OSRS Darkness of Hallowvale Quest Guide


Darkness of Hallowvale Quest Guide OSRS

"Darkness of Hallowvale" is the third quest in the Myreque series in RuneScape. This quest involves traveling to the city of Meiyerditch to make contact with the Myreque faction hidden within. Meiyerditch is a dangerous and dark city, so players must be prepared to face various challenges and obstacles as they progress through the quest. It's a significant part of the Myreque storyline and offers players a chance to further their involvement with the faction and the ongoing struggle against the darkness in Morytania.

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Completion of the following quests:

In Aid of the Myreque

In Search of the Myreque

Nature Spirit

Priest in Peril

The Restless Ghost


Construction  5 Construction 

Mining  20 Mining 

Thieving 22 Thieving Note: The level 22 Thieving requirement to begin the quest is boostable, but unhooking the latch in Meiyerditch requiring 22 Thieving cannot be boosted.

Agility 26 Agility Note: The level 26 Agility requirement to begin the quest is boostable, but the unboostable obstacles within Meiyerditch only require 25 Agility. Therefore, 25 Agility is the lowest level possible to complete the quest.

Crafting  32 Crafting 

magic 33 Magic 

Strength  40 Strength 

The ability to withstand several melee attacks from a level 169 enemy.

Items Required:           

8 nails

2 planks


Knife (obtainable during the quest) or a sickle

Means to cast Telekinetic Grab (air and law rune -- both obtainable during the quest)

Start point:

Go to Burgh de Rott and into the basement of the inn there and speak to Veliaf Hurtz.

start point                                              

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Items needed: 2 planks, 8 nails and a hammer
Items recommended: Vyrewatch outfit or 1,950gp to purchase one once you get to the city (only if your Thieving or Hitpoints is low)

To begin the "Darkness of Hallowvale" quest in RuneScape, venture into the basement of the Burgh de Rott pub and have a conversation with Veliaf Hurtz. Express your willingness to assist and inquire, "How should I gain entry to the Sanguinesti region?" This inquiry will trigger the quest, with Veliaf urging you to establish contact with the Myreque in Meiyerditch. Proceed southeast to the nearby docks, where you'll discover a hut containing a boat. It's essential to repair both the boat and the boat chute, employing a plank and four nails for each. Once these repairs are completed, you can either bank or discard your hammer. Next, carefully push the boat down the chute into the water and embark upon it, commencing your journey to Meiyerditch, where your quest adventure unfolds. Be prepared for challenging encounters and obstacles as you navigate this perilous territory.

https://oldschRepairing the boat in Burgh de Rott.ool.runescape.wiki/images/thumb/Darkness_of_Hallowvale_-_Fixing_boat.png/800px-Darkness_of_Hallowvale_-_Fixing_boat.png?fa5f6

Upon arriving at the damaged southern end of the wall in Meiyerditch during the "Darkness of Hallowvale" quest in RuneScape, perform the following steps:

1. Jump over a gap and climb up, ensuring not to pass the rubble, which indicates that you've gone too far.

2. Search the floor to the right of the wall (right-click option) and proceed to kick the boards in.

3. Climb down into the passage below.

Arriving in Meiyerditch.

After entering the town of Meiyerditch, engage in a conversation with any local citizen. Inquire about the Myreque and then discreetly mention your urgent need to meet them. They will advise you to speak with Old Man Ral. Speak with them again and request an introduction to Old Man Ral, mentioning that a friend recommended him.

Old Man Ral can be found a little northeast of your entry point into Meiyerditch, specifically three buildings north of the wall rubble you climbed over (and one building north of Trader Sven). Initiate a conversation with Old Man Ral and inform him that "Someone said you could help me." Next, refer to him as the "Sage of Sanguinesti."

At this point, Old Man Ral should provide you with guidance on how to reach Sector 3 of the city by following sickle symbols on the walls.

Optional: Nearby, Trader Sven offers the Vyrewatch outfit for sale. Wearing this disguise while traversing the city will reduce the frequency with which the Vyrewatch stops you. This option is particularly useful if you have a low Thieving or Hitpoints level, as the Vyrewatch are not very dangerous. When stopped by them, you have several choices:

Pay a blood tithe (costs 6 Hitpoints) - the default option if you don't choose.

Challenge them with "Bring it on," leading to a Vyrewatch attack (you can run away, but they are invulnerable at this stage).

Attempt to distract them (with a success rate dependent on your Thieving level).

Choose "Send me to the mines!" (this option becomes available after you've discovered the Myreque hideout). You won't lose health but will need to mine 15 Daeyalt ores, place them in a minecart, and speak to a guard to leave. You'll reappear in the northeast part of the city, and if you don't have a pickaxe, a miner will provide one.

The Sickle Logo Agility Course

Items needed: A knife or a sickle (knife can be acquired in the agility course)

You now need to make a complex journey across the city - watch for the sickle marks or simply follow the instructions below. Make sure to have a knife or a sickle on you.

