OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest Guide


Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest Guide OSRS

Fairy Nuff has vanished, leaving her grotto in chaos. Despite the situation, the Fairy Godfather remains oddly unfazed, and Zanaris's inhabitants are acting strangely. To prove your loyalty, you're tasked with using the fairy rings to find and cure Fairy Nuff. This challenge demonstrates your commitment to uncovering the truth behind her disappearance and the unsettling changes in Zanaris.

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Completion of the following quests:

Fairytale I - Growing Pains

Lost City

Nature Spirit

The Restless Ghost

Priest in Peril


40 Thieving 

49 Farming 

57 Herblore 

Ability to defeat a level 145 foe.( 55 Combat level )

Items Required:      

Dramen or Lunar staff

Vial of water

Pestle and mortar

Nuff's certificate (obtained during quest)

Start Point:

Speak to Martin the Master Gardener by the pig pen in Draynor Village

start point                    

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To initiate your quest, engage in a conversation with Martin the Master Gardener within the bustling Draynor Market. He'll direct you to return once his crops have reached maturity. This requires approximately five and a half minutes of logged-in time to pass. Once this interval has elapsed, engage Martin once more.

Martin's demeanor takes a noticeable shift, his tone fraught with frustration. He remains skeptical of your fairy-related account and goes so far as to accuse you of causing the problem. In the face of his doubt, you opt to undertake an investigation to uncover the underlying issue plaguing his crops. Your willingness to delve into the matter signifies your dedication to resolving the enigma, despite the initial skepticism that clouds the situation.

talk to martin the master gardener


Items needed: Dramen staff or Lunar staff

Journey southeastward into the Lumbridge Swamp until you reach a humble hut. Equip either a Dramen or Lunar staff and utilize it to access the otherworldly realm of Zanaris by entering the shed in the swamp's center. Proceed towards the location of Fairy Nuff's grotto, situated just north of the bank. Stepping inside, you'll be treated to a brief cutscene that unfolds.


During this scene, your attention is drawn to an item on the ground alongside one of the potion shelves – it's Fairy Nuff's certificate. Gather it from the floor, and upon a right-click interaction, choose the "Study" option. As you delve into the contents of the certificate, its reverse side becomes apparent, adorned with enigmatic symbols of the fairy realm.

Among these symbols is a conspicuous sign that reads "Cosmic Rune Altar," located on the southern wall. Armed with this newfound insight, converse with the Fairy chef positioned south of the bank. Through your exchange, you'll learn of her encounter with similar inscriptions on a sign situated near the mysterious ruins of the Cosmic Altar. These ruins are positioned in the southern part of Zanaris, near the tanglefoot-infested area. The inscriptions are nestled on the wall between two trees, pointing you towards an intriguing revelation that could hold the key to unraveling the mysteries enshrouding Zanaris.

talk to fairy chef

Unlocking Fairy Rings

Engage in conversation with the Fairy Godfather within the Fairy Queen's throne room, situated adjacent to the slayer master. Inquire about the Queen's whereabouts, prompting a visible surge of panic within him. Amid his hastened response that he'll organize a search party, direct both of your inquiries to him, seeking clarity on the situation. Before departing, accept his request to return once you've located the missing Queen. He grants you the authorization to employ the fairy rings, a tool pivotal in your search. As you prepare to venture forth, the Godfather recommends speaking to the Co-ordinator positioned just outside the throne room to amass knowledge about the fairy rings' history and their connection to the Queen's predicament.

Following this insightful exchange, journey southwestward to the fountains and engage Fairy Fixit, who awaits near the fairy ring to the south of the fountains. With this interaction concluded, ready your Dramen staff (or, if you've made progress in Lunar Diplomacy, a Lunar staff) and make use of the fairy rings. This marks the commencement of your quest to trace the Fairy Queen's steps and uncover the hidden truths that lie within the magical realm of Zanaris.


