OSRS A Porcine of Interest Quest Guide

A Porcine of Interest Guide OSRS

"A Porcine of Interest" is indeed a quest in RuneScape designed to introduce players to the Slayer skill. This quest also introduces a new Slayer master named Spria and a new monster known as the Sourhog. The quest is part of the ongoing expansion of gameplay and content in RuneScape, offering players the opportunity to explore and engage with new challenges and adventures related to the Slayer skill.




Items required          


Knife or a slash weapon (except abyssal whip, abyssal tentacle, or dragon claws) (obtainable during the quest)

Start point  

Read the town notice board in Draynor Village, behind Fortunato's Wine Shop.

Start point


The quest, "A Porcine of Interest," embarks with a visit to the notice board stationed behind Fortunato's Wine Stall. There, a conspicuous bounty offer by Sarah, detailing a "troublesome monster," captures your attention and prompts you to initiate the quest. After absorbing the details, proceed to Falador Farm to seek out Sarah. In a conversation with her, she recounts her unfortunate encounter—a monthly delivery to The Sheared Ram disrupted by a hulking monster near the crossroads north of Draynor Village, resulting in the loss of her precious cart laden with farm produce. Your quest's journey commences with the need to unravel this mystery and aid Sarah in recovering her lost goods.

Embark on the next leg of your quest by journeying to the crossroads situated to the north of Draynor Village. Here, you will begin your investigation by closely examining the cart stationed at this location. Following this initial inquiry, follow the trail of farming produce and the remnants of broken dead trees, heading northeastward. This trail will lead you on a path of discovery until you eventually arrive at an enigmatic hole located alongside the River Lum. To proceed further, employ your rope on this hole and descend into the depths below.

Inside the cave, continue your exploration until you reach the very end. There, you'll encounter a skeleton that bears signs of being gnawed clean. Beside the skeleton lies a scrawled note, which holds valuable clues as you navigate through the unfolding mysteries of the quest.


In an unexpected turn of events, a hostile Pig Thing abruptly launches an acid attack, leaving you incapacitated. Fortunately, Spria arrives in the nick of time, swiftly coming to your aid and transporting you to her dwelling. It's crucial to note that during this critical cutscene, chasing a kitten or clicking the ground will disrupt it, returning you to the cave's beginning with any progress lost.

After regaining consciousness, engage in conversation with Spria. She unveils the true identity of the menacing creature as a Sourhog—a result of a perilous magical experiment. Its saliva is corrosively acidic, posing a severe threat. To safeguard you from its attacks, Spria equips you with a pair of reinforced goggles, a necessary defense against the Sourhog's acid assault. Moreover, she imparts valuable information, highlighting the creature's resilience to slashing and magical attacks. Your mission is clear: eliminate the Sourhog, claim Sarah's bounty, and report back to Spria once the deed is done, forging ahead in this quest of intrigue and danger.


Return to the Sourhog Cave with determination, ready to confront the formidable creature within. The Sourhog you seek to defeat stands at level 37, making it a formidable opponent, particularly for lower-leveled players. It's advisable to bring some food to sustain yourself during the battle.

As per Spria's guidance, the Sourhog's weaknesses lie in stab and ranged-style weapons. Additionally, if you intend to secure kill credit using rings of recoil, ensure that you deal at least 1 damage personally. However, take note that this particular Sourhog is immune to poison.

Once you've successfully vanquished the Sourhog, you'll need to collect proof of your triumph. Employ a knife or a slashing weapon to obtain a Sourhog foot from the creature's remains. If you don't have a knife or a suitable slashing weapon, you can make use of the bronze scimitar that spawns near the skeleton at the cave's end.

With the Sourhog defeated and the Sourhog foot in your possession, you're one step closer to claiming Sarah's bounty and advancing further in this quest.


With the Sourhog defeated and the Sourhog foot in your possession, return to Sarah to claim your well-earned reward. Sarah will generously reward you with 5,000 coins for your successful venture.

During your conversation with Sarah, she'll reveal an intriguing development—a mysterious woman in a hood had inquired about the job. This woman is none other than Spria, the same individual you were directed to report back to after collecting the bounty.

Now, make your way to Spria's house in Draynor Village and engage in conversation with her to conclude the quest. Your journey in "A Porcine of Interest" has led you through unexpected twists and turns, but with your tenacity and skill, you've reached its conclusion.

Congratulations, quest complete!

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