You may click each of the steps below as you do it to track your progress.

Sector 1 directions

Go to the house south-west of Old Man Ral with the door facing north (with a sickle symbol next to the door)

Climb up the ladder there.

Jump south to the floorboards.

Jump east to the floorboards.

Go to the north-east corner of the room, push the wall and walk across the gap.

Crawl under the wall to the north.

Go north to the second room, look on the west side, push the wall and go across.

Go down the ladder.

Search the table next to the west wall, open the trapdoor, and go through the resulting tunnel.

Climb up the shelf next to the sickle.

Crawl under the wall to the east side.

Jump to the floorboards to the east.

Go down the ladder.

Search the pots near the eastern door to get a door key.

Use the key to open the door in that room. You are now in sector two.




A map of Meiyerditch.

Sector 2 directions

Go up the ladder in the room to the east, by the sickle.

Jump south to the floorboards.

Go east around the wall then climb up the shelves to the south.

Go west and up the ladder.

Jump south again to the floorboards.

Go immediately down the ladder.

Go east and walk across the washing line.

Climb down the ladder.

Push the wall to the north and walk across the floor.

Climb up the shelf to the north.

Climb down the shelf in the north-eastern corner.

Jump to the floorboards to the north.

Jump to the floorboards to the north again.

Go to the north end of the building and jump to the floorboards to the east.

The ladder going down is broken and you have to repair it; so climb up the other ladder.

Search the wall (to the west) to get a ladder top.

Climb down again and repair the broken ladder (going down) with the ladder top.

Climb down the fixed ladder. You are now in sector three.






















Sector 3 directions

Open the door and go north around the house.

Head straight north into the house, west of the closed diamond shaped house.

If you don't have a knife yet, climb the ladder in this room to take one. Climb back down after.

Go west through the door into the next room, then north out of the house.

Head north until you reach a sickle symbol, and enter the house to the south-east.

Go up the ladder.

Jump to the floorboards to the east.

Walk down the stairs. Go around the east side of the stairs.

Search the wall and use a knife or a sickle to unlock the latch, allowing you to push it open.

Press the decorated wall.

Open the lumpy rug from the south-east square

If you take too long, you will have to push the wall again as the system will quickly reset.

Climb down trapdoor to enter the hideout.

Myreque meetings

Speak to Vertida Sefalatis in the northern room of the hideout, informing him of your mission to investigate and contact the Myreque. He will provide you with a message to deliver to Veliaf Hurtz in Burgh de Rott.

Return to Burgh de Rott using your preferred method of travel and speak with Veliaf Hurtz in the pub's basement. Ensure you go through all available chat options. Veliaf will instruct you to seek out Drezel at the Temple of the Salve in Paterdomus. You can reach this location using either the Fairy ring code "c.k.s" or the Salve Graveyard teleport. Another option is to complete Temple Trekking to reach Paterdomus.

Urgent Business

Items needed: A knife or a sickle
Items recommended: Any pickaxe (the strongest you can wield) and three free spaces for mining Daeyalt ores

Go to Drezel in Paterdomus and have a conversation with him. He'll inform you of strange noises outside the temple and ask you to investigate. Ascend the ladder in the western room and exit the temple. To the west of Paterdomus, past the stairs, look for a searchable bush. A brief cutscene will occur, and you'll be knocked unconscious. During the cutscene, you'll witness werewolves who have somehow crossed the River Salve.

Return to Drezel and report what you observed. He instructs you to speak with King Roald and provides you with runes for a Varrock Teleport.

Head to Varrock Castle and have a conversation with King Roald, who can be found on the ground floor on the east side. You'll engage in an extended, unproductive conversation. Afterward, Aeonisig Raispher will offer you a free teleport back to Paterdomus. However, you will need to return to Burgh de Rott instead. Speak with Veliaf Hurtz once more.

Use the boat you repaired earlier to travel back to Meiyerditch. Proceed to Vertida Sefalatis, either by following the rooftop route mentioned earlier or by utilizing the faster alternative method described below.









Alternative route to Vertida Sefalatis

Speak to any Vyrewatch and ask to be sent to the mines.

Mine 15 Daeyalt ores and place them in the minecart. If you have no pickaxe, talk to a miner to obtain a bronze one.

Once the mine cart is full, talk to a guard to leave. You will appear up on the surface, north-east of the slums.

See the map on the right side of this page. Follow the blue path to the first green dot.

From there, follow the old route; climb up the ladder, jump east to the floorboards, climb down the stairs, and go south-east through the hidden door.

Push the wall to the north and enter the trapdoor underneath the rug (south-east corner).

After descending through the trapdoor, locate Vertida Sefalatis. He will instruct you to have a conversation with Safalaan Hallow, positioned on a wall near the castle. Request Vertida to lead the way, and he will guide you to the southern part of Meiyerditch.

