OSRS A Taste of Hope Quest Guide

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A Taste of Hope Quest Guide OSRS

A Taste of Hope

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Crafting  48 Crafting 

Agility  45 Agility 

Attack  40 Attack 

Herblore 40 Herblore 

Slayer  38 Slayer 

Quest Required:

Darkness of Hallowvale

Items Required:

1,000 coins (More if taking Andras' boat from the Ectofuntus, 10,000 each trip)

Knife or sickle




3 airrunes, 1 cosmic rune and having your magic set to the standard Spellbook

An enchant emerald or jade tablet

Rod of ivandis (can be obtained during the quest)

Pestle and mortar (can be obtained during the quest)

Vial of water (obtained during the quest)

Weapons and armour


Combat level 70 Combat level

Pickaxe (can be obtained during the quest)

Stamina potion and weight-reducing clothing

Explorer's ring for the run-energy regeneration function

Morytania legs 3 or 4 or another means of reaching Burgh de Rott quickly to reach Meiyerditch

Alternatively: An ectophial and an additional 10,000 coins per trip for taking Andras' boat ride from Port Phasmatys

Consider the Shades of Mort'ton (minigame) teleport as well.

Restore potion or super restore to restore stats during the abomination fight.

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Ok Let’s do this!

Starting A Taste of Hope

1. Travel to Ver Sinhaza:Begin the quest by heading to the Theatre of Blood in Ver Sinhaza. You can reach Ver Sinhaza through various methods:

Use the Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus (or use the fairy ring code ALQ if Ghosts Ahoy hasn't been completed), and then take the rowboat north for 10,000 coins.

Travel to Burgh de Rott using various methods like the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport, Mort'ton teleport, Barrows Teleport, or by using the Agility shortcut (requires 50 Agility).

Climb up the rocks and run along the wall from Burgh de Rott to get to Ver Sinhaza.

Follow the road south from Port Phasmatys, passing Slepe (this option involves a lot of walking).

2. Speak to Garth: Once in Ver Sinhaza, locate Garth, who is just outside the Theatre of Blood's entrance.

start point

Speak to him, and he will mention the connection between Serafina and the Theatre.

3. Observing Vanstrom and Ranis: During your conversation with Garth, you will notice Vanstrom Klause and Ranis Drakan entering the Theatre. Express your concern about this to Garth.

4. Inform Safalaan: Safalaan, the leader of the Myreque, needs to be informed about the situation. To reach him quickly, follow these steps:

Speak to a Vyrewatch and request to be sent to the mines.

Mine 15 Daeyalt ores and speak to a Vampyre Juvinate to leave.

You will appear on the surface near the Myreque hideout. Follow the blue path on the map to reach the hideout.

Speak to Safalaan inside the hideout and inform him of what you observed at the Theatre.

Spying on Ranis and Vanstrom:Safalaan decides to investigate the situation further, so he sends you to speak with King Roald's mercenaries, who are stationed at the south-east corner of Ver Sinhaza.

Return to Ver Sinhaza and speak to any of the mercenaries. They will tell you that both Ranis and Vanstrom are still at the theatre and suggest you spy on them through a window in the castle.

Vampyric Espionage

1. Getting to the Theatre Roof:

Return to Ver Sinhaza by your preferred method.

Head to the south-west corner of Ver Sinhaza, just west of the bank. Try to climb up the rubble at the base of the wall to get on top of the Theatre. However, a nearby vyrewatch will stop you.

2. Talk to Harpert:

Speak to Harpert, who is nearby. He can distract the guard for you, but it will cost 1,000 coins. If you don't have the coins with you, there's a bank nearby to withdraw them.

3. Climb the Theatre Roof:

After Harpert distracts the guard, climb up the rubble and follow the wall around to the north. You will encounter vents along the way that need to be climbed up and down. Be cautious when climbing the vents as they may release boiling hot steam, dealing damage and pushing you back down.

A player is blasted with boiling hot steam while attempting to climb a rooftop vent.

Continue east, climbing up and down sections of the roof, until you reach a red window that you can look through.

4. Watch the Cutscene:

Look through the red window, and a short cutscene will play. You will witness Ranis and Vanstrom speaking with Verzik Vitur, who provides them with an abomination to help track down the Myreque. Watching the cutscene will restore your health, prayer, and run energy.