With Fairy Nuff's certificate securely tucked in your inventory, you're ready to embark on a sequence of actions. Utilize the fairy ring four times in succession, adhering to the prescribed codes. This precise sequence must be replicated each time you wish to access the Fairy Queen's hideout. After successfully completing it once, you'll notice that the sequence of four codes becomes an option at the bottom of your teleportation list. This streamlined access will persist post-quest, but be aware that the certificate is essential for this process and should be obtained only after reaching the required skill levels to complete the quest.

The codes for the sequence are as follows:

a.i.r (Islands: South of Witchaven)

d.l.r (Islands: Poison Waste south of Isafdar)

d.j.q (un-attached code, will not teleport you anywhere)

a.j.s (Islands: Penguins near Miscellania, or Queen's location)

Should you find yourself on an island amidst penguins, an error might have been made in entering the codes, or you might not have the requisite Nuff's certificate. Ensure that you've deciphered the certificate's message and correctly entered all the codes in the sequence.

Upon following the sequence correctly, you'll ideally find yourself within the Fairy Queen's new abode. Ascend the path and make your way to the north-eastern chamber. Engage in dialogue with both Fairy Nuff and Fairy Very Wise. The latter reveals a disconcerting truth – the Fairy Queen's well-being has been compromised due to the Fairy Godfather withholding her magic secateurs. Her diminished essence renders her unable to counteract his actions without regaining these secateurs.

talk to fairy nuff

Armed with this knowledge, return to Zanaris. Utilize your Thieving skills to pickpocket the Fairy Godfather, a task necessitating a Thieving level of 40 for successful completion. Failure results in being teleported outside Zanaris. An expedient method to return is to employ the Salve graveyard teleport, which situates you conveniently close to the Canifis fairy ring.

When attempting to pickpocket the Fairy Godfather, adopt a strategic approach. Approach him from behind or the side, ensuring you avoid the direct gaze of his henchmen. Your successful endeavor will yield the prized golden Queen's secateurs. Simultaneously, you'll likely notice orks patrolling Zanaris at this juncture, a reminder of the changes that have beset the realm.

Upon returning to the refuge of the fairy hideout, engage in conversation with Fairy Nuff. Present her with the prized Queen's secateurs, the very tools that hold the potential to revitalize the ailing Fairy Queen. Yet, despite the secateurs' touch, their impact falls short of full rejuvenation. Nuff discloses a crucial fact: a specific magic essence potion is required to fully restore the Queen's vitality.

This potion necessitates two essential components: Star flowers and gorak claw powder. Your quest for these vital ingredients sets the stage for a new endeavor, one that promises to unravel further mysteries and lead you on a path towards restoring the Fairy Queen's energy. The journey ahead will test your resourcefulness and resolve as you traverse the mystical realm of Zanaris in search of these rare and potent elements.

Star Flower

Items needed: Dramen staff or Lunar Staff

Make your way back to the fairy ring and this time input the code "ckp." In response, you'll find yourself transported to a cosmic plane – an otherworldly realm imbued with celestial energy. Wander about for roughly two minutes, during which time the Star flowers will blossom, maturing into the radiant flora they're destined to be. As you traverse this cosmic expanse, engage in conversation with the Cosmic Being residing there. Contemplate the enigmas that the universe presents, allowing your thoughts to drift into the realm of the profound and the unknown.

When the Star flowers are ready for harvest, gather one of these ethereal blossoms. However, do note that a Farming level of 49 is requisite for this task. Subsequently, proceed to combine your freshly harvested Star flower with a vial of water, setting the stage for the creation of the magic essence potion. This step requires a Herblore level of 57. If you're utilizing boosting mechanisms, it's advisable to hold off on this process until you've also acquired the gorak claw powder, as a Herblore level of 57 is essential for the final potion synthesis. Your journey through the cosmic plane and your diligent gathering efforts mark significant strides toward the culmination of your quest.