Path to the ladder.

Scoping Castle Drakan

Items needed: 4 free inventory spaces.
Items recommended: Armour and food if you cannot use Protect from Melee.

Starting from the south of Meiyerditch, reach Safalaan Hallow with the following steps;

Route to Safalaan Hallow

Climb down the ladder.

Head south and climb over the wall rubble where you first came into the city.

Head south climb up the floor to get on top of the wall. Then, travel as far north on the wall as you can, until you reach a ladder you can go down.

Proceed down the ladder.

Search the rocky surface (east wall) to unlock the false wall to the north (labeled as "barricade").

Open the barricade; then go north, and climb the ladder.

Go north along the wall, up a ladder and down one to cross a gap, and keep going north until you reach the Darkmeyer south wall.

Climb the wall and go north until you see Safalaan.

After conversing with Safalaan, he'll task you with sketching three sides of the castle – first the north, then west, and finally the south. These locations are marked by sickle symbols on the ground, and Safalaan will equip you with the necessary tools, papyrus, and charcoal to complete the drawings. It's important to note that certain RuneLite textures may obscure these symbols, so keep that in mind. To begin, make your way to the rear of the castle, following the western path. Pass by the west sickle symbol, then continue around to locate the one on the northern side. While standing atop this symbol, create the first sketch. Return to the west side of the castle to complete the second sketch. Upon doing so, a brief cutscene will unfold, featuring Vanstrom Klause conversing with Vanescula Drakan and Ranis Drakan, followed by their consumption of fresh blood and their eventual departure by flight.

Proceed to the southeastern side of the castle, near the juncture between the castle wall and the area where you had the conversation with Safalaan. Attempt to create another drawing on the sickle symbol located there. However, your attempt will be abruptly interrupted as Vanstrom Klause attacks you. It's important to note that you won't be able to inflict any damage on him, and there is a possibility of getting defeated in this encounter. Vanstrom exclusively employs melee attacks, so employing Protect from Melee prayer will prevent any damage. Should you succumb to Vanstrom's assault after his fifth attack, you'll find yourself teleported back to your grave, and the cutscene will continue.

Vanstrom meets with the Drakans.

Following these events, after enduring five attacks from Vanstrom when he's unable to defeat you, a cutscene will ensue. Upon regaining consciousness, engage in a conversation with Vanescula's servant, Sarius Guile. Sarius will provide you with a lengthy hint about the whereabouts of a secret laboratory. Ensure that you complete your final drawing during this time. Subsequently, your quest log should reflect the task: "I have all three sketches of the castle. I need to take them to Safalaan."

The secret laboratory

Items needed: Be on the normal spellbook. A knife or a sickle
Items recommended: Any pickaxe (the strongest you can wield) and three free spaces for mining Daeyalt ores

To progress with your mission, return to the Myreque base in Meiyerditch using your preferred route, with having a Vyrewatch send you to the mine being the quickest option. Just before entering the base, make your way to the building with the fireplace, which is located just west of the rug entrance. If you don't have a knife, climb the ladder inside the building and retrieve one from the table. Use the knife on the fireplace to uncover a hidden message. It's important to note that using a sickle will yield a message indicating it's the wrong shape. After revealing the message, use the knife on the portrait in the same room. If you don't find the message, attempting to cut the tapestry will result in a message stating, "you see no reason to destroy this tapestry." Search the slashed portrait to obtain a large ornate key.

Return to Vertida, who is now accompanied by Safalaan. Provide Safalaan with the message you obtained from the fireplace and the three sketches of the castle.

After conversing with Safalaan, leave the base. Ascend the stairs, jump to the west, descend the ladder, and exit the house from its northern side. Proceed north through the house. Continue heading northeast while staying close to the eastern wall. You will come across a house with a visibly large tapestry in one of its rooms, adorned with red and yellow colors. Enter this house and use your knife on the tapestry. Walk through the tapestry after cutting it. Employ the large ornate key on the vampyre statue to unlock the entrance to the secret laboratory. Do NOT attempt to open the door using the key, as it will inflict 10 damage.

Once the door is open, descend the stairs. You can search the broken rune case located to the west of the staircase to find some runes, including Telekinetic Grab runes. Use Telekinetic Grab on the book titled "Haemalchemy volume 1" in the room to progress further in your mission.


Exit the room and bring the book back to Safalaan. He will instruct you to return to Veliaf Hurtz with a sealed message. At this point, you'll have the option to use the shortcut doors on the path to the Myreque Hideout, although it's worth noting that being teleported to the mine remains the faster method.

To proceed, make your way back to Burgh de Rott using any suitable means, and locate Veliaf Hurtz in the basement of the pub. Upon speaking with him, you'll successfully conclude the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Darkness of Hallowvale  Completed

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