OSRS Elemental Workshop 2 Quest Guide

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Elemental Workshop II guide

"The Elemental Workshop II" is the second quest in the Elemental Workshop series. In this quest, you'll continue to uncover the mysteries of the enigmatic workshop while solving intricate puzzles to craft a mind helmet and a mind shield. As you progress through the quest, you'll gain deeper insights into the purpose and workings of the workshop.

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Completion of Elemental Workshop I

Items required:

Pickaxe (if obtaining elemental ore during quest)


2 Elemental metals (3 elemental metals if you wish to smith the Mind shield), or:

2 Elemental ore (obtainable during quest) (3 if you wish to smith the mind shield)

8 Coal (12 if you wish to smith the mind shield)

The battered key from Elemental Workshop I

Start point:

Search the bookcases in the Exam Centre's library and read the beaten book

start point

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To embark on this quest, start by heading to the Digsite, located southeast of Varrock. Once there, make your way to the Exam Centre. Within the Exam Centre, search the bookcases until you locate a Beaten Book. Be sure to keep the Beaten Book with you, as it is crucial for the quest, especially for crafting the Elemental Helm.

After obtaining the Beaten Book, read it. Upon doing so, a scroll should appear. It's important to note that you should not drop the Beaten Book, as it is a key item required for the quest, and you won't be able to complete the quest without it, particularly for crafting the Elemental Helm.

Before proceeding further in the quest, make sure to read the Scroll that appears after you read the Beaten Book. Reading the Scroll is essential to advance the quest and uncover important information needed to complete your tasks.

search bookcase

Now, your next destination is the Elemental Workshop in Seers' Village. Approach the workshop and locate the odd-looking wall. You can access it using the battered old key you have, but if you happened to lose your key, don't worry. You can find another one by searching the bookcase in the house directly to the south of the workshop.

Once you're inside the workshop, head north. Near the Water elementals, search the machinery. Your search should yield a key, which will be a valuable item for your quest progress.

search machinery

Return to the center of the dungeon, where you initially entered, and you'll come across a hatch. Utilize the key you recently acquired to unlock it, granting you access to the area below.

In this new underground area, you'll discover four machines that are in need of repair. These machines are the tank, the press, the crane, and the wind tunnel. To proceed, search all the crates on this floor to find the following items: a Large cog, a Medium cog, a Small cog, a Crane schematic, a Lever schematic, and a Pipe. It's important to read both the Crane schematic and the Lever schematic before proceeding with the repairs.

Please note that some of these items may be located on the catwalk upstairs. To access the catwalk, use the stairs located in the northeastern and southwestern corners of the room. Search the boxes there to find the item you couldn't locate downstairs.

To repair the pipes, go upstairs to the catwalk and then use the pipe you found with the broken piping located to the north. This step is crucial for progressing further in the quest.

use pipe in piping

To repair the press, make your way to the western part of the upper floor, and locate the junction box. Open it and connect the sockets as follows:

Connect the top left socket to the bottom right socket.

Connect the top middle socket to the top right socket.

Connect the bottom left socket to the bottom middle socket.

attach/detach pipe

After configuring the junction box, return to the main floor of the workshop. Approach the workbench and use one of the Elemental bars on it to craft a Crane claw.

Now, head back down the hatch to the lower level of the workshop. Go over to the old crane located to the south. To repair the old crane, pull the lever located to the west of the crane, and then use the Crane claw you crafted with the old crane. This will complete the repair process for the crane.

use crane claw in old crane

To repair the wind tunnel, follow these steps:

1. Head east to the designated area for the wind tunnel.

2. Use the Large cog on the far right pin.

3. Place the Medium cog on the lower left pin.

4. Attach the Small cog to the upper left pin.

After correctly positioning the cogs, head back to the crane.

Now, proceed to pull the lever located to the north, just below the mine cart sign, until the Jig cart is positioned directly below the crane. With the Jig cart in place, put your second Elemental bar onto the Jig cart. This step is important for the quest progression.

use elemental metal in jig cart

To continue repairing the Elemental Workshop, follow these steps:

1. Pull the lever to the west of the Jig Cart twice to make the crane claw pick up the Elemental bar.

2. After picking up the bar, pull the lever to the east of the Jig Cart once to swing the claw over the lava.

3. Next, pull the lever to the west of the Jig Cart twice more to dip the bar into the lava.

4. Pull the lever to the east to bring the bar back over the Jig Cart.

5. Finally, pull the lever to the west to drop the bar onto the Jig Cart.

Now, pull the lever to the north, located below the mine cart, to move the cart over to the stamp machine. Once the cart is in place, pull the nearby lever to flatten the Elemental bar. After flattening the bar, you can move the cart onto the next machine as part of the repair process.

pull an old lever

Proceed northward and access the tank area by opening the tank doors with the old lever. Rotate the corkscrew lever twice to facilitate the repair process. Following this, shut the tank door using the old lever and proceed to manipulate the water valves. First, turn the west water valve, then the east water valve, and finish by turning the west water valve once more. Keep an eye on the Elemental bar; it will transition to a blue hue, indicating that the water has been fully drained. At this point, pull the old lever, then turn the corkscrew lever twice once more, and finally, pull the old lever again to complete the tank repair.

One of the many steps to creating a primed bar.

Proceed by relocating the bar to the next machine and then pull the nearby lever. This machine will blow air onto the bar, causing it to turn white. To deactivate the fan, pull the lever once more, and then return the bar to the crane. Pick up the bar from the crane, and you'll now have a Primed bar in your possession.

Descend one more level downstairs and open the Mind doors. At this point, head to the center of the area and utilize the Primed bar with the extractor gun. Activate the Extractor Hat, and subsequently, remove the Primed Mind Bar to proceed with the quest.

open mind door

Retrieve the bar and return upstairs to the workshop's main level. Here, use the bar to craft an Elemental Mind Helm. This will mark the completion of this part of the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

elemental workshop completed

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