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Gauntlet Guide OSRS

Are you feeling up for the challenge of completing The Gauntlet in Old School Runescape? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to master one of OSRS’s most demanding and rewarding activities. Not only will completing The Gauntlet grant your character access to top-tier rewards - such as Crystal Tool & Weapon Seeds - but it also presents a fun and challenging way to test your skills as an OSRS player. Read on to learn all about this mini-game that has helped thousands of OSRS players get into end game PvM!

Why is this guide the best available?

For those of you who dare to embark on the epic Gauntlet in Old School Runescape, look no further than this comprehensive OSRS guide. Known for its difficulty and intricate mechanics, The Gauntlet will put your skills and strategy to the test. This guide will walk you through each step of the way, from the basics of the game mode to tips and tricks from veteran players. With this guide at your fingertips, you'll be able to face any challenge the game throws at you and emerge victorious in The Gauntlet. So gear up, hone your skills, and get ready to conquer one of the toughest challenges in all of Old School Runescape.

Requirements to Complete The Gauntlet?

  • Level Attack 85 or higher
  • Level Strength 85 or higher
  • Level Defence 85 or higher
  • Level Ranged 85 or higher
  • Level Magic 85 or higher
  • Level Hitpoints 85 or higher
  • Level Prayer 77 or higher
  • Completion of Quest points King's Ransom and Knight Waves Training Grounds to unlock the Piety prayer.
  • Having the Rigour and Augury prayers unlocked.
  • High level Cooking Cooking to not burn paddlefish. It will not burn if your Cooking level is 48 or higher.

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An Introduction to The Gauntlet in OSRS:

Step 1: Preparation is Key

Before you enter the Gauntlet, it's essential to ensure that understand how the mini-game works. It's important to note that no outside items can be brought into the Gauntlet, so don't worry about having to equip any weapons or armour. All resources you gather within the mini-game including food and potions will be crafted into supplies for the boss fight.

Additional Tips:

  1. The regular version of the Gauntlet has a time limit of 10:00 minutes from start to finish (meaning you're teleported into the boss room once the timer hits 00:00). 
  2. Demi-bosses only spawn on the outermost tiles, so when doing your route, it would be most efficient to continue until you hit the end of a 7x7 portion before moving along the outer rooms to obtain upgraded weapon frames.
  3. Food and potions aren't necessary until the end of your preparation, since Raw paddlefish cook every tick, it won't take any longer than 12 seconds to cook 20. 
  4. Dropping your tools after you've collected the required amount of materials is generally most efficient allowing you to have space to collect paddlefish and grym leaves. 

Step 2: Entering the Gauntlet

To access the Gauntlet, go to the Prifddinas area and take the central western portal to reach the Gauntlet entrance. Before you enter, note that if you have anything in your inventory you may want to use the deposit box within the lobby to make room for any loot you obtain.

Starting out:Once inside the Gauntlet, you'll have to gather resources to create weapons and equipment, such as armor, food, and potions. Below shows the equipment you'll obtain upon entering the mini-game. These items include;

  1. Crystal sceptre: Used to light nodes that will make rooms "visible". This is also used as a weapon early on to help with farming weapon stocks quickly and efficiently. This must stay in your inventory otherwise you will be unable to open new rooms.
  2. Crystal axe: Used to chop Phren bark which is a gatherable resource within the Gauntlet used to create and upgrade armour.
  3. Crystal pickaxe: Used to mine Crystal ore which is a gatherable resource within the Gauntlet used to create and upgrade armour.
  4. Crystal harpoon: Used to catch Raw paddlefish, a means of food within the mini-game when cooked. 
  5. Teleport crystal: With a (1) time use (can be crafted later if need be) this will teleport you to the main starting area of the mini-game allowing you to craft items more efficiently without having to worry about navigating all the way back via foot.
  6. Pestle and mortar: Used to grind Crystal shards into Crystal dust allowing the player to create Egniol potions which act as a Super Restore + Stamina potion within the mini-game.

                                                                                            picture of inventory

Below are some of the resources you'll find within the Gauntlet:

                                     picture of resources

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Step 3: Preparation Phase Flow:

The Gauntlet is all about getting into a rythm, so regardless of where you spawn, you should know how many rooms are in either direction of you. Here's an example of a run if you spawn south of Hunllef. This rotation allows you to quickly upgrade your weapons so you can focus only on armour once done. This isn't the only rotation there is, however as long as you remember this layout, the Gauntlet preparation phase should be easy after a few runs.

                                                                                 picture of the gauntlet map

When it comes to what to collect during the preparation phase, the priorities are always the following:

  1. (2) weapon frames
  2. (3) crystal ores, linum tirinums and phren barks (7 of each will upgrade your armour to perfected)
  3. (2) grym leaves
  4. (320) crystal shards
  5. (2) of the following of your choice (Staff and Bowstring recommended for beginners) crystal spike (for the halberd), crystal orb (for the staff) or crystalline bowstring (for the bow).

