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Monkfish Guide OSRS


Players with a Fishing level of 62 or higher, who have completed the Swan Song quest, can reel in monkfish from the fishing spots in Piscatoris (accessed with the code "a.k.q"). To prepare these fish, a Cooking level of 62 is needed, and they offer a substantial 16 Hitpoints restoration when consumed.

Every caught monkfish rewards the player with 120 Fishing experience and can be caught using a small fishing net. Cooking a raw monkfish successfully contributes 150 Cooking experience to a player's culinary prowess.

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Completed the Swan Song quest

Cooking 62 Cooking





raw monkfish

Raw monkfish



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Where to Get

Accessing the Piscatoris Fishing Colony can be accomplished through four distinct avenues:

1. Converse with Kathy Corkat: Located outside the western perimeter of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, Kathy Corkat offers a river journey for 50 coins. If players possess a ring of charos (a), this service is rendered free of charge.

2. Utilize the Fairy Ring: The fairy ring with the code "akq" is accessible once players have made partial progress in the quest Fairytale II - Cure a Queen.

3. Employ Western Banners: Completion of the Western Providences hard and elite diaries awards the ability to teleport using either Western Banner 3 or Western Banner 4.

4. Invoke a Piscatoris Teleport Scroll: A Piscatoris teleport scroll, secured from treasure trails, serves as another means of reaching the colony.

Piscatoris Fishing Colony

When you stop Failing

The likelihood of burning monkfish diminishes for players at different levels: typically at level 92, or level 90 when using Cooking gauntlets, or even level 82 if utilizing gauntlets in the Hosidius Kitchen. Preparing monkfish in the cooking process yields around 200,000 experience per hour for those at level 90, and the occurrence of burns is minimal to non-existent.

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