[OSRS] Desert Treasure Quest Guide

osrs desert treasure quest guide

Welcome to the definitive Desert Treasure quest guide in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). This is one of the game's most iconic and challenging quests, rewarding players with the powerful Ancient Magic spellbook. In this extensive guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions, requirements, necessary items, and strategies to successfully complete this epic quest to prepare for the upcoming Desert Treasure 2 quest.

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Requirements to fully complete the Desert Treasure Quest:

Before embarking on the "Desert Treasure" quest, make sure you meet the following requirements:

1. Complete the following quests: "The Dig Site," "Temple of Ikov," "Tourist Trap," "Troll Stronghold," "Death Plateau," "Priest in Peril," and "Waterfall Quest."

2. Required levels: 53 Thieving, 50 Magic, 50 Firemaking, and 10 Slayer (or have the gas mask from the "Plague City" quest).


Required Items:

Make sure you have the following items before starting the quest:

1. More than 10 Shantay passes or an alternative method to enter the Kharidian Desert.

2. 650 coins.

3. 12 Magic logs (can be noted).

4. 6 Steel bars (can be observed).

5. 6 Molten glass (can be noted).

6. Ashes.

7. Coal.

8. 1 Blood rune.

9. Bones (can be noted to avoid accidental burial).

10. A silver bar.

11. Garlic powder (made by grinding garlic in a mortar).

12. Spices (gnome spices and Evil Dave's spices won't work).

13. A sweet (cake, chocolate cake, or chocolate bar).

14. Spike boots (obtained by taking Climbing boots to Dunstan with an iron bar; do this before getting the ice diamond).

15. Climbing boots (if you haven't completed the "Eadgar's Ruse" quest or are missing 61 magic points for the Trollheim teleport).

16. A face mask, slayer helmet, or gas mask.

17. A tinderbox.

18. More than 20-50 lockpicks or hair clips.

19. Combat level 70.

20. Initiated Nature Spirit for entry into Mort Myre Swamp (if not taking an alternative route).

21. High-healing food.

22. Prayer potions (highly recommended).

23. Super restore or Menaphite remedy potions (highly recommended).

24. Antidote++ or antipoison (especially if you're an Ironman) (highly recommended).

25. Ice gloves or blacksmith's gloves (i) (to wield a weapon against Fareed if not using water spells).

26. Stamina, super energy, or energy potions.

27. Weight-reducing clothing to reduce energy consumption while running and restore energy faster.

28. Coins for magic carpet rides (bringing a ring of charos (a) for discounted rides).

29. Ring of dueling (easy access to the Kharidian Desert).

30. Digsite pendant (easy access to the Exam Centre).

31. Ectophial (easy access to Morytania).

32. Skills necklace or Passage necklace (easy access to Rasolo).

33. Runes to cast Paddewwa Teleport and complete a task from the Varrock Hard Diary.

34. 80,000 coins if you wish to buy an ancient staff after the Eblis quest.



Before starting the quest, it's important to be well prepared. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure you have everything you need:

1. Obtain all the required and recommended items mentioned above.

2. Make sure you have enough high-healing food for the fights and prayer potions to boost your defense.

3. Organize your inventory efficiently by placing essential items and food in accessible positions.

4. Consider wearing prayer bonus armor to improve your endurance in battles.

5. If you don't have access to all the mentioned teleportation methods, make sure you have enough emergency teleports to escape dangerous situations.



Now let's dive into the detailed breakdown of the "Desert Treasure" quest. Follow these steps to successfully complete it:

1. Enchanting the Mirrors:

- Head south of Al-Kharid and pass through Shantay's Pass.

- Go west by using a magic carpet or running to the Bedabin Camp.

- Speak to the archaeologist near the small water pool and give him the translations.

- Go to the Dig Site east of Varrock and speak to Terry at the Exam Centre.

- Obtain the translation of the translations and bring it back to the archaeologist in the desert.

2. Obtaining the Diamonds:

- Go to the Bandit Camp south and speak to the bartender.

- Buy a drink for 650 coins and talk to him again to obtain information about the Diamonds of Azzanadra.

