OSRS Sheep Herder Quest Guide

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Sheep Herder Quest Guide

Rumors are spreading, and as we all know, that's rarely a harbinger of good news. The latest topic of concern revolves around a troubling incident involving sheep infected with a dangerous plague. Disturbingly, these infected sheep were sighted making their way into East Ardougne. The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated, as there is a pressing need to locate and deal with these contaminated animals before the plague potentially spreads to the entire population.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

No requirements.

Items required:          

100 coins

Start point:   

Speak to Councillor Halgrive outside of the East Ardougne church

start point

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Approaching the area near the Ardougne general store, you come across Councillor Halgrive, a figure of authority in these parts. He solemnly informs you about the grave issue concerning the diseased sheep and promptly hands you a bag of Sheep feed to assist in your task.

Councillor Halgrive then urges you to seek out Doctor Orbon, who can be found within the church. It's there that you're advised to purchase a set of "protective" clothing from the doctor, a transaction that will require parting with 100 coins to ensure your safety during this perilous endeavor.

talk to councillor halgrive

Journey to the northern outskirts of the city, where you'll find the sheep pen nestled in the countryside. Farmer Brumty, the shepherd overseeing the area, awaits your arrival. Engage him in conversation to gather valuable insights about the situation.

talk to doctor orbon

After a thorough discussion with Farmer Brumty, you spot a conveniently placed Cattleprod nearby. With a firm grip, you pick it up, realizing it may come in handy as you embark on the challenging task of handling the diseased sheep.

sheeps locations

Your mission unfolds as you encounter the various groups of sheep scattered around the area. For the first group, situated to the south of the pen, you skillfully use the Cattleprod to guide them, ensuring they move northward and then westward into the safety of the pen.

As you approach the second group of sheep, positioned to the east of the pen, you gently prod one of them, coaxing it to head westward, where it joins its companions inside the pen.

Moving on to the third group of sheep, found to the northwest of the pen, you employ the Cattleprod to carefully guide one of them eastward and then southward, successfully herding it into the pen with its fellow sheep.

Lastly, you tackle the fourth and final group, located to the north of the pen. With expert precision, you prod one of the sheep, encouraging it to move southward and ultimately join the others within the pen. Your efforts in skillful herding ensure the containment of the potentially infected sheep, minimizing the risk to the population.

prod sick looking sheep 1

prod sick looking sheep 2

prod sick looking sheep 3

prod sick looking sheep 4

It's crucial to use the provided feed with each group of sheep you encounter. By doing so, you ensure their well-being, preventing any harm or casualties. As you tend to their needs, the sheep remain healthy, and you avoid any unfortunate consequences.

In a more proactive approach, you notice that some of the sheep drop bones. Carefully, you collect these bones, realizing they might serve a purpose later in your quest. Your attentiveness to detail continues to guide you through this challenging task.

With the four bones in your possession, you proceed to the nearby incinerator. Recognizing the potential significance of these bones, you carefully place each one into the incinerator, contemplating the importance of this act in the unfolding of your quest.

use sheep bones in incinerator

After completing your mission and successfully tending to the diseased sheep, you make your way back to Councillor Halgrive. Engaging in conversation with him, you provide a comprehensive update on your progress and the containment of the sheep threat.

In recognition of your efforts and dedication, Councillor Halgrive presents you with a well-deserved reward as a token of gratitude from the city and its inhabitants. Your competence and determination have helped safeguard the community from potential disaster, and your actions have not gone unnoticed.

Congratulations! Quest completed!

Sheep Herder completed

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