OSRS Elemental Workshop 1 Quest Guide

Elemental Workshop I Quest Guide

"Elemental Workshop I" is an intriguing quest that commences with the discovery of an enigmatic book in Seers' Village. This tome serves as a guide on a remarkable journey to unearth the long-forgotten Elemental Workshop and its elusive magical elemental ore.


Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

20 Mining

20 Smithing

20 Crafting

Items required          

Knife or a non-poisoned slash weapon (e.g. dagger or scimitar)






4 coal (4 more for each additional bar you would like to produce)

Start point           

Seers' Village,the house south-west of the bank. Search the bookcase there

start point


Proceed to the residence located southwest of the bank in Seers' Village. Inside, search the bookcase situated on the eastern wall to uncover a weathered tome known as the Battered book. Once you've perused the contents of the Battered book, employ your knife to transform it into a Battered key. It's vital not to discard the Battered book, as you'll require it later in your quest to craft the Elemental Shield.

search bookcase

Make your way to the northern building, which houses an anvil, and utilize the Battered key to unlock the enigmatic Odd Looking Wall. Afterward, descend the staircase revealed by unlocking the wall.

Here's a map outlining some of the subsequent steps in your quest:

A map of the dungeon.

Upon entering the workshop, take the western path downward and attempt to mine a rock. Be prepared, as you'll soon be confronted by a formidable level 35 Earth elemental. Defeat the Earth elemental in combat, and upon its defeat, it will relinquish an Elemental ore. Don't forget to pick up this valuable resource.

Next, proceed into the northern room where you'll encounter a Water wheel that requires reactivation. To accomplish this, first, manipulate the Water controls situated on the eastern side and then the western side of the room. This action should cause the red indicators on the controls to transition to green. Finally, pull the lever located next to the wheel, initiating its operation once more

turn water controls

Subsequently, proceed to the eastern passage and address the issue with the bellows. This is where the leather, thread, and needle become essential. Repair the bellows using these items. If needed, you can also find additional leather in the crates located within the room.

After successfully fixing the bellows, proceed to pull the switch associated with it. This action will play a crucial role in advancing your quest.

To continue, search the small crate situated in the northeast section of the central room. Inside, you will discover a Stone bowl. Once you've obtained it, proceed by venturing down the south passage to further your exploration.

search boxes

Take the Stone bowl you acquired and use it to collect lava from the nearby Lava trough. Then, with the lava-filled bowl in your possession, proceed to the nearby furnace and employ it to reignite the furnace.

With the furnace rekindled, you can now proceed to create an Elemental bar. Combine your Elemental ore and four pieces of coal, placing them into the furnace. The furnace will then smelt these materials together, yielding the valuable Elemental bar you need for your quest.

use elemental ore in the furnace

Return to the central area of the workshop, and utilize your Elemental metal on the Workbench. It's imperative to ensure that you have the Battered book in your inventory during this process; otherwise, you will be informed that you require instructions.

Once you've successfully employed the Elemental metal and the Battered book, you will craft the Elemental shield, marking the completion of your quest. Congratulations on your achievement!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

completed elemental workshop I