- Then, speak to Eblis in a nearby building and inquire about the diamonds.

3. Enchanting the Scrying Glass:

- Gather the required items: 12 magic logs, 6 steel bars, 6 molten glass, ashes, a blood rune, bones, and charcoal.

- Take the items to Eblis and obtain the scrying glass (note: if you have any Zamorak-related items with you when delivering the necessary items to create the scrying glass, Eblis won't give it to you).

4. Diamond Locations:

- Talk to Eblis again and go to the enchanted mirrors on top of a hill.

- Examine the mirrors to reveal the locations related to the diamonds.

- Two of the mirrors will show other places, the Bedabin Camp and the Ancient Pyramid.


5. Obtaining the Diamonds:

- The diamonds can be acquired in any order, but here we present the easiest to hardest order:

a) Smoke Diamond:

To face the Smoke Diamond challenge, make sure you have the following required items: Shantay passes, waterskins, a tinderbox, a facemask, at least 8 doses of energy potion or 2 doses of stamina potion, ice gloves or water spell runes (staves won't work without ice gloves), prayer potions, a weapon (only if using ice gloves; otherwise, your weapon won't be equipped), armor (preferably magic defense armor or prayer bonus armor), food, and an emergency teleport.

The Smoke Dungeon is located west of Pollnivneach. Follow these instructions to enter and face Fareed:

1. With the necessary items, head west from Pollnivneach until you reach the Smoke Dungeon. You can consult the world map to find the exact location.

2. Once you arrive at the dungeon, you'll see a well. Descend into it to enter the dungeon.

3. It's important to note that the torches inside the dungeon require a Firemaking level of at least 50 to be lit. Make sure you meet this requirement before proceeding.

4. In each of the four corners of the dungeon, you'll find torches that you'll need to light with your tinderbox. Make sure to light all the torches before advancing. Keep in mind that the torches will burn out if you take too long to reach them.

5. It's recommended to start by lighting the northeast torch, the one farthest from the chest. This will allow you to save energy and prayer as you progressto the eastern side of the dungeon.

6. Once all the torches are lit, head to the center of the dungeon and open the burnt chest to obtain the hot key. If for some reason you lose the hot key before using it, you'll be able to retrieve it from the chest without the need to relight the torches.

7. Once you have the hot key in your possession, head to the eastern part of the dungeon and use the key on the door to face Fareed.

During the fight against Fareed, keep the following in mind:

- Fareed's main attack is melee and can deal up to 40 damage (36 if you have ice gloves equipped). Use Protect from Melee to nullify all his damage. If your hitpoints are low or you don't have 43 prayer points, stay out of his melee range.

- Fareed also has a magic attack that only triggers if you're at a distance. Therefore, it's advisable to have high magic defense to counter it.

- Fareed has significantly higher melee defense compared to magic or ranged defense. If you choose to use Ranged, regular arrows will work, or you can opt for the crystal bow for more damage. If you prefer Magic, only water spells will have an effect on him.

- If you don't have ice gloves equipped, note that any weapon you use will be unequipped when attacking Fareed. This makes melee combat without ice gloves impossible. Staves and bows will also be unequipped unless you use manual spells with the corresponding runes to bypass the need for ice gloves.

- Fareed can get stuck and in a safe spot behind another player. You can use skills like Bind, Snare, or Entangle to prevent him from moving, but be careful not to move too far away from his melee range as he might disappear.

- The dwarf multicannon can be used in the dungeon to assist you in the fight against Fareed.

