OSRS Crawling Hand Guide

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Crawling Hand Guide OSRS

Crawling Hands are low-level Slayer monsters in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). These undead creatures are known for their unique drop, the "Crawling hand." This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to efficiently complete Crawling Hand Slayer tasks.

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1. Completion of the "Priest in Peril" quest, which is required to access Morytania and Canifis.

2. A Slayer level of 5 is needed to be assigned Crawling Hands as a Slayer task.

Recommendations Skills:

Combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, or Magic) at a low to mid-level.

Prayer (43+ recommended for protection prayers).

Getting There:

Crawling Hands are primarily found in two locations:

1. Slayer Tower: This is the most common location for Crawling Hands. It can be reached by starting in Canifis, heading north-west, and climbing the tower.

2. Morytania Slayer Tower: If you have access to the Morytania Slayer Tower, Crawling Hands can be found on the ground floor.

Crawling Hands locations


1. Crawling Hands are immune to damage unless players are wielding a Slayer staff, a black mask (or its variants), or a slayer helmet.

2. They have a melee attack that can deal damage.

3. Crawling Hands are aggressive and will attack you on sight.

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Equip Slayer Gear:

Before engaging with Crawling Hands, ensure you are wearing a Slayer staff, a black mask (or its variants), or a slayer helmet. Without these, you cannot damage them.

 black mask

Combat Approach:

Use your preferred combat style (melee, ranged, or magic) to defeat Crawling Hands.

Protection Prayers: Consider using protection prayers (e.g., Protect from Melee) to reduce damage taken.


Bring food for healing.

Potions, if desired, to boost combat stats.

Prayer potions to maintain protection prayers. 


Weapon: Choose a weapon compatible with your combat style (e.g., a melee weapon like a scimitar, a ranged weapon, or a magic spell).

Armor: Wear the best armor available to you based on your combat level.

Amulet: An Salve amulet or amulet of glory or an amulet of power for stat bonuses.

Boots and Gloves: Wear appropriate combat gear, such as snakeskin boots and combat bracelets.

Shield: Optional but can be useful for lower-level players.

Cape: An appropriate skill cape or Ardougne cloak for bonuses.

Additional Tips:

1. Fast Task Completion: Crawling Hands are relatively easy to defeat, so consider using faster combat styles like Ranged or Magic to quickly complete your Slayer tasks.

2. Useful Alchables: Crawling Hands often drop items like nature runes, fire runes, and earth runes, which can be alched to free up inventory space and provide a small amount of additional profit.

4. Alternative Locations: If you find the Slayer Tower crowded or inconvenient, you can also find Crawling Hands in the basement of the Canifis pub, The Hair of the Dog.

5. Combo Tasks: Crawling Hands are often assigned alongside other Slayer tasks. Consider using a Slayer gem or ring of slaying to quickly teleport to your next task.


Crawling Hands are a straightforward Slayer task suitable for beginners. Their unique drop, Crawling hand, makes them worth pursuing. Equip the appropriate gear, use protection prayers, and efficiently tackle Crawling Hands in either the Slayer Tower or the Morytania Slayer Tower. Whether you're new to Slayer training or just seeking the Crawling hand, these undead creatures offer an enjoyable experience.