OSRS Kalphite Queen Guide

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Kalphite Queen Guide OSRS

The Kalphite Queen, also called the KQ, is the strongest of the Kalphites. The Kalphite Queen, along with dust devils and smoke devils, is notable for dropping the Dragon chainbody. The Kalphite Queen is also notable as one of two places, outside of the wilderness, where players can obtain a Dragon pickaxe (the other being Volcanic Mine). The Kalphite Queen can inflict large amounts of damage with her Ranged and Magic attacks as they always result in a successful hit. It is recommended for players to bring an emergency teleport such as an Ectophial, royal seed pod or teleport tablet, or only bring items into the lair for which they are willing to pay the gravestone fees.

Killing her is a requirement for the Hard Desert Diary. Talking to the queen's mounted head in the player's own house is a requirement for the Elite Desert Diary.

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Crawling mode

CRAWLING MODE                 

Airborne Mode


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The Kalphite Queen is located at the end of the Kalphite Lair. It is highly advised to complete both the Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Diary and Elite Desert Diary (Two ropes are needed only upon the first trip after completing the hard diary). The Lumbridge & Draynor Diary will allow for use of a nearby fairy ring (b.i.q) without using a dramen or Lunar staff, and the Desert Diary for significantly faster access to the Queen in addition to taking out the requirement of bringing one or two ropes for food or potions and providing access to a shortcut with 86 Agility.

From the surface area, players go west of the Shantay Pass until they find a bulging tunnel; this is where a rope is needed for players. From the dungeon area, walk south through the tunnel to reach the lair; another rope is needed here.

Once in the lair, players will go around a fairly large tunnel section with hostile soldiers, which can poison if they damage you. At the end is a chamber with two Kalphite guardians and another bulging tunnel; this is where the other rope is used. Like the soldiers, the guardians can poison, so being under the effects of an anti-poison potion is recommended so the player does not get hit with poison while fighting the Queen.

After going down, there is another set of guardians. On the other side is the Queen; drink potions and put on protection prayers before charging in.

Reaching Kalphite Lair via Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon.

The fight

Tip: Unless wearing a serpentine helm for the duration of the fight, either sip an antidote++ before going to the lair to save an inventory slot, or bring the potion in with you during the fight.

The Kalphite Queen has 510 Hitpoints, split across two phases. Her Magic and Ranged attacks have 100% accuracy, though it is possible for the attack to deal no damage instead. Her Melee attack does not share this unique mechanic, and is treated as a standard attack meaning that standing next to her will decrease her DPS. Unlike the soldiers and guardians, this melee attack does not poison. When standing in melee range of the Kalphite Queen, she has a 1/2 chance of doing a melee attack, while her Magic and Ranged attacks each have a 1/4 chance of triggering.

There are two phases of the fight, similar to Vet'ion. While in her grounded form, the Kalphite Queen has Protect from Magic and Protect from Missiles active; however, they only add increased Defence to those styles rather than full immunity like the player versions of them.

When she falls to zero health in her first form, her chitin will crack open and the second form, a wasp-like creature, will appear. This airborne form has Protect from Melee active; however, like the first form, this only provides increased Defence.

Note: Upon triggering the second form, there is a time limit of 20 minutes for defeating it. If not defeated within this time frame, the Kalphite Queen returns to the first form, though she carries the health she had left on her second form when she reverted back.

Her ranged attack will hit players close to the main target. To avoid this, players in a group can stand on opposite sides of her. This positioning (combined with Protect from Magic) will greatly reduce the amount of damage taken over the course of the fight.

Throughout the fight, if the Kalphite Queen is near any of the bulging cocoons, there is a 1/20 chance it will hatch an aggressive Kalphite Worker each time the Queen is hit (including on unsuccessful hits). These only stay for a while before despawning. It is advised to get the Queen near them so the workers will spawn. This is because if there are plenty of workers around her, she will be unable to move at all while they are present, and allow the player to easily flinch her for longer trips. This is only viable with melee, as there is not enough time to dodge her attack if flinching her with Ranged or Magic.

Her attacks can be tick-eaten, however her ranged and magic attacks do have different projectile speeds and as such, it is advised to always make sure to heal up when below 31 Hitpoints to prevent the risk of dying. It is recommended to step under her during this to not take more damage.

