OSRS Cold War Quest Guide


Cold War Quest Guide OSRS

Cold War Quest

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Hunter  10 Hunter 

Agility 30 Agility

 Crafting 30 Crafting

Construction  34 Construction 

 Thieving  15 Thieving 

Access to a crafting table 3

Items Required:

10 oak planks

10 steel nails



Clockwork or a steel bar to make one



Raw cod or the ring of charos (a)

Swamp tar

5 feathers (only regular chicken feathers work)


Mahogany plank



Combat level 30 Combat level

Fast travel to Lumbridge (Lumbridge teleport), Ardougne (Ardougne teleport or Ardougne cloak 1) and the player-owned house (Teleport to House)

Armour and some food

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Ok Let’s do this!

Penguin Spotting

1. Speak to Larry at the south entrance of the Ardougne Zoo.

start point

Larry is obsessed with penguins and wants to build a lookout to observe them. He asks you to collect 10 oak planks, 10 steel nails, a hammer, and a spade for the construction. Once you have the materials, inform Larry that you have everything needed to build the lookout.

2. Larry will teleport you to the Iceberg, but make sure you don't have any pets following you, as this will prevent the teleportation. If you ever need to reach the meeting location without Larry's teleport, you can head to the north-east of the rock crabs or use the fairy ring code "dks" to get close to it. Alternatively, if you've completed "The Giant Dwarf" quest, use the Grand Exchange trapdoor to reach Rellekka.

3. Upon arrival at the Iceberg, you'll see a firm snow patch near the landing spot. Build the lookout by using an oak plank on the patch, and then use the spade on the lookout to cover it in snow. Alternatively, you can use the spade's "dig" option while standing near the lookout.

4. Speak to Larry again, and a strange cutscene will follow. Pay attention to the penguin's emotes during the cutscene, as they are unique for each player and will be required later in the quest. There are eight different penguin emotes in total, and the greeting code consists of three of them. If you need to review the emotes, click "Use Snowy bird hide" to watch the cutscene again. After the cutscene, talk to Larry and express your suspicion about the penguins' behavior.





























5. Return to the dock either by using the boat or the "travel" option on Larry. Speak to Larry again. Now, Larry wants to design a clockwork suit to spy on the penguins. He provides you with a book filled with instructions for the task.

The Clockwork Suit

1. Obtain the following items: a regular wood plank (you can find some east of the Barbarian Outpost; use a games necklace teleport to get there quickly), a piece of silk (steal one from the East Ardougne marketplace if your Thieving level is 20 or higher), and a clockwork (or a steel bar if you plan to make one).

2. If you choose to make your own clockwork, head to a clockmaker's bench, specifically crafting table 3, either in your player-owned house or someone else's house. Use the steel bar in your inventory to create a clockwork mechanism.

3. Use the clockmaker's bench again, but this time select "clockwork toy" and then "clockwork penguin." Combine the plank, piece of silk, and clockwork mechanism in your inventory to craft the clockwork suit.

Back to the Iceberg

1. Once you have the clockwork suit ready, return to Larry. You can find him either in the north-east of Rellekka or at the Ardougne Zoo.

2. Travel back to the Iceberg with Larry to test the suit on the penguins.

3. Upon your return, you'll discover that the lookout has been destroyed, and all the penguins are missing. Speak to Larry, who unsurprisingly blames the penguins for this.

4. Suggest testing the suit on the penguins at the Ardougne Zoo, and Larry will offer to teleport you back to the zoo. Accept the teleport if you wish to proceed.

Meet the Penguins

1. Free your hand and cape slots and talk to Larry. He will cast a magic spell that causes you to shrink and enter the penguin suit.

2. Test the disguise by entering the penguin enclosure. Right-click on the penguins until you find one with the talk option. Talk to this penguin.

Meet the Penguins

3. You'll be forced to give the penguin a greeting, which is unique for each player and was shown in the earlier cutscene. Use the correct emote sequence based on the cutscene. If you don't know the sequence, you can guess, and the game will tell you if you make a mistake. You may need up to 24 guesses.

4. Once you successfully greet the penguin, it will reveal that the penguins are trying to learn how to fly to escape from the Ardougne Zoo. The penguin will give you a mission report and ask you to speak to the penguins in Lumbridge.

5. Leave the cage and speak with Larry. You'll discuss where to find penguins in Lumbridge.

6. Head to Lumbridge and go to Fred the Farmer's sheep pasture. Locate Larry there and use the "tuxedo time" option with him. Make sure your hand and cape slots are empty.

7. Find a "sheep" in the pasture with flippers and a talk option. Talk to this "sheep" and use the secret greeting you learned in the penguin enclosure.

8. The penguins in sheep disguise will demand a secret phrase in addition to the greeting. Speak to Larry, and he will help you both return to the Ardougne Zoo.