Once you have defeated Fareed, the smoke diamond will appear in your inventory. If you happen to lose the diamond, it will respawn in the room when you cross the door. There's no need to fight Fareed again. Congratulations on overcoming this part of the Desert Treasure quest!

b) Shadow Diamond:

The Shadow diamond is obtained in the same way as the Smoke Diamond, but requires you to go down deeper into the dungeon. You can find Fareed's second form hidden behind a wall of shadows. To get by it, you must cast a special spell using an ancient rune and some blank runes. Once this has been done, you will then be able to access Fare

To face the Shadow Diamond challenge, you'll need the following items: Shantay passes, waterskins, 20-50+ lockpicks, noted lockpicks, and 5 coins to exchange at Tiles. Additionally, it's recommended to have the following items on hand: a method of teleportation to Rasolo (such as a skills necklace to teleport to the Fishing Guild or a Barbarian Assault group teleport), a method of teleportation to Al Kharid (such as an amulet of glory or a ring of dueling), multiple antipoison, super restore (if using melee), food, and additional supplies according to your preferences.

The Damis fight section only utilizes melee combat but can be challenging. Follow these detailed instructions to ensure success:

1. Speak to Rasolo at the location shown in the mirror to initiate the Shadow Diamond quest.

2. Go west from the Fishing Guild until you reach the entrance of the Tourist Information Center, near a fenced area. There you'll find Rasolo, who will ask for a golden cross in exchange for a visibility ring.

3. Bring with you food, lockpicks, and antipoison to the Bandit Camp. Another option is to steal lockpicks and antipoison from the bandits roaming the area. At the southern end of the Bandit Camp, you'll find a secure chest that requires a Thieving level of 53 to open. Use the lockpicks on the chest until you surpass the 3 locks and open it. Inside the chest, you'll find the golden cross and receive 150 Thieving experience. Note that the locks will reset, and lockpicks will break if you fail to open the chest. Additionally, each attempt will inflict 2-3 damage points, and there's a chance of being poisoned if you're not protected. If you lose the golden cross, simply search the chest again; there's no need to open it once more.

4. Tiles will start noting any additional supplies you want to bring for 5 coins each.

Now it's time to face Damis. Make sure you have the golden cross and the following recommended items: combat equipment, prayer potions, runes to cast spells like Snare, stamina potions, and an emergency teleport.

1. Return to Rasolo and exchange the golden cross for the visibility ring. Equip the ring, and a staircase will appear to the east of Rasolo, within the fenced area. Descend the staircase.

2. Once downstairs, head as far east as possible and then north as far as you can go. Continue eastward and then south at the first available option. Then, head east again.

3. After following these instructions, take the next turn to the north and then head east. Finally, you'll reach Damis's cave. Keep in mind that this area has multiple combat encounters and is filled with giant skeletons and shadow hounds (killing a shadow hound completes a task in the Kandarin Hard Diary). All these enemies attack with melee accuracy. Activate Protect from Melee to nullify all the damage they deal.

Damis will appear after some time in the final area. Note that he won't appear if you've stayed in the area long enough for nothing to be aggressive. If Damis doesn't appear, try changing worlds or leave and return to the area to help trigger his appearance. If you teleport away after defeating him without picking up the diamond, it will remain on the ground, and you can retrieve it again without having to fight Damis once more.

During the fight against Damis, keep the following in mind:

- Damis has two forms. The first one is level 103 and only attacks with melee. The second form is level 174 and rapidly drains your prayer points when it attacks, removing 5% + 1 of your current prayer points every tick (approximately 4-5 per second).

- If relying on prayer, note that Damis's second form only drains prayer when it's a few squares away from you.

- The most common way to defeat Damis is by using magic, although it's also possible to use melee or ranged. His magic defense is low compared to his high melee defense.

- Damis isn't particularly weak to earth spells, so any spell will suffice. You can use a trident of the seas for both forms.

- If you decide to tank Damis without using prayer potions, it's recommended to have melee stats of at least level 65 to 70, bring a divine super combat potion, and have a full inventory of high-healing food (such as karambwans or better options). Poisoning Damis can also be helpful.

- If you leave the fight after defeating his first form, you won't have to face it again! When Damis returns, you only need to defeat his second form.

- Bringing a stamina potion and walking on the combat arena can help reduce the need to use prayer potions. Cast Snare/Entangle on Damis and recast it once he moves to prevent him from getting within melee range.

- Once you have defeated Damis in his second form, the shadow diamond will appear on the ground. Pick it up and then backtrack through the path you entered or use a teleport.

c) Blood Diamond:

- Required items: Garlic powder (created using a pestle and garlic), silver bar, spices.

