OSRS Fossil Island Guide

The Fossil Island OSRS

This island is located to the west of the Hosidius city on the continent of Zeah. Fossil Island is unique in its focus on archaeology and the exploration of ancient secrets. The island offers players a wide variety of activities, content, and opportunities to gain experience in different skills.

The island is teeming with prehistoric creatures, archaeological remains, and mysteries to unravel. Players can engage in activities such as excavation, reconstruction of prehistoric creature skeletons, skill training, fossil hunting, and many other exciting adventures. As players embark on their journey through Fossil Island, they unlock access to new locations and secrets, keeping them engaged as they explore the wonders of the island.

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Players must complete the Bone Voyage quest to gain access to Fossil Island. This quest requires the following prerequisites:

1. Completion of the "The Dig Site" quest.

2. Level 100 Kudos at the Varrock Museum (earned by completing various tasks within the museum).

How to Get There

For the swiftest route to reach Fossil Island, employing a digsite pendant is recommended. This pendant will instantly teleport the player close to the barge stationed at the digsite, allowing for rapid travel by conversing with the barge guard.

To use the digsite pendant efficiently, locate the southernmost strange machine within the House on the Hill, situated northeast of the Museum Camp. Activating the pendant at this machine will unlock a teleport option to the House. Inside this building, a Magic Mushtree is also present, which activates the Mycelium Transportation System. This network of Magic Mushtrees enables seamless transportation across Fossil Island. However, players must first discover these Mushtrees by walking to their respective locations and attempting to use them.

If a digsite pendant is unavailable, another expedient method to access Fossil Island involves utilizing the Glider transportation system alongside the Spirit Tree transportation system. Starting from Varrock, use the spirit tree in the Grand Exchange to teleport to the Gnome Stronghold. Ascend the tree there and utilize the Glider to travel to 'Lemanto Andra', indicated as a castle on the popup map. This route will lead you in close proximity to the digsite and the ferry that conveys you to Fossil Island. Alternatively, players can opt to teleport to the PvP Arena using a ring of dueling and then use the gnome glider just west of the gem trader in Al Kharid. Another option is to employ the fairy ring code 'aks' and run west to the gnome glider after completing the quest "One Small Favour."

What can you do on this island?

Next we will guide you through this prehistoric island discovering the available content.

Training Construction in the Museum Camp

Gamers can employ their Construction skill and gather specific materials to construct enhancements within the camp area. Crafting these utilities necessitates the use of a hammer. In case you've forgotten to bring a hammer, worry not, as you can acquire one from the general store.

Training Construction in the Museum Camp

To complete all the construction tasks, players should gather the following items: 10 oak planks, 2 iron bars, 25 nails, 1 tinderbox, 2 logs, 3 soft clay, 1 bucket, 2 ropes, and 5 planks. Additionally, a hammer is a must-have tool. The comprehensive list of items to build is detailed further in the Mini-Task List segment. Keep in mind that a minimum Construction level of 29 is required to complete all the constructions.

For efficient fossil management, players can locate the Fossil Storage to store any fossils unearthed during their time on the island. Furthermore, there are extra storage crates scattered across the island, with an additional crate found in the basement of the Varrock Museum.

Mushroom Forest Section

Mushroom Forest Section

Mushroom Forest Exploration

Scattered within the enchanting Mushroom Forest are Ancient Zygomites, appearing as level 109 creatures in mushroom form. These unique beings are part of a Zygomite slayer task and can be taken on for those pursuing this task.

Mushroom Forest Exploration

Hardwood Tree Farming

In the southeastern corner of the forest, three dedicated tree patches cater exclusively to the growth of teak and mahogany trees. Squirrels inhabit the area, providing a service to tend to your hardwood trees while they mature, ensuring their healthy growth.

Prayer Enrichment

Prayer Enrichment

Nestled within the heart of the Mushroom Forest is a mycelium pool teeming with fungal life. By introducing pyrophosphate and calcite, both conveniently found across the island, you initiate a chemical process. This process converts fossils into enriched bones, which are invaluable for gaining Prayer experience. The fossils and bones are exclusive to the player and cannot be traded. Should you seek further insights, Irene is the one to consult.

Tracking and Herblore Pursuits

Traversing the expanse of the forest unveils a captivating tracking opportunity similar to kebbit tracking. The elusive herbiboars grace the forest, and to engage with them, a Hunter level of 80 and Herblore level of 31 are prerequisites.


Engage in tracking by inspecting various elements like rocks, seaweed, muddy patches, and mushrooms. Each inspection rewards 50 Hunter experience and occasionally provides numulite and unidentified fossils. Following these tracks uncovers a hidden tunnel housing the herbiboar. It's worth noting that the use of a ring of pursuit doesn't aid in herbiboar tracking.

Upon initiating an encounter with the herbiboar, Hunter experience is earned, and herbs can be harvested from the creature. The harvested herbs correspond to your Herblore proficiency.

Wyvern Exploration

Wyvern Cave

For those tasked with Fossil Island Wyverns, an additional Wyvern Cave resides beneath a trapdoor within the Mushroom Forest. This cave is exclusive to those with the relevant slayer task and is guarded by Weve. Inside, Ammonite Crabs await, providing an opportunity for slayer experience even off-task.

Chopping Sulliusceps


Within the depths of the Tar Swamp on Fossil Island flourish the unique Sulliusceps mushrooms. Engaging with these distinctive specimens requires a Woodcutting skill of level 65, offering a rewarding experience of 127 points per successful yield.

