OSRS Troll Romance Quest Guide

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Troll Romance Quest Guide OSRS

Troll Romance Quest

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Agility 28 Agility

Quest Required:

Troll Stronghold

Items Required:

An iron bar

Maple or yew logs


Climbing boots (not needed if using Trollheim Teleport)

Wax (can be made ahead of time)

  • A bucket of wax (use insect repellent on a beehive followed by a bucket)
  • A cake tin
  • Swamp tar


Combat level 50 Combat level

Teleportation runes to Trollheim if completed Eadgar's Ruse

A Games necklace

A Slayer ring

A Dramen staff or Lunar staff and partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen for access to Fairy rings

Prayer potions and decent food for the fight with Arrg

A Gem bag to store the reward

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Ok Let’s do this!

We will use this map during the guide

1. Meet Ug: Find Ug, a sorrowful troll within the stronghold. To reach the stronghold, use the Trollheim Teleport or head to the western mountain entrance. Follow the southwest path from the teleport spot (1 on the map). Proceed past some trolls and take the ramp on the northwestern side (5 on the map). Inside the stronghold, use the northern corridor stairs. Once downstairs, take the southern corridor, and at its end, go through the westward door to locate Ug in the southern part of the room.

Ug, crying his heart out.

2. Alternative Route: If using slayer rings (2 on the map) or the fairy ring (3 on the map), head northeast from the teleport spot to reach the shortcut (4 on the map), which requires climbing boots. Enter the stronghold and follow the corridor north. Use the stairs in the northeastern corner. After going up the stairs, travel south down the corridor and proceed through the westward door. Ug can be found in the southern part of the west room.

3. Speak to Ug: Talk to Ug to learn that he's deeply in love with Aga, who, unfortunately, has affections for Arrg, a much stronger troll than Ug. Offer your assistance, which Ug eagerly accepts, with a promise not to eat you. Now, it's time to talk to Aga, who is in the room north of Ug, accompanied by the formidable Arrg.

4. Converse with Aga: If you wish, compliment Aga on her size and hairiness, then ask about her love life. Aga is quite romantic and uncertain about Arrg's love for her. He vowed to bring her a rare Trollweiss flower but hasn't fulfilled the promise yet. Aga has never heard of Ug.

5. Talk to Arrg: Approach Arrg, who seems less enthusiastic about his relationship with Aga ('she's a good cook and washer but talks too much') and has multiple girlfriends. He also knows nothing about the location of Trollweiss, using the flower promise to appease Aga. Return to Ug and inform him of Aga's desire for a Trollweiss flower. Ug realizes his chances are slim, as no one has found the flower for years. However, he suggests seeking someone who has lived their whole life in the mountains, sparking an idea.

Mystery of the Flower

1. Consult Tenzing: Seek out Tenzing the Sherpa, a mountain expert living on the path from Burthorpe to the stronghold (7 on the map). To reach Burthorpe, use a Games Necklace or the grouping interface teleport. From the teleport spot, head west, then northwest along the path. Continue southwest on the winding mountain path until you reach Tenzing's hut (7 on the map).

2. Learn about Trollweiss: Tenzing explains that Trollweiss flowers used to be abundant but have been vanishing recently. They can still be found in the ice troll area, but it's treacherous and inaccessible. To reach a plateau at the base of a snow-covered slope where Trollweiss grows, you might need a sled. However, it's a one-way trip down. Tenzing suggests speaking to Dunstan, the Burthorpe smith, about crafting a sled, as he has helped Tenzing with his boots.

3. Visit Dunstan: Find Dunstan's house northeast of Burthorpe Castle (8 on the map). Talk to him and request a sled. Initially, he thinks you're too old for snow play, but when you explain your need to reach a specific location on Trollweiss Mountain, he agrees to help, considering your past assistance to his family. He asks for the following materials: maple or yew logs, an iron bar, and a coil of rope. You can also inquire about his son, who has been training with the Imperial Guard and is now a corporal.

4. Gather Materials: Collect the required materials and deliver them to Dunstan. Once he has the materials, Dunstan crafts a sled. However, it still needs to be waxed for smoothness and protection. Dunstanadvises mixing swamp tar with wax in a cake tin. You can obtain swamp tar from the Lumbridge Swamp and find wax near bees, south of Camelot (an empty bucket spawns nearby). To deal with the bees and collect wax, you'll need insect repellent, which is found in the house north of Catherby bank.

5. Wax the Sled: With an empty cake tin in your inventory, use the swamp tar on the bucket of wax to obtain wax in the cake tin. Remember to follow this order. Then, apply the wax to the sled, transforming it into a waxed sled suitable for riding.

6. Ascend Trollweiss Mountain: Your next objective is to journey up Trollweiss Mountain, passing through the ice trolls' domain.

