shift drop" function, and click on the fishing spot again. It requires practice and precision, but it's much more efficient than dropping a full inventory.

- Recommended locations: For low-level Ironmen looking to acquire cooking experience, it is recommended to use the fishing spot in Shilo Village, which is close to a bank, or the spot in Barbarian Village, which has a permanent fire nearby. With partial completion of the "Regicide" quest, you can also choose to use the fly fishing spots southeast of the southern Prifddinas gates. These spots do not disappear or relocate, allowing you to fish continuously with a full inventory without the need to move.

Remember that during this period, it is not recommended to deposit the fish as it will slow down the experience rates, and the fish have no significant value. Focus on continuous fishing and improving your tick manipulation technique to maximize efficiency.

2. Levels 47-58/99: Drift Net Fishing



The recommended method is drift net fishing. Here's more information about it:

Drift net fishing is an underwater activity found at the Fossil Island and requires completion of the "Bone Voyage" quest to access. This method offers an efficient way to train both Fishing and Hunter simultaneously. Here are the key details:

- Required equipment: To maximize experience rates, it is recommended to use a trident of the seas, trident of the swamp, or a dragon harpoon to chase fish schools in the drift nets. It is also advisable to have stamina potions to restore and maintain your energy while running. Additionally, equipment such as graceful top, graceful legs, graceful gloves, flippers, and the ring of endurance can be used to enhance efficiency.

- Fishing strategy: The key is to chase each fish school only once and prioritize those closest to the drift nets. Remember to replace the net after chasing 6 to 7 fish schools before moving to nearby schools. This will ensure optimal experience per hour.


- Fish storage: If you want to save money, you can store the caught fish and wait until the drift net is completely filled before banking them. However, keep in mind that this will reduce experience rates. The cost of banking a full net is 5 numulites. From level 50 onwards, you will start catching raw lobsters.

- Experience rates: Experience rates will vary depending on your Fishing and Hunter levels. As a reference, with 50 Fishing and 50 Hunter, you will gain 56.5 Fishing experience and 72 Hunter experience per fish school. As you level up, the rates will increase. From level 70 onwards, you will gain 77 Fishing experience and 101 Hunter experience per fish school. On average, you can collect around 100 complete drift nets (1,000 fish schools) in an hour, resulting in significant experience.


Keep in mind that purchasing drift nets from the Grand Exchange will cost approximately 267,810 coins per hour, but the profits from the caught fish can offset that expense.

3. Levels 58-99: Barbarian Fishing with 3-tick Method

For this range, the recommended method is barbarian fishing, specifically using the 3-tick fishing method. Here's more information about this method:

Barbarian fishing with the 3-tick method becomes one of the fastest training methods starting at level 58 in Fishing. This method offers small amounts of passive experience in Agility and Strength, making it an efficient way to train Fishing, especially for players with low levels in Agility and Strength.

Before reaching level 58, it is faster to continue fishing with drift nets or using the 3-tick fly fishing method, especially when fishing leaping salmon. However, even without tick manipulation, barbarian fishing remains an efficient method that requires minimal effort.


Here are the steps and key details of the barbarian fishing method:


- Requirements and equipment: To start, you will need to complete a portion of the Barbarian Training. A minimum Agility and Strength level of 30 is required to catch leaping salmon, and a minimum Agility and Strength level of 45 is required to catch leaping sturgeon. You will also need suitable bait, such as feathers and a barbarian rod obtained from Otto's Grotto. For tick manipulation, you will need additional items like herbs and tar, or a knife and teak/mahogany logs. Keep in mind that you can also cut the fish while fishing, as described below.

- Best fishing spot for barbarian fishing: The pond near Otto's Grotto is the best spot to practice barbarian fishing. You can quickly get there using a Games necklace teleport or teleporting to Barbarian Assault and running southwest.

- 3-tick fishing method: The basic technique for 3-tick fishing is to drop the fish between catches. Initiate the 3-tick cycle, drop the fish using the "shift drop" function, and click on the fishing spot again. This requires precision and practice but is more efficient than dropping a full inventory.