Suggested stats

hitpoin 90+ (70+ for mid-game method)

attack 85+ (70+ for mid-game method, or 90+ for pre-diary method)

strength 85+ (70+ for mid-game method, or 90+ for pre-diary method)

defence 70+ (70+ for mid-game method, or 90+ for pre-diary method)

ranged 85+ (70+ for mid-game method, or 90+ for pre-diary method)

prayer 74+ (Rigour), 70+ (Piety), or 44+ (Eagle Eye, for mid-game method)

Equipment and Strategy

High DPS

This method capitalises on maximum Melee and Ranged attack bonuses. Due to her magical and ranged attacks being 100% accurate, defensive bonuses are largely ignored. It is recommended to use this method on a Slayer task, as the Slayer helmet can give very large bonuses. This setup also assumes you have already completed the hard Desert Diary and no longer need to bring rope. If you have the ornate rejuvenation pool and fairy ring in your player-owned house, teleport there after finishing each kill to use the pool and teleport back (b.i.q). Notes about specific gear:

1. With the recoil enabled, ring of suffering (ri) deals a lot of damage due to the frequency of the Queen's attacks, much more so than other rings.

2. When eating, one should stand under the Kalphite Queen, in order to minimise damage taken.

3. While the max cape is not as effective as the combination of infernal cape and Ava's assembler, its versatility of acting as a teleport to POH and Crafting Guild bank as well as saving ammunition in the second phase makes it worthwhile to save on inventory space, resulting in less time banking.

3.1. Similarly, if you are unable to afford Bandos or Armadyl armour, blessed or black dragonhide armour also works very well while saving two inventory slots with minimal loss in damage.

4. The dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword is important for lowering Kalphite Queen's Defence, making both forms much faster to kill. Make sure to walk under her between dragon warhammer specs due to its slower attacking speed.

5. If using a slower weapon like a godsword or the Elder Maul for the Melee portion, it is recommended to use the flinching method, where you hit once, and walk under, thus limiting the amount of times that the Queen can hit.

Max Mage (0 switches)

The immense Magic accuracy bonus provided by Tumeken's shadow allows players to kill the Kalphite Queen without having to switch their gear or their prayers. Despite her appearing to use a special version of Protect from Magic/Missiles, it is just to show off her increased Magic/Ranged defensive stats, meaning she is vulnerable to magic in her first phase. Using this setup, it is possible to achieve between 31 and 34 kills per hour.

For the duration of the fight, have Augury and Protect from Missiles activated.


Because of the special effect of Verac the Defiled's equipment, it is possible to kill the Kalphite Queen using only that set especially if duo'ing. It can hit through prayer, which comes in handy for the second form. This method can usually get around one or two (if lucky) kills per trip. It is also recommended to have both the elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary and the elite Desert Diary done, as this will speed up getting to the Kalphite Queen. For the duration of the fight, have Protect from Magic activated. Also, Piety is recommended to speed up kills. Conserve food by running underneath her while healing rather than eating in the open, and use her minions or walls to block her movement.

Mid Game

This method is mainly for ironman players and others using inexpensive gear (less than 1 million gp) or gear that mid-game players are likely to have or be working toward anyway. It involves flinching the queen in the melee phase and hoping that no one crashes you. As with the other methods, it is recommended to use this method on a Slayer task, as the Slayer helmet can give very large bonuses. This setup also assumes you have already completed the hard Desert Diary and no longer need to bring rope. If you have the ornate rejuvenation pool and fairy ring in your player-owned house, teleport there after finishing each kill to use the pool and teleport back (biq). Notes about specific gear:

1. You can use whatever weapon you'd like for the melee phase, but opt for harder-hitting weapons over faster ones because you'll be flinching anyway.

2. For your special attack weapon, chose whichever best suits your stats. The main goal is to speed up the second half of the fight by reducing her defence. If you find that you're hitting her pretty consistently in the second half, then you might not need to worry about this.

2.1. If you have a high attack and slash attack bonuses, Arclight/Darklight lops off up to 15 attack, strength, and defence per successful hit. Bring a Fire cape and maybe a defender instead of a shield to help with accuracy.

2.2. If you have a high max hit, the bone dagger can slice off quite some defence, but only your first hit is guaranteed to hit, so plan on only using the special once per kill.