Obtaining the Flowers

1. Return to Trollheim: Head back to Trollheim using the Trollheim Teleport spell, Fairy rings (use code "ajr"), the Slayer Ring, or take the long walk if you prefer. Exit the Trollheim maze on the northwestern side and follow the narrow path leading north, then west, and north again. You'll eventually reach a dungeon entrance just beyond the ice gates and the troll child.

2. Find the Dungeon Entrance: The dungeon entrance won't appear on your minimap and can be tricky to locate. It faces east and is marked as "9" on the map. Be cautious not to enter the ice gate east of the troll child.

3. Navigating the Cave: Inside the cave, you'll encounter snowy conditions that slowly reduce all your stats by 1, so don't linger too long. Proceed through the cave to the northwestern corner, but be on guard against the strong melee attacks of ice trolls. In the northwestern corner, you'll find the exit (indicated in red on the minimap), which is a narrow crevasse. Fortunately, there are no trolls near the crevasse inside the cave, so you can rest here as needed.

4. Ride the Sled: Upon exiting the cave, head south past the ice wolves until you reach a point where you can no longer walk. Click on the slope to ride the sled southward, eventually crashing into a rock just east of the flower patch. Look for the circular area with a red dot and a central rock; unequip the sled and enter.

5. Gather the Flowers: Inside the flower patch, pick the rare Trollweiss flowers. You can either teleport out to prepare for the final battle or, if you brought combat items, return to Ug by riding the sled down the mountain and running back to the shortcut (4 on the map). Note that using this shortcut requires climbing boots.An undisturbed patch of rare Trollweiss flowers.

6. Important Note: If you teleport away while using the sled and have a full inventory, you'll lose the sled and will need to obtain a new one.

Confronting Arrg's Fury

1. Return to Ug: Head back to Ug and deliver the Trollweiss flowers. Note that you won't be able to speak to him if you're holding the flower in your hand. Ug will be overjoyed to receive the flowers, but he's afraid of Arrg and can't give the Trollweiss to Aga directly. The only option is to face Arrg in battle.

2. Prepare for Battle: Proceed to the room north of Ug, where Arrg is still present. Make sure you're well-prepared for the upcoming fight before engaging with Arrg. Using the "Protect from Melee" prayer is highly recommended, but be aware that Arrg also uses Ranged attacks indiscriminately and can occasionally land hits even when protection prayers are active. Like most trolls, Arrg boasts formidable strength for his combat level, with a maximum hit of 38 in both Melee and Ranged styles.

3. Challenge Arrg: Approach Arrg and defend Aga's honor by challenging him to a duel, though not in front of the lady. This challenge transports both of you to the Troll Arena (10 on the map).

Duelling Arrg to the death!

Battling Arrg

1. Prepare for Immediate Attack: As soon as you teleport into the arena, be ready for Arrg's immediate assault. Note that you will automatically retaliate. Arrg possesses a formidable melee attack and can occasionally land hits even through protection prayers. He can also throw rocks, so it's essential to keep food on hand. Arrg is level 113 and doesn't have particularly high defense or hitpoints.

2. Safespots for Arrg: There are several safespots you can use to your advantage when facing Arrg. The first is at the west gate of the arena. However, unlike Dad, Arrg is small enough to fit between the mountain walls and attack you. To lure Arrg away from this spot, activate "Protect from Melee," run to the center of the raised land to the northwest, and wait for Arrg to follow. Once he's on the raised land, head to the gate, and he should get stuck against the mountain wall.

3. The second safespot is at the northern end of the arena. Lure Arrg to the gate and then simply run onto the raised ground to the west, where he'll get stuck at the end. Another option is to trap him behind any of the spectators standing on the elevations as he will become stuck behind them. Once Arrg is safespotted, you can safely defeat him with magic or ranged attacks. Keep in mind that Arrg disappears after a few minutes and reappears at the spot where Ug is located, so if you use a safespot, you need to eliminate him quickly. (Note: If you die during combat with Arrg, you'll have to return to the stronghold and restart the combat sequence).

Second safespot for Arrg.

4. Claim Victory: Defeat Arrg in combat; he will dramatically shout his name and collapse to the ground. After your victory, return to Ug. If you have climbing boots in your possession, head west out of the arena until you reach the secret entrance (4 on the map). Otherwise, return via Trollheim. Arrg will have lost his bravado and will cringe in your presence.

5. Report to Ug: Inform Ug about Arrg's defeat. Since you've proven your strength and kindness, he rewards you with some 'pretty rocks' as a token of gratitude. Unfortunately, Ug is still too scared to approach Aga. In response, you call him useless and compare him to your toothless grandmother. This prompts him to muster the courage to win over the lady troll. Aga will consume the Trollweiss flower, becoming his girlfriend, and Ug will weep tears of joy.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Troll romance completed

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