OSRS 1 Defence Pure Guide

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What is a 1 Defence Pure and Why Should You Build One?

In the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a 1 Defence Pure is a specialized character build that deliberately maintains a Defense level of 1 while focusing on maximizing other combat skills. This unique playstyle involves carefully allocating experience to Attack, Strength, Ranged, Magic, and other offensive skills, while avoiding any training that would increase the Defense level.

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Advantages of Building a 1 Defence Pure

Lower Combat Level: By keeping your Defense level at 1, you can maintain a lower combat level compared to players with higher Defense levels. This gives you an advantage in player-versus-player (PvP) combat situations, where your opponents might underestimate your combat capabilities based on your combat level.

Higher Offense: Focusing on Attack, Strength, Ranged, and Magic skills allows you to deal significant damage to opponents. This offensive power can lead to quicker eliminations in battles, increasing your chances of victory.

Combat Level Control: A 1 Defence Pure gives you precise control over your combat level progression. You can strategically allocate experience to offensive skills, ensuring that you're optimizing your combat capabilities without inadvertently increasing your Defense level.

PvP Surprise Factor: Opponents may assume that your low Defense level makes you an easy target. However, your specialized combat skills can catch them off guard, leading to unexpected victories in PvP scenarios.

Clan and Community Participation: Many OSRS clans and communities focus on specific account builds like 1 Defence Pures. Joining these groups provides a sense of belonging, opportunities for coordinated PvP activities, and a chance to learn from experienced players.

Challenging Gameplay: Creating and developing a 1 Defence Pure presents a unique challenge. Overcoming the limitations of a low Defense level requires strategic thinking, adapting to different combat scenarios, and mastering the art of efficient combat.

Specialized Builds: A 1 Defence Pure is a specialized account build that stands out among more conventional character builds. Your unique approach to combat and gameplay can make you a respected and notable player within the OSRS community.

Personal Achievement: Progressing as a 1 Defence Pure offers a remarkable sense of accomplishment. Successfully mastering the complexities of combat with a low Defense level demonstrates your dedication, skill, and ability to excel in challenging situations.

Efficient Training: Since your focus is primarily on offensive skills, you can choose training methods that maximize experience gains in those areas. This can lead to efficient leveling and rapid improvement in your combat capabilities.

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Stats for a 1 Defence Pure

Developing a 1 Defence Pure in Old School RuneScape involves meticulous management of combat-related stats to maximize offensive prowess while maintaining a Defense level of 1. Here's a breakdown of recommended stat allocations:

1. Attack: Prioritize leveling Attack to around 70. This provides access to high-tier weapons, ensuring accurate hits against opponents. 

2. Strength: Focus on leveling Strength to around 70 as well. This enhances your melee damage output significantly. 

3. Ranged: Aim for a Ranged level of 70 to unlock higher-tier bows and ammunition, enabling potent ranged attacks. 

4. Magic: A Magic level of 94 unlocks "Ice Barrage," a powerful Ancient Magicks spell for PvP scenarios. This high level of Magic enhances spell accuracy and damage. 

5. Prayer: Maintain a modest Prayer level, such as 43, to access essential protection prayers. This offers valuable defensive capabilities in combat. 

6. Hitpoints: While a 1 Defence Pure prioritizes offensive skills, allocate some experience to Hitpoints to boost survivability. Around 70 Hitpoints is a reasonable goal. 

8. Defense: The cornerstone of a 1 Defence Pure is maintaining a Defense level of 1. Avoid training Defense to preserve the unique build. 

9. Other Skills: Agility is an ancillary skill that aids in navigating the game world efficiently. Aim for around 70 Agility for improved movement.

10. Combat Level Calculation: The optimal combat level for a 1 Defence Pure hovers around 85-90. This range balances offensive capabilities with combat level considerations.

1 Defence Pure Quests

Quests play a pivotal role in developing your 1 Defence Pure, offering experience rewards and unlocking valuable content. Prioritize quests that yield offensive experience without granting Defense experience. Here are some notable quests to consider:

1. Waterfall Quest: Rewards substantial Attack and Strength experience.

2. Fight Arena: Grants Attack experience without Defense experience.

3. The Grand Tree: Provides Attack experience and access to a formidable glider network.

4. Monkey Madness: Offers Attack and Defense experience, but its benefits often outweigh the Defense gain.

5. Tree Gnome Village: Rewards Attack experience without increasing Defense.

6. Death Plateau: Grants Attack experience.

7. Rum Deal: Provides Prayer experience without Defense experience.

​​​​8. Vampire Slayer: Yields Attack experience. 