5. Report to Safalaan:

Return to Safalaan at the Myreque Hideout and inform him about what you saw during the cutscene. Safalaan will start planning with Vertida.

6. Speak to Flaygian Screwte:

Flaygian Screwte, the head researcher translating the Haemalchemy book obtained during Darkness of Hallowvale, is in the same room as Safalaan.

Talk to Flaygian, who will explain that the vampyres were conducting experiments on both humans and vampyres to increase blood harvest from humans and strengthen their immunity to human attacks.

7. Speak to Safalaan Again:

Return to Safalaan and have another conversation with him.

The Myth of Serafina

1. Speak to Safalaan:

After speaking with Flaygian Screwte, return to Safalaan and have another conversation with him.

Safalaan plans to meet up with Veliaf Hurtz's team in Burgh de Rott and escape Morytania, as it may no longer be safe for the Myreque to hide there. You can inquire about Serafina, and he will provide information about her whereabouts.

2. Exit the Hideout:

Exit the hideout by climbing up the stairs, jumping the gap, and climbing down the ladder.

Headdue north through the three doors in a line, then go due west until you reach the wall.

Head north-west to reach a broken fountain.

The route to Serafina's home from the mines or the Myreque Hideout.

3. Meet Safalaan:

Climb down the stairs in the building directly south of the broken fountain to meet up with Safalaan once more.

Optionally, search the bed by the stairs to obtain an old diary.

4. Discuss Serafina and Locked Door:

Safalaan will express frustration with the story of Serafina, believing it gives false hope to Morytania's citizens.

He will mention a locked door in the room that may contain what they seek.

5. Obtain Items:

Search the crates and barrels in the room to find the following items: a mysterious meat, a mysterious herb, a vial, and a pestle and mortar.

6. Prepare the Unfinished Potion:

Use the vial on the broken fountain north of the house to obtain a vial of water.

Add the mysterious herb to the vial of water to create an unfinished potion.

7. Prepare the Blood Potion:

Crush the mysterious meat with the pestle and mortar.

Use the crushed meat on the unfinished potion to complete the blood potion.

8. Unlock the Door:

Use the finished blood potion on the locked door. However, nothing will happen.

9. Speak to Safalaan Again:

Talk to Safalaan with an empty vial in your inventory. He will give you a vial of blood.

Use another mysterious herb on the vial of blood to create an unfinished blood potion.

Add the mysterious crushed meat to the unfinished blood potion to complete it.

Use the finished blood potion on the locked door to unlock it.

10. Retrieve Old Notes:

Open the chest in the room to find the old notes.

11. Give Old Notes to Safalaan:

Hand over the old notes to Safalaan.

It’s a Trap!

1. Return to the Hideout:

Head back to the Myreque hideout and speak to Safalaan.

2. Trap Revealed:

Safalaan informs everyone that the notes you retrieved were complete nonsense and realizes that Vanstrom tricked him into giving up his blood at Serafina's house.

3. Danger Approaches:

As the group is about to leave the hideout, Flaygian Screwte alerts them that it's too late, and the abomination created by Vanstrom reaches their base.

It proceeds to attack, resulting in the deaths of Mekritus A'hara, Andiess Juip, and Flaygian Screwte.

4. Safalaan's Power:

As the abomination is about to attack Safalaan, he levitates and emits a strange cyan glow, which is amplified, leading to a powerful explosion that weakens the abomination.

5. Defeat the Abomination:

Safalaan weakens the abomination, and you, along with Vertida, must defeat it.

The abomination uses both melee and ranged attacks, occasionally launching a black projectile that can drain your stats by up to 3. Consider bringing restore potions or super restore potions for stat and Prayer point restoration.

The abomination has low Magic Defence, relatively high Ranged Defence, and moderate melee defence.

The player and Vertida fight the weakened abomination.

6. Safespotting:

You can safespot the abomination by hiding behind the brick wall and allowing it to attack Vertida. Hitting it again will cause it to become aggressive toward you.

You can also use Protect from Missiles to avoid taking damage if safespotting.

defeat abomination

7. Completion:

Work with Vertida to defeat the abomination, keeping in mind that his damage output is low.

The Legendary Weapon

1. Meet Safalaan and Vertida:

After defeating the abomination, Safalaan and Vertida will ask you to meet them at their old base, a small room beneath Old Man Ral's house. You can access this room via a trapdoor in the north room of Old Man Ral's house, which is located northeast of Burgh de Rott.

