OSRS Royal Touble Quest Guide


Royal Trouble Quest Guide OSRS

royal trouble quest

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Agility  40 Agility 

Slayer 40 Slayer

Quest Required:

Throne of Miscellania

Items Required:

5 coal (obtainable during the quest with a pickaxe, which will also be obtainable)

2 rope (obtainable from crates during the quest)

1 plank (obtainable from a spawn during the quest)


Combat level 50 Combat level

Weapon, armour and some food

Superantipoison or any other poison cure

Prayer 43 Prayer and Prayer potions for protection prayers

Stamina or energy potions

Multiple charged Rings of Wealth for fast travel to Miscellania

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Ok Let’s do this!

1. Starting the Quest:

  • Begin by traveling to Miscellania. You can use the fairy ring with the code "cip" for quick access.
  • Once in Miscellania, head to the castle and locate Advisor Ghrim.
  • Speak to Advisor Ghrim to initiate the quest.

       star point

2. The Problem at Hand:

  • Advisor Ghrim will inform you that since you took up the position of regent, King Vargas has become bored and both he and Queen Sigrid are threatening each other with the possibility of another war.

3. Speak to Prince Brand or Princess Astrid:

  • To address this issue, go to one of the two rooms adjacent to the throne room.
  • In one of these rooms, you will find either Prince Brand or Princess Astrid. Speak to one of them.

4. The Suggestion:

  • During the conversation with Prince Brand and Princess Astrid, they will propose a solution. They suggest convincing King Vargas and Queen Sigrid to marry each other to prevent further conflict.

Stolen goods

1. Speak to the King:

  • After discussing the potential marriage solution with Prince Brand or Princess Astrid, speak to King Vargas.

2. Investigate the Missing Items:

  • The King informs you that numerous items belonging to the citizens of Miscellania have gone missing, and he wants you to investigate this matter.

3. Talk to a Citizen:

  • Your next step is to find one of the citizens who has been affected by the stolen items. You can talk to any of the following citizens: Gunnhild (by the herbs), Leif (by the trees), Frodi (on the dock), or Magnus (by the mines). They will all provide you with the same information, so you only need to speak to one of them.
  • According to the citizen, Etceterian soldiers came to ask for tithes, the workers refused, and the next day, their items were stolen.

4. Speak to Queen Sigrid:

  • Return to King Vargas after speaking with the citizen. He will now instruct you to discuss the situation with Queen Sigrid.

More stolen goods

1. Speak with Queen Sigrid in Etceteria:

  • Travel to Etceteria and speak with Queen Sigrid about the missing items. She will advise you to talk to her citizens, who have been affected by the thefts, and mention her criticisms of King Vargas.

2. Talk to Matilda:

  • Head to the marketplace within the Etceteria castle walls and find Matilda. She will share the same story as the workers in Miscellania but with the roles reversed, indicating that soldiers were involved in the thefts.

3. Update Queen Sigrid:

  • Return to Queen Sigrid and inform her of the information you've gathered. Both sides have mentioned soldiers, even though neither kingdom has an army. Queen Sigrid will stress that it's your responsibility as regent to resolve the situation.

4. Prepare for the Upcoming Fight:

  • Make sure you are prepared for an upcoming battle. Visit the bank located directly north in Etceteria to gather any necessary items, including antipoison potions, prayer potions, and leave some inventory spaces open for quest items to come.

To the dungeon with you!

1. Discuss with King Vargas:

  • Return to Miscellania and talk to King Vargas. Brief him on your conversation with Queen Sigrid. He will request that you consult with Advisor Ghrim about the possibility of outside interference regarding the missing goods and armies.

2. Speak with Advisor Ghrim:

  • Locate Advisor Ghrim and discuss the situation with him. Ghrim speculates that these incidents might involve outsiders. He suggests you talk to the Sailor at the docks to gather more information.

3. Talk to the Sailor:

  • Head to the docks of Miscellania and speak with the Sailor. He mentions a group of children who recently arrived on the island, claiming to be visiting their family in the dungeon.

     Talk to the Sailor

4. Gain Access to the Dungeon:

  • At this point, the dungeon is still inaccessible. Return to King Vargas and request access to the dungeon. He will provide you with a scroll bearing his signature to grant you entry.

5. Enter the Dungeon:

  • Take the signed scroll and enter the dungeon located within the castle walls of Miscellania (refer to the dungeon icon on your minimap). You will arrive in a small underground settlement.

6. Talk to Donal:

  • Make your way to the pub and engage in a conversation with a dwarf named Donal.

Repairing the Lift

1. Speak with Donal:

  • After talking to Donal, he will mention a monster deep within the caves. He provides you with a mining prop, which you will use to access a passage leading to a room with a broken lift.

2. Reach the Broken Lift:

  • Move north from Donal's location until you encounter two dwarf miners. If you need a pickaxe, grab one from the rock.

3. Use Mining Prop:

  • Use the mining prop on the crevice and squeeze through it.