9. Horror from the Deep: Grants Ranged experience and access to God Books.

10. Witch's House: Rewards Hitpoints experience without Defense experience.

11. Troll Stronghold: Provides Attack experience.

12. Animal Magnetism: Offers Ranged experience and unlocks the Ava's Device.

By strategically pursuing these quests, you can amass substantial experience while adhering to the 1 Defence Pure principle. Remember to carefully evaluate quest rewards and their implications on your Defense level as you progress through your character's development.

1 Defence Pure Gear

Equipping suitable gear is crucial for a 1 Defence Pure, as it enhances your combat capabilities while maintaining the integrity of your build. Focus on gear that enhances your offensive skills and survivability. Here are gear options for each combat style:


Weapon: Dragon Scimitar or Abyssal Whip for accurate and swift melee attacks.dragon scimitarabysal whip

Amulet: Amulet of Fury for a balance of offensive and defensive bonuses.

Ring: Berserker Ring for increased melee damage.Berserker Ring

Body: Fighter Torso or Rune Platebody for solid defensive bonuses.Fighter TorsoRune Platebody

Legs: Rune Platelegs or Dragon Platelegs for a mix of defense and offense.

Boots: Climbing Boots for Attack and Strength bonuses.Climbing Boots

Gloves: Regen Bracelet for Hitpoints regeneration.

Cape: Fire Cape or Ardougne Cloak for Attack bonuses.


Weapon: Magic Shortbow for powerful ranged special attack.

Amulet: Amulet of Glory for offensive bonuses.

Ring: Archers Ring for ranged damage.

Body: Black D'hide Body for Ranged attack and defense bonuses.

Legs: Black D'hide Chaps for Ranged attack and defense bonuses.

Boots: Snakeskin Boots for Ranged attack bonuses.Snakeskin Boots

Gloves: Regen Bracelet for Hitpoints regeneration.Regen Bracelet

Cape: Ava's Device for ammunition retrieval.Ava's Device


Weapon: Trident of the Swamp for consistent Magic damage.Trident of the Swamp

Amulet: Occult Necklace for increased Magic damage.Occult Necklace

Ring: Seers' Ring for Magic accuracy.Seers' Ring mysti

Body: Mystic Robes (top) for Magic bonuses.Mystic Robes

Legs: Mystic Robes (bottom) for Magic bonuses.

Boots: Infinity Boots for Magic accuracy and defense.Infinity Boots

Gloves: Regen Bracelet for Hitpoints regeneration.Regen BraceletHitpoints

Cape: Ardougne Cloak or Magic Cape for Magic bonuses.

Training Methods for a 1 Defence Pure:

Training a 1 Defence Pure requires strategic approaches to accumulate experience without elevating your Defense level. Prioritize training methods that bolster Attack, Strength, Ranged, and Magic skills, ensuring efficient and effective progression. Here are recommended training methods for each combat style:


Rock Crabs: These low-defense creatures provide consistent combat experience. They are commonly used for melee training due to their accessibility and low threat level.

Sand Crabs: Similar to Rock Crabs, Sand Crabs offer a controlled training environment with minimal risk.

Nightmare Zone (NMZ): Utilize Dharok's equipment and Absorption potions for powerful melee training. Overloads and Prayer enhancing potions boost efficiency.

Slayer Tasks: Engaging in Slayer tasks offers diverse combat experience, Slayer rewards, and the potential for valuable drops.


Cannons: Utilize Dwarf Multi-cannons for Ranged training during Slayer tasks or in areas with aggressive monsters.

Chinning: Chinchompas are expensive but effective for multi-target Ranged training, especially in areas with clusters of monsters.

Slayer Tasks: Many Slayer tasks can be completed using Ranged attacks, providing a combination of combat and Slayer experience.


Splashing: Cast low-level spells with no intention of dealing damage to gain Magic experience. This method offers minimal combat experience and is popular for "AFK" training.

High-Level Spells: Train Magic by casting high-level spells such as "Ice Barrage" for significant experience and combat utility.

Slayer Tasks: Some Slayer monsters are susceptible to Magic attacks, making Slayer tasks a valuable source of Magic experience.

Strategically alternating between these training methods based on your combat style allows you to maintain an optimal training routine. Remember to monitor your experience gains to prevent unintentional Defense level increases and to ensure your character's alignment with the 1 Defence Pure philosophy.

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