- "Cut-eat" or "eat-cut" method: This is a more advanced method that involves cutting the fish while fishing. It is recommended to have at least level 80 in Cooking to have a 100% success rate when cutting leaping salmon and sturgeon. Start a 3-tick cycle with herbs and tar, cut the fish with a knife, and eat the roe/caviar to manipulate ticks. When you run out of roe/caviar and fish to cut, use herbs and tar to continue the 3-tick cycle. This method provides additional Cooking experience and is slightly more cost-effective due to the fish trimmings used as bait instead of feathers. However, it is more complex due to the randomness involved, requiring time to get used to it.


4. Levels 71-99: 2-tick Harpoon Swordfish/Tuna


The recommended method is 2-tick harpoon fishing for swordfish and tuna in Piscarilius. Here's more information about it:

2-tick harpoon fishing for swordfish and tuna in Piscarilius offers the fastest fishing experience in the game. This method requires tick manipulation to be efficient, as without it, the experience will be much slower and not worth using this method over others. Here are important details about this method:

- Overall efficiency: This method is comparable in efficiency to 3-tick barbarian fishing when using the crystal harpoon, assuming you have high Agility and Strength levels. However, players with low Agility or Strength levels benefit more from the passive experience gained in those skills through barbarian fishing. Keep this in mind when deciding which method to use. Additionally, the 2-tick harpoon method is the fastest on average to obtain the Heron pet, which may be desirable for some players.

- Fishing spots: The fishing spots for the 2-tick harpoon method are located in the northwest part of Piscarilius, just west of the shore. You can quickly reach them by using the "Fisherman's flute" teleport in the Kharedst's memoirs or the "Book of the dead" and running northwest. To perform this method, you need to be attacked by two rats that are two ticks away. After setting up the rats, the only click required is to click on the fishing spot at the marks that appear on your character. It is recommended to use the crystal harpoon as it has a higher catch rate compared to the dragon harpoon or infernal harpoon.

- Experience rates: Experience rates will vary depending on your Fishing level and can be affected by performance. With maximum efficiency, it is possible to gain between 133,000 and 133,000 experience per hour at level 99 using the crystal harpoon. If using the infernal harpoon, you can expect to gain around 20,000 to 26,000 passive Cooking experience per hour, depending on your Fishing level.


Remember that while this method offers fast fishing experience, you should also consider the passive Cooking experience you will gain from catching swordfish and tuna. Consider your goals and whether you want to maximize Fishing experience or if you are willing to sacrifice some experience for additional benefits like the Heron pet.

**Other Methods:

1. Levels 35-99: Tempoross Minigame

Fighting Tempoross in OSRS offers relatively fast experience and requires fairly low effort compared to tick manipulation methods.

- Not cooking the harpoon fish: Not cooking the harpoon fish involves getting fewer points/loot but much more Fishing experience. With a crystal harpoon and a Fishing level close to 99, this method provides the fastest experience in the game without tick manipulation. If you don't have a crystal harpoon or are not close to level 99 in Fishing, drift net fishing will yield higher experience rates.

2. Levels 40-76: Lobsters

Catching lobsters in Catherby is a low-effort Fishing and Cooking training method. It is recommended to complete Family Crest before using this method.

The advantages of catching lobsters in Catherby compared to other methods are that the fishing spots are 1-2 clicks away, meaning it's 1 click from the shore and 2-3 clicks from the fishing spots. This results in a faster round trip for catching, cooking, and banking the lobsters, with a total of 7 clicks plus the clicks required to change the fishing spot location. Since the fishing spots are cage/harpoon type, each spot change saves one click compared to tuna/swordfish fishing. Additionally, cooking the lobsters saves one click compared to tuna/swordfish as there is only one type of fish, although one click is lost at the bank due to the lack of an equipable lobster pot.

The disadvantages of this method are slower experience rates and higher lobster consumption due to the lack of the Hosidius range bonus. It is recommended to use cooking gauntlets to compensate.

With minimal attention and cooking, you can expect around 15,000 xp/hr at level 65 in Fishing, as well as up to 19,500 xp/hr in Cooking (depending on burn rate).