2. Discussion and Revelation:

Safalaan will insist on leaving, but Vertida interrupts, informing Safalaan that Flaygian managed to translate more of the book during your investigation of Serafina's home.

3. Flaygian's Notes:

Speak to Vertida, and he will give you Flaygian's notes to read.

These notes reveal that a weapon potentially effective against the Vyrewatch is a flail, with the rod of Ivandis being suitable as the flail's shaft.

4. Obtain the Components:

Search the nearby crates to find a silver sickle (b) and a chain.

You can obtain the rod of Ivandis from Veliaf Hurtz in Burgh de Rott (under the pub) or create it yourself if you have talked to Vertida about it.

5. Create the Ivandis Flail:

Attach the emerald to the silver sickle (b) to create an emerald sickle (b).

Cast Lvl-2 Enchant on the emerald sickle or use an enchant emerald or jade tablet on it.

Finally, use the chain on the enchanted emerald sickle or the Rod of Ivandis to create the Ivandis flail.

6. Confronting Ranis Drakan:

Safalaan informs you that the vampyres believe the Myreque has been defeated by the abomination, and Ranis Drakan intends to announce this to all of Meiyerditch at Ver Sinhaza.

Safalaan proposes confronting Ranis during his speech.

Final Boss Fight

1. Preparing for the Boss Fight:

Before facing Ranis Drakan, ensure you have sufficient high-quality food, prayer potions, and combat boosts. Note that rings of recoil do not work on this boss.

2. Meeting Kael:

Return to Ver Sinhaza, located just east of Old Man Ral's house.

Speak with Kael near the entrance to initiate the final boss fight with Ranis Drakan. If you need to escape from the fight, you can right-click on the Meiyerditch citizen directly behind you.

3. Boss Fight - Ranis Drakan:

Ranis Drakan is level 233 and can only be harmed by the Ivandis flail.

boss fight

He uses melee and magic attacks that can hit up to 20. Protection Prayers reduce damage by 50% but won't completely block his attacks.​​​​​​​

Ranis can cast Blood Barrage, healing himself for half the damage dealt.

Periodically, he charges an attack and explodes, hitting up to 30. You can reduce this damage to 6 by moving away from him before he explodes.

4. Boss Fight Phases:

After his health reaches 65%, Ranis summons two level 87 vyrewatch and becomes airborne.

While airborne, he throws blood bombs that can hit up to 40. Move away from the tile where the bomb is launched to avoid damage.

You can use these blood bombs to damage the vyrewatch if they are on the landing tile.

At 25% health, Ranis repeats this phase, summoning two vyrewatch again.

In the final phase, Ranis goes berserk, attacking faster and more accurately. His max hit is 6 during this phase.

5. Tips for the Fight:

Equip magic-resistant gear such as Dragonhide or Blessed d'hide.

Pray Protect from Magic and approach Ranis only after he has cast a magic attack.

Consider using a Melee shield like Rune or Dragon Kiteshield for higher slash defense.

If your Attack level is low, use Super Attack Potions or Super Combat potions.

Bring high-quality food like Sharks or Manta rays.

Super Restore Potions can be more efficient than Prayer potions.

Use combat prayers like Incredible Reflexes, Ultimate Strength, or Piety if Prayer is not an issue.

When fighting Vyrewatch, position yourself opposite them to kill them faster.

During the final phase, use Sprint and move away from Ranis after each hit to reduce incoming damage.

6. Last steps:

After defeating Ranis, you will give an inspirational speech to the Meiyerditch citizens.

If you disconnect after defeating Ranis, speak to Kael again to restart the cutscene with your speech.

The End

1. Returning to the Hideout:

Head back to the hideout located beneath Old Man Ral's house.

2. Talking to Safalaan:

Speak to Safalaan inside the hideout.

Safalaan will commend you for defeating Ranis Drakan, providing genuine hope to the Meiyerditch citizens.

3. Receiving Drakan's Medallion:

Kael will present you with Drakan's medallion, which he recovered from Ranis' corpse.

4. Vanescula and Vanstrom:

In a separate scene, Vanescula Drakan and Vanstrom Klause visit Ranis' corpse.

Vanstrom expresses concern that Lord Drakan will be displeased.

Vanescula tells him that she is counting on Lord Drakan's displeasure.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

A Taste of Hope completed​​​​​​​

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