Gorak Claws

Items needed: Dramen or Lunar staff, Nuff's certificate
Items recommended: Armour, weapons, food and restore potions to kill Goraks

Once back in the realm of Zanaris, make preparations for an encounter with formidable foes known as goraks. Outfit yourself in armor and wield weaponry appropriate for melee combat. Bring along around 10 portions of substantial nourishment to sustain you in battle. Given the goraks' accuracy, prioritize your best melee armor to bolster your defenses. Despite their aggression, it's worth noting that the combat arena is not a multicombat zone, meaning you'll face one gorak at a time. Interestingly, remaining within the confines of the fairy ring will prevent their aggression until you initiate combat.

Here are some strategic pointers to navigate this challenge effectively:

1.Attack Type and Protection Prayers: Goraks employ typeless melee attacks, rendering Protection prayers ineffective. However, boosting prayers like Piety can enhance your combat prowess.

2.Armor Choice: As goraks' attack accuracy relies on your crush defense, opt for crush-resistant armor such as chainmail to mitigate their assault.

3. Safespotting Possibility: There's a chance to employ safespotting tactics, illustrated in diagrams. While this method might offer safety, their aggression and potent maximum hits demand caution, particularly if your character is of lower level.

4. Engaging the Goraks: At the Zanaris fairy ring, enter the code "dir" to be transported to a distinct plane teeming with goraks. It's essential to have the certificate in your inventory for this operation. The goraks you'll face are level 145 or 149 and occasionally possess the capability to drain your stat points. Engage them in combat, prioritizing your sustenance as needed. If your stats waver, resort to restore potions to maintain your edge.

5. Acquiring Gorak Claw: Battle diligently until you secure a gorak claw, a crucial component for the magic essence potion.


As your showdown with the goraks concludes, equip your preferred staff and use the right-click option on the fairy ring to teleport back to Zanaris. This challenging endeavor signifies a step forward in your quest to remedy the Fairy Queen's ailment and restore her vitality.

The Final Scene

Items needed: Dramen or Lunar staff, Nuff's certificate, star flower, gorak claw, pestle and mortar, vial of wáter

Crush the acquired gorak claw using a pestle and mortar, yielding precious gorak claw powder. Combine this powdered substance with the harvested star flower and a vial of water to produce the coveted magic essence potion. This complex alchemical process necessitates a Herblore level of 57 to execute.

With the newly crafted magic essence potion in hand, return to the haven of the Resistance Hideout. Administer a dose of this potent elixir to the once-ailing Fairy Queen, witnessing as her faculties are restored, dispelling the cloud that had veiled her senses.

As the Fairy Queen regains her clarity, a wave of determination surges through her. However, her initial resolve to immediately reclaim her throne in Zanaris is met with a sobering reality. Fairy Very Wise and Fairy Nuff step forward, presenting a pragmatic perspective. They highlight the considerable forces at the disposal of the Fairy Godfather, including his minions and orks, which drastically outnumber the Queen's loyal but injured retinue. The Fairy Godfather's apparent advantage prompts a crucial realization within the Queen.

The player uses the magic essence on the Queen, saving her life!

Recognizing the precariousness of the situation, the Queen tempers her anger and acknowledges the soundness of the counsel offered by Fairy Very Wise and Fairy Nuff. She concedes that the Fairy Godfather's power surpasses her own in the present context. With a mix of acceptance and caution, she resolves to allow the Fairy Godfather to remain as the ruler of Zanaris for the time being.

As the resolution dawns, your quest draws to a triumphant close. You've navigated intricate challenges, uncovered hidden truths, and played an instrumental role in restoring equilibrium to the fairy realm. Your dedication and resourcefulness have proven invaluable, and the Fairy Tale Part I concludes with the restoration of the Fairy Queen's senses and a newfound sense of understanding and balance in the realm of Zanaris. Congratulations on your successful quest completion!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Fairy Tale Pt 2 completed

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