3. Levels 43-99: Aerial Fishing

Aerial fishing is a "viable alternative" method to train both Fishing and Hunter. However, drift net fishing offers faster experience in both skills, so this method is only recommended for players who want to obtain the angler's outfit or unique rewards from Alry the Angler. Players can find faster or less click-intensive methods to obtain the outfit, but aerial fishing combines decent experience with progress towards the angler's equipment.

Aerial fishing requires a Fishing level of 43 and a Hunter level of 35. The fastest way to reach the island in the middle of Lake Molch is to use the fairy ring code d j r, run southwest, and take the boat to the island.

Experience rates are shown in the table below. It assumes 1,600 fish caught per hour. If you cut the fish, you will also gain some passive Cooking experience.

4. Levels 62-99: Monkfish

Catching monkfish in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony offers relatively slow experience but requires little effort. To catch monkfish, players must have completed Swan Song and have a small fishing net in their inventory.

5. Levels 65-99: Karambwan

Catching karambwan provides slow experience but requires minimal effort. This method requires completion of the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. As the karambwan fishing spots do not move, you can catch a full inventory of fish without the need for player attention.

Karambwans are caught using a karambwan vessel and raw karambwanji. The raw karambwanji can be fished northeast of the fairy ring code c k r using

 a small fishing net. The karambwan fishing spots are located just north of the fairy ring code d k p. To bank the fish, you can use the fairy ring to go to the bank in Zanaris and then return by running. Alternatively, use the fairy ring code d j r to reach the Fire Altar and use the bank chest, which is 30 tiles east. Faster methods involve using Karamja gloves 3 or 4, an enchanted lyre (i), or a ring of dueling followed by a teleport to the nearest fairy ring. The fastest methods include a house teleport (tablet) to an upper garden of the player-owned house that has a fairy ring or a Quest Point cape.

Completing the Lumbridge elite diary level provides a slight advantage as you can equip a Dragon harpoon instead of the Dramen staff without taking up additional inventory space. Additionally, obtaining the fish barrel from Tempoross allows you to catch double the karambwans in a single trip, increasing the AFK time to 3 or 4 minutes, depending on your Fishing level.

6. Levels 75-99: Swordfish/Tuna

Starting from level 75 in Fishing (along with level 85 in Cooking), you can begin using an infernal harpoon to fish swordfish and tuna in the Fishing Guild. The proximity to a bank and the invisible +7 Fishing boost make this location the best for this method.

This method is notably more AFK than catching monkfish as the fishing spots move less frequently and are closer to each other. Additionally, with the infernal harpoon, your inventory will fill up more slowly than with other harpoons. However, the profit is lower than fishing monkfish as you will need to recharge the harpoon every 5,000 uses.

Players can expect to gain around 35,000 experience per hour at level 75 and 42,000 experience per hour at level 99.

7. Levels 82-99: Minnows

Catching minnows offers relatively slow experience but provides good profit. This can be done at the Kylie Minnow's Fishing Platform in the Fishing Guild, which requires a Fishing level of 82, completion of the "Fishing Contest" quest, and having the full angler's outfit to access. Minnows can be exchanged for noted raw sharks, which can be sold for profit.

The minnow fishing spots rotate clockwise every 15 seconds. Additionally, occasionally, a fishing spot will generate flying fish instead of minnows. These flying fish will directly consume 20 minnows from the player's inventory as long as they continue fishing there, forcing them to move to another spot. One flying fish will only appear after a fishing spot has changed and will continue consuming the player's minnows until the fishing spot changes position once again.

Experience rates and profit are shown in the table below. It is recommended to use the blessing of Rada for additional profit as it increases the number of minnows per hour by 2% for each completed diary level.

Hopefully this information is helpful in your Fishing training. Good luck!

Conclusion: Congratulations! You've reached the end of our 1-99 fishing guide in osrs. We hope this guide has provided you with the necessary information to master this essential skill and become an expert fisherman. Remember that consistent practice and patience are key to reaching level 99 fishing in osrs. Good luck on your aquatic adventures, and may the catches always be in your favor!