- Recommended items: Good food, 1-2 prayer potions, druid pouches, and a method of teleportation to Draynor.

Dessous is a relatively easy boss, but due to its location, forgetting steps can be time-consuming. Keep the following in mind:

1. You cannot make the pot in advance; you must first obtain instructions from Malak.

2. Keep your equipment until after obtaining the silver pot, as you will need to go to Entrana to bless it, and combat items are not allowed on the island.

3. If you plan to use the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport and The Hollows boat, make sure to bring 10 coins for the trip.

Preparing the pot:

1. Travel to Canifis (fairy ring code CKS) and speak to Malak in the pub. Tell him you are looking for a diamond. He will give you the diamond if you kill Dessous and provide you with a list of items you'll need to successfully defeat him. Make sure to ask Malak how to kill Dessous before going to Ruantun, or he won't make the silver pot for you.

2. Travel to Draynor. If you need garlic, you can find it in the cupboard upstairs in Morgan's house. Take the silver bar with you and head to the trapdoor west of Morgan's house to enter the Draynor Sewers.

3. Inside the sewers, go east and then north. Speak to Ruantun and ask him to make you a silver pot.

4. Take the pot to Entrana, making sure not to bring any weapons or armor with you (there's a deposit box on the ship where you can store your things before boarding). Head to the church in Entrana and use the silver pot on the High Priest to bless it.

5. Return to Canifis and speak to Malak again. He will fill the pot with your blood (this will damage you by 5 hitpoints but won't kill you). Finally, add the garlic powder to the pot along with some spices to prepare for the battle. The High Priest will still bless a silver pot filled with blood, garlic, and spices, although he'll be a little surprised if the instructions are followed out of order. The examine text on the pot should say, "A blessed silver pot filled with blood, garlic, and spices." If the examine text doesn't show this and you try to kill Dessous, he will regenerate fully, and you'll have to refill the pot.

Dealing with Dessous:

Once you have prepared the pot, get ready and head to the Cemetery following the routes indicated on the Dessous page. Once you arrive, pour the blood on the tomb, and Dessous will appear.

The fight:

Dessous is a level 1 vampire, which means you don't need a silver weapon to damage him, although you'll get a 10% damage bonus when using one. The Ivandis flail and Blisterwood weapons provide even greater bonuses, but due to Dessous's weakness to stab attacks, it's best to opt for a melee weapon like a dragon sword.

Efaritay's aid will give a 10% damage bonus to regular weapons against Dessous.

Dessous has low magic defense, so the most powerful spell you can cast will cause significant damage and allow you to defeat him quickly.

Dessous will occasionally teleport to you if you're using prayer. However, sometimes he may teleport randomly. He won't teleport if you're within melee range.

If Dessous teleports more than three times, he will say he's bored and leave, requiring you to restart the fight with a new pot.

If the chatbox indicates that Dessous got bored and left when his health is fully depleted, it means you have defeated him.

If you die or leave the fight prematurely, you'll need to refill a new pot and use it on the tomb.

Dessous has two attacks: a fast and accurate melee attack (up to 19 damage) and a combination ranged and magic attack that always hits double 5 (a total of 10). Due to this, it's strongly recommended to use Protect from Melee prayer to reduce his maximum hit to 10 at any given time.

Never let your health drop below 16, as his double attacks are sometimes delayed and can stack up to a total of 15 damage.

You cannot safely hide behind the fence, but you can effectively use it to keep Dessous at bay.

Once Dessous is defeated, return to Malak in Canifis to claim the blood diamond and quickly deposit it in the bank to avoid being attacked by the stranger.

c) Ice Diamond:

Required items: Sweet (cake, chocolate cake, or chocolate bar), spiked boots, Trollheim Teleport or climbing boots, several super restores, manta rays or restore potions, equipment and supplies to kill 5 ice trolls, and equipment and supplies to kill Kamil if using magic.

Recommended items: Multiple prayer potions, good food (lobsters or better), and an emergency teleport with a single click that doesn't have a magic requirement, such as the ectophial or a magic tablet.