4. Repair the Lift:

  • In the chamber, locate crates containing the necessary items to repair the lift. You'll need an engine, three beams, three pulley beams, and two ropes. If you didn't bring coal with you, you can find four coal rocks in the chamber along with a pickaxe near the dwarves.

5. Prepare the Lift:

  • Follow these steps to repair the lift:
    • First, add five chunks of coal to the engine (you can also do this step later).
    • Attach a pulley beam to the broken scaffold on the east side of the room.
    • Combine a beam with a pulley beam to create a long pulley beam, then attach another beam to it to make an even longer pulley beam. Attach this long pulley beam to the scaffold.
    • Use the last pulley beam on the scaffold.
    • Attach a rope to the scaffold, allowing it to wind through the pulleys.
    • Repair the platform by using a beam on it.
    • Place the engine on the engine platform (not the same platform as in step 7, but the one facing the engine spawning spot).
    • If you haven't added 5 coal to the engine yet, do so now. You can add it when the engine is on the engine platform.

6. Operate the Lift:

  • Once the lift is repaired, ensure you have an extra rope. Click the 'Use-Lift' option on the platform to move closer to the island's mysteries. If this option doesn't appear, make sure you have added 5 coal to the engine, which can be done while the engine is on the engine platform.

     Operate the Lift

The burnt diary

1. Continue Exploring the Caves:

  • Take the plank and enter the small tunnel on the east wall. Proceed eastward and use a rope with the overhanging rock to swing across the water.

2. Find Burnt Diary Pages:

  • As you explore deeper into the caves, you will come across several fire remains:
    • Search the first fire remains to obtain the first part of a burnt diary.
    • Read the diary and keep it for later.
    • Use the plank to safely cross slippery rocks to avoid taking 8 damage. The plank can be reused.
    • Continue your exploration and find two more fire remains to obtain the second and third parts of the diary.
    • After the third set of fire remains, you'll encounter steam vents on the ground. Avoid walking across or standing on them, as they will repeatedly damage you based on your Hitpoints level.
    • Progress further, and you'll reach another set of fire remains. Search them to find the fourth part of the diary.
    • Be cautious when you come across rocks on cliffs above your path; avoid standing or walking under them, as they can fall and deal damage depending on your Hitpoints level.
    • Continue through the area with the rocks, and you will find another set of fire remains. Search it to discover the fifth and final page of the diary.

3. Read the Burnt Diary:

  • After completing the diary by obtaining all five parts, make sure to read it. Reading the diary is necessary before you can enter a crevice at the end of the passage.

Those meddling kids!

1. Enter the Crevice and Speak to Lost Kids:

  • Enter the crevice you came across earlier. You will witness a cutscene involving some lost kids. Speak to them to learn the full story.
  • The kids explain that they couldn't pass the trials to become Fremennik, so they devised a plan to start a war on the island and then stop it, hoping to be seen as heroes. They confess to being responsible for the troubles in Miscellania and Etceteria.

2. Roam the Passages with Sea Snakes:

  • Travel back through the previous exit and navigate the passages where you'll encounter numerous sea snakes and snake spawns.
  • Continue exploring until you find another crevice. Squeeze through it.

3. Defeat the Giant Sea Snake:

  • You will now face the Giant Sea Snake, a level 149 monster with only 100 HP.
  • Defeat the Giant Sea Snake to progress in the quest.

King of Slither and Thither

1. Defeat the Giant Sea Snake:

  • The Giant Sea Snake can use both melee and ranged attacks.
  • If you choose to fight it up close, use "Protect from Melee" prayer to reduce the incoming melee damage.
  • If you prefer to fight from a distance, the snake will use ranged attacks, so switch to "Protect from Missiles" prayer to reduce ranged damage.
  • Magic is also an effective way to defeat the snake. If you have at least 60 Magic, you can use Iban Blast or other combat spells with a small magic bonus.
  • For players with lower combat stats, setting up a Dwarf multicannon in the boss room can help.
  • The snake's poison hits for 9 damage, so having an antipoison is strongly recommended.
  • If your Ranged or Melee stats are around level 70 or higher and you have suitable gear, one dose of normal antipoison should suffice.
  • After the fight, it's a good idea to immediately drink another antipoison because the poison damage is slow but substantial.

The peace again

Royal Trouble - Quest Guide (Part 9):

1. Collect the Heavy Box:

  • After defeating the Giant Sea Snake, be sure to pick up the heavy box that it drops.

2. Return to the Surface:

  • Leave the area with the crevice and you will surface near Queen Sigrid's castle.
  • A guard will notice you and assist you in getting back to the surface.

3. Speak to Queen Sigrid:

  • Head over to Queen Sigrid and engage in a conversation with her.
  • She will be impressed with your accomplishments and give you a reward of 20,000 coins.
  • Additionally, she will provide you with a letter that you need to deliver to King Vargas.

4. Deliver the Letter to King Vargas:

  • Finally, visit King Vargas and hand over the letter you received from Queen Sigrid.
  • This action will complete the quest and grant you the rest of your reward. 

Congratulation! Quest Complete!

Royal truble completed

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