Suggested Inventory & Gear:

                                                                          picture of suggested gear inventorypicture of inventory in the gauntlet

Note: Your first few times through the Gauntlet, focus on familiarisation and collecting enough food, leaves, and weapon upgrades. Armour is not as important once you get better with repetition. 

Simple Rotation Guide:

  1. Kill whatever is in the first room for at least (1) weapon frame, if none drop, collect any resources in that room before continuing. IMPORTANT: If you do receive a weapon frame, run back to the start and craft a bow, staff, or halberd. Continue to the outer room and if there's a Demi-boss, kill it using prayer to loot it's weapon upgrade along with anything else it's dropped (they drop weapon frames 100% of the time, so if you only have one, pick up the second one). 
  2. Now you have 2 choices: If you were blessed with a good room layout and got your upgrades, simply go room by room until you have a second weapon upgrade (while also collecting your (3) crystal ores, linum tirinums, and phren barks) and hopefully you stumble accross a few grym roots, pick (2) if you do. At this point, you should be ready to create your armour and potions meaning the last thing to do is to find fishing spots for paddlefish. If everything goes according to plan, you should easily have 6 minutes left. If you were not blessed with a good room layout: you may need to focus on obtaining at least (1) weapon upgrade before collecting your (3) resources, a leaf for a potion, and food before running Hunllef with (1) tier 3 weapon and (1) tier 2, this isn't the end of the world as once you get used to the Gauntlet, you'll realize it's mostly about prayer management and movement. 
  3. Utilizing your teleport if you stray too far from your starting area is vital especially when you start Corrupted Gauntlet, so try to use it sparingly. 


These are mini-bosses that reside on the outskirts of the map. The following correspond to the type of weapon upgrades they drop:

1. Crystalline bowstring: Dropped from Crystalline Dark Beast - Pray Range

2. Crystal orb: Dropped from Crystalline Dragon - Pray Magic

3. Crystal spike: Dropped from Crystalline Bear - Pray Range

Once you’re ready, prepare yourself for the final challenge: the Crystal Hunllef. This boss is tough, so make sure you're properly prepared and well-equipped before venturing into its lair.

Step 4: The Final Battle

The Crystal Hunllef is a mighty beast that can dish out some severe damage, so make sure you're ready. As it is resistant to conventional attacks, use your newly crafted weapon pair of choice (perfected crystal halberd, bow, staff) to wear it down while also dodging its attacks and being mindful of pray switches. This boss battle requires strong dodging skills, so be ready to jump around and avoid its attacks.

The Crystal Hunllef also switches between different attack styles throughout the fight, ranging from ranged to melee, and even plenty of magical ones. So, make sure you're watching for these changes and switch to the appropriate combat style, both for damage and defense.

Before entering the fight, make sure you always have Protect from Missiles as Hunllef will always begin the fight with a Ranged attack. 

Important Fight Mechanics:

1. Hunllef will attack (4) times before making a audible noise and changing attack types. Either counting to (4) or listening to this audible queue is the easiest way of fighting this boss.

2. Hunllef will also pray against the style that you're using after (6) attacks from you. Counting this and Hunllef's attacks may be too difficult so it's recommended to prioritize your prayer and then switching once Hunllef prays against you. 

3. Hunllef will occasionally disable your prayers, remember, this counts as one of the (4) attacks so if you're prayer range for (3) attacks and your prayer is disabled on the next attack, pray mage!

4. After a certain amount of time, Hunllef will spawn two different mechanics in addition to the ones above: One is a "floor is lava" phase in which certain tiles will light up indicating they are dangerous, do not stand in these as they'll deal constant damage. Two is Hunllef's tornado attack, depending on Hunllefs HP determins how many tornados spawn. The only thing that's important when these spawn is to attack while moving to prevent them from catching up to you. Towards the end of the fight, both mechanics will happen at the same time, just make sure to stay relaxed and move while ensuring you are praying correctly.

                                                                                          picture of hunllef attacks


This may sound like alot, however once you get your rotation and fight mechanics down, it's an engaging boss with a huge upside! If you don't have time to dedicate hundreds of hours into mastering both the Gauntlet and the Corrupted Gauntlet however, VIRTGOLD has plenty of incredibly talented PvMers that will take down Hunllef with ease and even get you the coveted Hunllef pet or an Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed which currently sells for over 100 million GP! Want to skip the grind all together? Consider our other services such as Currency and Powerleveling

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The Gauntlet in Old School RuneScape is a formidable challenge, but with patience and practice, anyone can succeed. By preparing your gear and inventory, collecting resources, and utilizing your combat skills, you can conquer the Gauntlet and emerge victorious. Remember to stay alert, make use of your combat abilities and carefully chosen gear and prayers, and you're sure to come out on top. Best of luck on your journey, adventurer!