Kamil is the next boss and possibly the most challenging one in the quest. It's important to pay attention to the following points before facing him:

1. It's highly recommended to protect from melee combat, as the ice trolls and ice wolves on the way to Kamil will deal significant damage. The trolls fight individually, while the wolves are in multi-combat.

2. After each step, it's recommended to restock and restore stats, as they will deplete quickly.

3. While not in combat, especially after entering the ice cave or when hiding behind a rock after passing the wolves, you can stop the cold effect by activating a prayer you haven't unlocked yet and leaving the dialogue box open. This can be helpful for those who need to reread a section before continuing.

Kamil (The Fight):

Kamil uses two attacks: a powerful melee attack capable of hitting up to 23 and a magic attack similar to Dessous's combined attack, which always hits 5. Due to the delay, these attacks can stack up to 10, so it's recommended to keep your hitpoints at 12 or higher at all times. Kamil will also constantly freeze you with a spell similar to Ice Barrage, especially if you're out of his melee range. When frozen, you cannot move or attack for several seconds.

If using Magic, only fire spells can damage Kamil. Due to the temporary stat drain, it's recommended to use a spell significantly below your base magic level. Fire Bolt is a good option, especially if you use chaos gauntlets. Note that Iban Blast won't work against Kamil, as it's not a fire spell.

Avoid auto-casting if using Magic, as due to the freezing, manually casting spells will be faster and more reliable.

Melee combat is not recommended. It's highly advised to use the "Protect from Melee" prayer to reduce the damage received due to Kamil's constant attacks.

Ranged combat is not recommended, although if you decide to use it, a fast and powerful weapon like the toxic blowpipe can be accurate against him.

Once you have defeated Kamil, it's time to rescue the troll parents. Follow the path west, then north, and finally east, turning until you reach the edge of an ice ledge surrounded by icy formations. By consulting the world map or the provided map, you'll be able to see the path you should take.

Put on the spiked boots and use the ice ledge to climb up. You'll find yourself on a long spiral ice path that you must follow to reach the troll parents. Note that you may slip and fall, taking damage as you walk. Using super restores to restore your Agility level will be helpful at this part.

Once at the top, go through the ice door and continue along the path until you see two ice blocks containing the troll parents. Attack the ice blocks, each with 10 hitpoints. You can crush them or attack them, although if your stats are low, it may be difficult to inflict accurate damage. In this case, using Kamil's super restores will be necessary.

If you have 49 prayer points, you can use "Redemption" to heal with any remaining prayer points, which will allow you to stay alive when you run out of food as your last resort. This strategy will keep you standing if you still have prayer potions or super restores.

Once you have freed the troll parents, they will guide you back through the door and reward you with the ice diamond.

6. Ancient Pyramid:

Required items: Shantay passes, water skins, blood diamond, ice diamond, smoke diamond, shadow diamond, coins for magic carpet rides (you can use a ring of charos (a) to get discounts on rides).

Recommended items: Weight-reducing equipment, such as graceful clothing, prayer-boosting equipment, 2+ prayer potions, 1 super antivenom (or some strange fruit), several energy potions or 1 stamina potion, food (summer pies are recommended), and an emergency teleport. If you wish to purchase an Ancient Staff, you'll also need 80,000 coins.

Once you have the four diamonds in your inventory, return to Eblis at the Six Mirrors in the desert. Speak to him and then go to the Ancient Pyramid, located southeast of Eblis (marked as "Pyramid" on the world map). Place each diamond on its respective obelisk in the corners around the pyramid's base. The tip and center of each obelisk have a color related to the specific diamond that should be placed there. The diamonds will only fit on the correct obelisk and cannot be removed once placed.

The obelisk will absorb the gem.

Once all four obelisks are activated, the pyramid will no longer be locked, and you can enter it from the top.

Note: To retain duplicates of the diamonds after completing the quest, drop the duplicates before placing the final diamond on the last unpowered obelisk of the pyramid. This way, you can safely complete the quest without the diamonds automatically being removed from your inventory or bank.