Sulliusceps location

Gathering these mushrooms from Sulliusceps rewards players with a blend of mushrooms and Mort Myre fungus. Additionally, a rare delight awaits, as there's a chance of receiving a Sulliuscep cap, with odds set at 1/100. These caps play a pivotal role in crafting mushroom pies. Embracing the richness of Fossil Island, Sulliusceps also offer numulite and unidentified fossils with reasonable frequency. This makes Sulliuscep chopping an expedient avenue for accumulating fossils, contributing to your Kudos.

An element of chance comes into play as Sulliusceps possess a 1/16 probability of depletion per successful chop.

While bird nests are not part of the Sulliuscep bounty, players may still stumble upon clue nests during their harvesting endeavors.

The strategy method for cutting sulliusceps.

The strategy method for cutting sulliusceps.

The Volcanic Mine

the volcanic mine

A grand chamber of fiery activity, the Volcanic Mine, rests beneath the towering expanse of the Fossil Island Volcano.

To access this intriguing location, journey to the volcano's north-eastern corner, where the mine entrance awaits. Standing guard at this entrance is Petrified Pete, ready to grant passage to worthy explorers.

Initiating entry into this enigmatic mine demands certain prerequisites. Prospective miners should possess a Mining skill of at least level 50, have amassed a minimum of 150 Kudos, and secured the collection of five unidentified small fossils from Peter post the complete construction of the Museum Camp. Furthermore, a payment of 30 numulites is essential for each descent into the mine, facilitating the opportunity to delve into its mysteries. As an alternative, a one-time fee of 3,000 numulites provides access for an indefinite period, granting permanent entry into this subterranean realm.

Exploring the House on the Hill

House on the Hill

Situated on the island's north-eastern reaches, the House on the Hill is a destination of intrigue. To reach this location, ascend a hill located at the southern tip of the Mushroom Forest. This ascent reveals a myriad of wonders within the house.

Within the House on the Hill, an assortment of enigmatic and peculiar machines await your discovery. Notably, one of these machines possesses the ability to imbue a digsite pendant, bestowing upon it the power to teleport you directly to the House. Moreover, one of the island's four magic mushtrees resides here. Utilizing this mushtree facilitates swift movement to other island locales. Simply teleport here via the digsite pendant and subsequently employ the magic mushtree to traverse the island's expanse.

Descend into the house's basement through a trapdoor located in the south-eastern corner. Here, a collection of stone chests presents itself, each offering a search option. Upon searching, a numulite is required for activation. Once initiated, the chest presents an opportunity to insert 100 numulites into a designated slot. These chests hold the possibility of yielding varied outcomes, including benign results, minor damage, or the acquisition of diverse notes. Collected notes find their place within your Fossil Island notebook, adding to your growing knowledge.

Furthermore, adjacent to the ladder, a pile of books awaits scrutiny. Exploring this pile yields an intriguing find—an ancient diary with secrets yet to be unveiled.

Step within the House on the Hill, unravel its mysteries, and enrich your understanding of Fossil Island's hidden depths.

Unveiling the Depths Below:

Dev Blog- Fossil Island (12).png

Beneath the glistening waves encircling Fossil Island, a sprawling underwater expanse beckons curious adventurers. To embark upon this aquatic journey, make your way to the north-east corner of the Mushroom Forest, where a waiting rowboat serves as your passage. Rowing seaward leads you to a small island housing a convenient bank chest. From here, you can either return to the surface or, by right-clicking on the rowboat, submerge into the underwater realm.

Unlike other submerged locales in the game, this underwater haven introduces a unique gameplay element. Upon entry, a discreet oxygen gauge materializes at the top left of your screen. As you explore the aquatic wonderland, this gauge gradually depletes, symbolizing your oxygen level. Should it deplete entirely, the consequence is dire—drowning awaits, and you'll be promptly transported back to the surface.

A novel way to replenish your oxygen supply emerges through the collection of pufferfish, a key marine resource. Consuming these fish adeptly restores your oxygen reserves, extending your underwater sojourn. Notably, donning a fishbowl helmet coupled with a diving apparatus ensures your oxygen level remains a steadfast 100%. These essential items can be donned or doffed at will beneath the waves, and, should your oxygen dwindle, the combination of these items triggers a gradual restoration process when re-equipped.

The Underwater Activities

Submerged Fishing Activities

Submerged Fishing Activities

Within this submerged sanctuary, an array of captivating fishing endeavors awaits. Engage in underwater angling, casting your line into the depths to reel in unique aquatic specimens. Discover the thrill of catching underwater creatures and unravel the mysteries concealed within the aquatic tapestry.

Secondary events

In addition to the main events already mentioned, we have some mini tasks that we can do on the island.

mini tasks

Just beyond the Fossil Island General Store within the Museum Camp, an unassuming notice board awaits your attention. This board, adorned with tasks, presents a gateway to the myriad experiences Fossil Island holds. These tasks, categorized as simple mini-tasks, are thoughtfully designed to introduce you to the diverse content the island boasts. Organized into four distinct sections—the Museum Camp, Northern Reaches, Southern Swamps, and Mountainous East—these tasks serve as a compass guiding you through Fossil Island's enchanting landscapes.

Upon completing a section of this task list, an opportunity for reward emerges. Seek out Peter, who can be found engaged in panning endeavors south-west of the notice board. For those triumphant in accomplishing the Museum Camp and Northern Reaches tasks, a reward of 10 unidentified small fossils awaits (5 per section). Likewise, conquering the Southern Swamps and Mountainous East tasks entitles you to claim 10 unidentified medium fossils (5 per section).

Set forth on these island quests, let curiosity be your guide, and uncover the treasures that Fossil Island has in store.