2.3. Ifthe barrelchest anchor is your main melee phase weapon, you can consider using it also for its special attack, saving you an inventory slot. While the stat drain is negligible, the anchor's special attack gives a 100% accuracy and 10% strength boost, meaning you can hit in the high 20s/low 30s fairly accurately with the special attack, even with base 70 combat stats (with boosts and Piety).

3. Bringing ancients is optional, but it can help with surviving under bad luck conditions. If you have a rune pouch, this makes it even more worthwhile. It also helps add a few (potential) hits to the queen during her second phase.

4. Any antipoison potion works, as long as it gives you a small amount of immunity. Iron players may find regular antipoison to work best here, as it's cheap and easy to get (from Jiminua's Jungle Store).

5. If you have access to a quest point cape and have built a fairy ring in your house, you can replace the house teleport tab with the Quest point cape, so that you can also bank and return to a fairy ring more easily.

6. If you have completed the elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary, then you can replace the dramen staff with another piece of food or equipment.

7. You can use guthix rests in place of antipoisons/antidotes and some food, but keep in mind that this doesn't provide immunity, only a reduction of poison severity.

8. Protect from Melee will not prevent you from getting poisoned, but higher defence bonuses will reduce your chance of being poisoned.


This method minimises the amount of gear needed, while still maximising the damage. This method is only recommended if you haven't already completed the hard Desert Diary, and thus are required to bring two ropes upon reentering the lair every time. Unlike the DPS method, you are recommended to stay as long as possible before banking, so food is prioritised over DPS. Here are some additional tips:

1. The Ring of suffering (ri) is useful here due to Kalphite Queen constantly hitting you for high damage, triggering the recoil effect.

2. The Dragon warhammer is important for lowering Kalphite Queen's defence, making both forms much faster to kill.

3. If using a slower weapon like a Godsword or an Elder Maul for the Melee portion, it is recommended to use the flinching method, where you hit once, and walk under, limiting the amount of times that the Kalphite Queen can hit.

4. An Anglerfish can be eaten before banking for the fight to boost hitpoints for a slight advantage.

5. The rope placed at the first entrance will disappear after 2 minutes. A player could place a rope, bank and return to save one inventory slot if they are fast enough to do so. Doing so most likely requires using a Dramen Staff to reach the area quickly, which uses one inventory slot.

6. Using a Slayer Helm (i) while on task provides a far greater bonus to DPS than any other piece of gear. If you are struggling, do Slayer tasks until you receive a kalphite task. This will massively improve your chances of success.


Range switch, e.g. Toxic blowpipe, Necklace of anguish, Ava's assembler

1-3 Prayer potions or Super restores

1 Sanfew serum for the prayer and poison restore

1 Divine super combat potion

1 Divine ranging potion

High healing food such as Sharks or Manta rays

A Dragon warhammer and an Avernic defender for specs

Two Ropes for getting to the lair if the hard Desert Diary is not completed

A house tab for escaping

Rune pouch with runes to cast Vengeance


First phase

During the first phase, Protect from Magic is recommended. Also, Piety is strongly recommended to speed up kills. Conserve food by running underneath her while healing rather than eating in the open, and use her minions or walls to restrict her movement. Immediately run under her again after killing off her first phase, heal up, and prepare for the second phase.

Second phase

During the second phase, it generally does not matter whether you pray Protect from Magic or Protect from Missiles, but Protect from Magic is still preferred in case another player crashes you. Players should walk under her as soon as this phase begins, otherwise she will get an extra attack on you first. For the rest of the phase until death, players with at least 76 defence should attack her from within her melee range, whilst players with less than 62 defence (such as pures) should stand one tile away from her to be out of her melee range.

1. Standing one tile away gives a 50/50 chance of not taking damage, therefore players in melee range should aim for enough stab/defence bonus to dodge more than 50% of her melee attacks. The player is assumed to be super potted and wearing blessed d'hide, slayer helmet, barrows gloves, blessed boots, and an ava's assembler. Some example defence breakpoints depend on the player's access to: 62 an amulet of fury and a ring of suffering (i); 67 only a ring of suffering (i); 70 only Rigour; 76 none of the previous.}} Food can be conserved by running underneath her while healing rather than eating in the open, and players can use her minions or walls to restrict her movement. Also, Eagle Eye or Rigour is strongly recommended to speed up kills.


The player will always receive two items from the Kalphite Queen's drop table: one from the regular drop table, and one from the Consumables table.



Weapons and armour

Weapons and armour

Runes and ammunition

Runes and ammunition