9. If you have either raw cod in your inventory or are wearing a Ring of Charos (a), re-enter the penguin enclosure while in your tuxedo and speak to the penguin again. If you're not wearing the ring, the penguin will ask for a raw cod in exchange for the secret phrase, which is the penguins' favorite food. If you are wearing the ring, the penguin will simply provide you with the phrase, "do not trust the walrus."


1. Head to Lumbridge. If you don't have swamp tar yet, go to Lumbridge Swamp and collect some. Then, head north to the farm again.

2. If you need feathers, kill enough chickens to obtain five of them.

3. Ensure you have the following items: food (if your combat level is low or if you have the minimum agility requirement for the quest), a Mahogany plank, Leather, and a cowbell. Having these items now will save you time later.

4. Go to Fred the Farmer's sheep pen and wear your penguin suit. Talk to the "sheep" again.

5. The penguins will instruct you to talk to Fred the Farmer to determine if he's an undercover agent for the humans.

6. Exit your penguin suit and speak to Fred the Farmer about penguins. Choose either the bully or warn option; both options work. When you're done talking to Fred, return and speak with the penguin again.

7. Pick either option in the conversation with the penguin, and they will provide you with the location of the outpost. It's located on the Iceberg you visited earlier, hidden under what appears to be an avalanche. They will also give you a password: "cabbage."

8. Steal a cowbell from a nearby dairy cow before proceeding to the next section of the quest. You can find one to the north or east of the sheep pen.

9. It's recommended to obtain the last remaining items for this quest now to save time later on. These items include a mahogany plank and soft leather. Optionally, if you have a low combat or agility level, prepare combat equipment and food.

10. Speak to Larry, and he will teleport you to the Iceberg. Wear your penguin suit and head northwest until you encounter a KGP Agent penguin.

11. Talk to the KGP Agent, use the emote greeting, and then tell him the password ("cabbage"). He will ask for an ID, which you don't have.

12. Speak to Noodle, the black market merchant near the KGP agent. He will give you an ID and a mission report in exchange for one swamp tar and five feathers.

13. Exchange the materials with Noodle for the ID and another mission report.

14. Speak to the KGP agent again, and he will let you through. Left-click on the avalanche to use it and enter the outpost.

15. Inside the outpost, enter the first room on the left (West) and speak to the KGP agent for debriefing.


16. Exit the room and go through the corridor on the other side. You will now need to complete an agility course. Follow the signs with arrows to find the agility course.

Agility Course

1. Climb down the steps and enter the water. Be cautious of the moving ice in the water.

2. Climb the stepping stone at the end of the water.

3. Jump to the next stepping stone.

4. Jump to the next five stones. If you fail, you'll take minor damage.

5. Jump to the land on the other side.

Agility Course

6. Continue on the path until you reach a shelf with icicles on it. Use the "tread softly" option to cross. You'll need to repeat this several times at each shelf. Failing will result in minor damage.

7. Next, you'll have to cross some ice, which can be a bit tricky. You'll take 2 damage each time you fail.

8. Afterward, there will be a short cutscene of you sliding down a hill.

9. Speak to the Agility Instructor, who will inform you that you've completed the agility arena and are free to return whenever you like.

Note: You can re-enter the agility course after completing the quest if you've created another penguin suit.

Discover the Penguin Plan

1. Return to Larry, either by taking off your penguin suit to be teleported out of the facility or by walking back to him.

2. Inform Larry about the penguin army you saw. He'll ask you to find where they are making their war plans.

3. If you haven't already, find a dairy cow and steal a cowbell. There's one located in south-east Rellekka. Then, use your Mahogany Plank on the Leather to craft Penguin Bongos.

4. If you have access to the fairy ring network and need to prepare for the upcoming fight, you can quickly bank by taking the boat back to Rellekka and using the fairy ring just east of the dock. Another dairy cow can be found in Zanaris.

5. Return to the Iceberg, this time without Larry teleporting you. Take the boat east of Rellekka.

6. Wear your penguin suit and head back to the outpost by using the avalanche.

7. Go straight ahead instead of turning left this time. You'll reach a set of massive doors.

8. Speak to the KGP Agent in the booth to the left of the doors. He will ask for your ID and deny you access.

9. Head back down the hallway and enter the eastern room where you'll find Ping and Pong. Talk to them and give them the cowbell and the penguin bongos.

10. During a cutscene, the guard will become distracted by their harmonious vibes.

11. Leave the room and use the controls where the KGP agent used to be standing to open the large doors.

12. The war room is located to the east.

Caught by Pescaling Pax

1. A cutscene will play, showing the penguins planning to take over RuneScape.

Caught by Pescaling Pax

2. Due to an anti-magic system in place, you will be compromised, and the penguins will throw you into a cage full of icelords. To escape, you may need to defeat up to three icelords. Warning: Each icelord killed grants 40 Attack experience.

3. Exit the cage through the fence door made of ice.

4. Leave through a chasm located east of the Icelord cage.

5. Talk to Larry and inform him about your discovery. He will mention that he has other "contacts" to deal with and will call upon you again when the time is right.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Cold War completed

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