Tomb Raider:

The desert's heat is not an issue inside the pyramid, but most of the interior is dangerous. Swarms of level 92 scarab swarms will occasionally emerge from the ground, while level 103 and 96 mummies roam and spontaneously emerge from sarcophagi. All monsters only attack with melee, although the scarab swarms can poison.

Each time a scarab swarm appears or a mummy emerges from a sarcophagus, you will stop and be unable to move until the animation finishes. You can completely avoid a scarab swarm by ensuring it's behind a mummy. There are also traps that randomly activate and will send you back to the entrance of the pyramid. It's advisable to wear weight-reducing clothing and bring many super energy or stamina potions to quickly maintain or restore your run energy if it depletes. If you fall into a trap, you'll be transported to the south side of the pyramid without taking damage. Don't click directly on the staircase; keep clicking on your target as this will reduce the chances of falling into traps. It's also helpful to use a strange fruit while inside the pyramid, as it restores 30% of your run energy and cures any poison you received while inside the pyramid.

Pyramid Floors:

Outer Level: Enter the pyramid from the top. The southern entrance leading to the altar can only be used after the quest is completed.




Level 1: Run from the entrance staircase to the Level 2 staircase. This level is the smallest area in the zone, with the fewest number of mummies.




Level 2: This level is the second smallest in area, with a few more wandering mummies. This room may have some traps.



Level 3: This level has a fairly large area, with a significant number of mummies. There are numerous traps.



Level 4: This level has a fairly expansive area, with mummies wandering everywhere except the altar room. The altar room is separated by a door; don't rely on the minimap to run away.



- Azzanadra:

When you reach the altar, there may be a scarab swarm in the altar room, but this will only happen if they were already present when you entered the room. If that's the case, you can trap them between the door and an obstacle just in front of it. Speak to Azzanadra or use the altar to progress. Azzanadra has lost track of time and believes the God Wars are still ongoing. He continues to talk about unknown ancient civilizations like Paddewwa, Lassar, and Annakarl. He is also surprised to realize he can no longer hear Zaros in his mind.

After the conversation, Azzanadra finally comes to terms with reality and rewards the adventurer with Zaros's Ancient Magicks for their efforts.

Congratulations! You have completed the quest!

                                                 Desert Treasure I reward scroll.png

Upon completing the quest, you will be switched to the Ancient Magicks spellbook. If you prefer to return to the standard spellbook, make sure to pray at the altar before leaving. You can return here at any time through the back entrance of the pyramid to switch between the two spellbooks.

Note: Praying twice at the altar after completing the quest will fulfill a hard desert area task. Do this before leaving the area.

Note: Teleporting to Paddewwa is necessary to complete a hard diary task in Varrock. This will require 2 law runes, 1 air rune, and 1 fire rune.

Note: After leaving the pyramid, and at any time after the quest, you can speak to Eblis to obtain an ancient staff for 80,000 coins and an unlimited supply of ancient teleport tablets for free.

7. Rewards:

- 3 quest points

- 20,006.9 Magic experience

- The ability to use Ancient Magicks: At any time, you can pray at the altar and switch between the standard spellbook and Ancient Magicks. After traversing the pyramid for the first time, you can enter through the back entrance of the pyramid to have a shortcut to the altar. Note that switching spellbooks will deplete your prayer to 0.

- Ring of visibility: If you ever lose it, you can obtain another one from Rasolo.

- Access to the miniquest Curse of the Empty Lord (requires only the ring of visibility)

- Access to the ancient staff: You can also purchase one from Eblis for 80,000 coins. If you lose the staff, you'll need to kill mummies inside the pyramid or buy it from other players.  It can also be obtained as a rare drop from the Chaos Fanatic, a rare drop from the Thermonuclear smoke devil, or an uncommon drop from Calvar's brother.

- Access to the smoke dungeon, which can be used for various Slayer tasks.

- Ability to speak to Eblis to obtain an ancient seal.

- Unlocking of the bosses Dessous, Damis, Fareed, and Kamil in the Nightmare Zone.