OSRS Mountain Daughter Quest Guide

Mountain Daughter guide

The "Mountain Daughter" quest is part of the Fremennik quest series. In this quest, the player's objective is to aid the chieftain of a mountain camp located in the mountains east of Rellekka in the search for his missing daughter. It's an adventurous quest that takes you through the rugged terrain of the Fremennik Province as you unravel the story and complete various tasks to assist the chieftain in reuniting with his daughter.



20 Agility

The ability to defeat a level 70 monster (can be safespotted)

Items required          





Staff or a pole (obtainable during the quest, Dramen Staff does not work, but elemental staves do work)

Gloves (excluding: Slayer, Mystic, Ranger, Moonclan, Lunar, vambraces, and random event apparel)

Start point  

Talk to Hamal the Chieftain in the Mountain Camp east of Rellekka. To get in, take the path north of the Golden Apple Tree and use a rope on the rock behind the guard (see below for more details)

start point


To embark on this part of the "Mountain Daughter" quest, head northeast of the Swaying Tree, which is east of Rellekka. Follow the path east after leaving the city. Ascend the slope and attempt to engage in conversation with the Guard. He will instruct you to depart.

Instead, proceed to the left of the slope and continue upwards until you encounter a rock situated on the side of a short cliff. Utilize your rope on this rock to descend into the cavern below. This is a crucial step in your quest to locate the chieftain's daughter.

talk to guard

After entering the Mountain Camp by following the path east, speak with Hamal the Chieftain and express your willingness to help him find his missing daughter. Once you've offered your assistance, leave the Chieftain's area and head south to a mud pool. Dig up some mud from the pool.

Next, proceed to the fenced area located to the north of the Chieftain's tent. You'll find a pole spawn just north of the goat herd's tent. Pick up one of these poles. These items will be essential in your quest to locate the chieftain's daughter in the mountainous terrain.

talk to hamal the chieftain

From the goat farm in the Mountain Camp, travel north and ascend a cliff until you reach the Shiny Pool. Then, follow the path in a southwest direction until you encounter Ragnar. Engage in conversation with Ragnar, and he will provide you with information about Asleif, the Chieftain's daughter.

After speaking with Ragnar, utilize the mud you obtained at the base of the nearby Tall Tree. Climb the tree to access a small island. This island is part of your journey to locate Asleif, the missing Chieftain's daughter.

talk to ragnar

To progress in the "Mountain Daughter" quest:

1. Utilize your pole on the middle rock to reach the second island. Then, use the plank on the flat rocks to access the third island.

2. Listen to the Shiny Pool, which will reveal itself to be the voice of Asleif. It will provide you with two new tasks: A) Improve relations between Rellekka and the mountain camp. B) Find a new source of food.

3. Speak with Hamal the Chieftain about these assignments. He will mention that Svidi, the representative they sent to Rellekka, has gone missing. Offer to search for Svidi.

4. As you leave the camp heading for Rellekka, the guard will now permit you to climb over the rock slide.

5. Return to the Swaying Tree located east of Rellekka. From there, travel north to locate Svidi, who will be wandering near the Black unicorns. Svidi explains that he is hesitant to enter Rellekka without a guarantee of safety.


To proceed with your quest to negotiate safe passage for Svidi with Brundt the Chieftain of Rellekka:

If you didn't bring your own pickaxe, head north of Rellekka, specifically north of the Helmet shop, on the beach bluff near the Hobgoblins and Rock crabs. There, pick up an Iron pickaxe.

Return to the Mountain Camp.

Walk over to the mud pool or the goat pen and pick up any rock lying on the ground.

Enter the large tent on the south side of the camp, which has a guard stationed outside.

Use your Iron pickaxe on the rock to obtain Half a rock.

Exit the tent, and the guard will notice the rock. You will automatically show him the smaller rock you picked up, and he will allow you to proceed.

Now you are ready to go to Brundt the Chieftain of Rellekka and negotiate for Svidi's safe passage in exchange for the stone the Mountain settlers took upon their departure from the Fremennik.

mining ancient rock

Head to the tent of Jokul, the goat herder, located north of Hamal the Chieftain in the Mountain Camp. Speak with Jokul, and he will provide you with information about the White Pearl fruit, which is known to grow in mountainous regions. This information will likely be useful as you continue your quest to find a new source of food for the Mountain Camp.

Take the Half a rock to the Rellekka Chieftain to obtain a note of safe passage, then deliver it to Svidi who expresses his gratitude. Don gloves, excluding Mystic, Vambraces, Rogue gloves, or Graceful gloves, and head to Wolf Mountain between Catherby and Taverley. Pick a White Pearl fruit from the thornybush near the Gnome glider, consume it, and retrieve the seed. Return the seed to the Mountain Chieftain. Following a conversation with Asleif, she instructs you to convince her father of her demise. When you inform Hamal the Chieftain of his daughter's death, he remains skeptical and requests proof. To provide this evidence, return to the Shiny Pool, circumnavigate it clockwise, and use your Axe (hatchet) on the dead trees to enter the cave. Stand directly west of the Dead tree for a smoother passage.

chop down dead tree

Proceed through the cave until you encounter The Kendal, a monstrous bear-like creature with a combat level of 70. Engage in conversation with him, expressing that you are nobody special. Inquire if he is seeking a sacrifice, and then remark that he resembles a man in a bear suit. During this dialogue, The Kendal's backstory will be revealed.

Following the dialogue, you will be required to battle him. He is relatively easy to defeat, but if you didn't bring a weapon, you can pick up Steel knives from the spawn location in the middle of the room. These knives respawn roughly every 30 seconds. Once you've defeated The Kendal, you will claim his bear helmet as a trophy.

talk to the kendal

Collect the "Corpse of woman" and bring it to Hamal the Chieftain. He will request that you bury her on the island where her voice is heard, along with one of her possessions and five rocks to create a marker.

To fulfill this task, gather five rocks from the goat pen. Then, speak with Ragnar by the Shiny Pool, and he will provide you with Asleif's necklace.

Proceed to the middle island and bury the woman, placing her alongside one of her possessions and using the five rocks to create a burial mound and marker.

These actions will conclude the burial and allow you to complete this part of the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Mountain Daughter completed