OSRS The Tourist Trap Quest Guide

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The Tourist Trap Quest Guide OSRS

The Tourist Trap Quest

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Fletching 10 Fletching

Smithing 20 Smithing

The ability to defeat a level 47 enemy

Items Required:

Full Desert clothing (shirt, robe and boots required). You will lose them. (Desert robes, Black desert robe, and Black desert shirt does not work)

1-3 Bronze bars (can be lost while experimenting)

A hammer

30-50 feathers

Means to enter the desert. (Such as the Shantay pass, Desert amulet 2, Teleport tablet or scrolls, Fairy rings or the Pharaoh's sceptre)


combat lvl 20 Combat level

Inventory space to unequip all combat items at the start of the quest. This is required after the Mercenary Captain's death.

1-2 full waterskins and a knife or slash weapon to refill them by cutting cacti. (They can also be refilled from the bowl of water at the desert camp)

Plenty of Stamina or energy potions.

Choosing the incorrect dialogue or getting caught in the mines during the quest will require:

100 Coins to bribe the mine cart driver

Pickaxe if caught in the mine to mine 15 rocks to get out

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Ok Let’s do this!

1. Speak to Irena: Begin by talking to Irena just outside the Shantay Pass. Discuss her daughter until you offer to help find her.

start point

2. Desert Preparation: After starting, remove all metal armor and wear desert clothing. Your character will get thirsty in the hot desert; conserve water by wearing desert clothing and refill waterskins by cutting cacti with a knife.

3. Follow Footprints: Head south from Shantay Pass to find footprints. Follow them to reach Mercenaries guarding the Desert Mining Camp gate.

4. Gate Investigation: Examine the gate, "Watch" the Mercenary Captain, and engage in conversation. Compliment him and agree to favors until he asks you to kill a bandit leader. Decline and jest about a captain who can't fight alone.

5. Crucial! Do Not Attack Captain Prematurely: Avoid attacking the Captain prematurely; it triggers his guards, leading to teleportation deeper into the desert with water loss and significant damage.

6. Kill Captain, Take Key: When asked to eliminate the bandit leader, accept and defeat the Captain. Collect his metal key.

Note: If you have a Dwarf Multicannon, place it west of the gate and lure the Captain to its range for an easier victory.

Entering the Mine

1. Proper Gear: After defeating the captain, strip off everything except desert clothing. Wear only desert attire within the camp.

Trading clothing with a slave keen to escape.

2. Escape Route: Entering with a weapon equipped lands you in a cell. Bend window bars, escape, and navigate rocks and cliffs to get out. Re-enter through the gate, avoiding potential guard expulsions.

3. Secure a Key: Inside camp, grab a Cell door key from a table with a Bowl of water. This key unlocks prison doors and refills your waterskin.

4. Disguise Swap: Switch Slave robes for your Desert clothing while avoiding guards. Do this before entering the mine.

5. Stealthy Moves: In the mine, avoid undressing or mentioning the key near guards to evade capture.

6. Get the Pineapple: Talk to a guard in the mine and express interest in mining in a new area. They'll ask for a 'Tenti' pineapple.

7. Escape Options: To exit, backtrack or use the front gate. Remove all slave robe pieces before leaving. If captured, escape by bending cell window bars, climbing out, and navigating the surroundings.

8. Bedabin Camp: Head west to the Bedabin Camp, speak with Al Shabim in the southern tent, and acquire the pineapple in exchange for weapon plans. He'll give you a key for this purpose.

Obtaining the Plans

Return to the Desert Mining Camp. Once again, ensure you're not equipped with any armor or weapons upon entering. Proceed to the northern building.

Climb the ladder to reach the captain's location and search the south-west bookcase to discover his interest in sailing. Attempt to open the chest, and he'll take notice, presenting several distraction options.

Before engaging in conversation, search the south-west bookcase. Start with "I wanted to have a chat?" He'll insist you leave. Then, mention, "You seem to have a lot of books!" He'll agree. Now, inquire, "So you're interested in sailing?" His enthusiasm will rise as he talks about his lifelong passion for sailing. Finally, reply with, "I could tell by the cut of your jib." This flattery will engage him in rambling about sailing stories, providing the perfect distraction to unlock his chest and steal the blueprints.

With his distraction secured, search the chest to obtain the plans. Return to the Bedabin Camp and show them to Al Shabim. He'll grant you permission to use the nearby anvil.

Making the prototype dart tip for Al Shabim.

Enter the tent directly north of Al Shabim, near the magic carpets, and use your bronze bars on the anvil to create dart tips. Add feathers to make darts (note that there is a possibility of failure, so bring extra feathers). Take the dart and the technical plans back to Al Shabim, and he will reward you with the pineapple you need.

Note: You can now craft your own darts!

Locating Ana

Equip your Slave outfit and return to the mine. Deliver the Tenti pineapple to the guard who requested it. With this, he'll grant you access. Proceed deeper into the mine until you reach a mine cart.

Nearby, search (not 'look in') the barrels until you can pick one up, as you'll require it later. Then, enter the cart by searching it, and ride it to the opposite side.

Note: Be cautious, as there's a chance of failure during this stunt. You might take 1-4 damage from banging your knee or falling off the edge of the minecart.

Follow the path to the north-west to locate Ana. Simply use the barrel on her, and then head back toward the mine cart, ensuring you don't drop her.

Note: When conversing with Ana, be cautious. The guards are eavesdropping, so avoid mentioning anything about them or having a key, as this will result in being thrown into the mine to mine ore, and your key will be confiscated.

Rescuing Ana

Place Ana in a barrel and load it into the mine cart. Send the cart down the track, and follow it by getting in and riding down to the other side. Search an empty barrel to automatically retrieve the one containing Ana (use 'look-in' won't work).

Riding the mine cart. Enjoy the ride!

Warning: Do not attempt to exit the mine with Ana in your inventory, as the guards will discover her, resulting in imprisonment and the need to restart the "Rescuing Ana" section.

Walk over to the winch bucket, put the barrel on it, and a nearby guard will assist in hoisting it up. Whenever possible, compliment the guard to avoid raising suspicion.

Note: This part of the quest may glitch. If you can't get Ana on the winch without alerting the guards, log out and retry it.

Return to the surface and go to the winch in the south-west corner. Do not remove your slave robes, or you'll be thrown into the underground cell and forced to mine 15 rocks. Operate the winch and then search the nearby barrel to retrieve Ana. Place her in the nearby cart.

Operating the crane with Ana in the barrel.

Now, it's time to talk to the cart driver. To exit, use the following dialogue phrases. Be cautious, as selecting the wrong options will require you to redo most of the quest:

1. "Nice cart."

2. "One wagon wheel says to the other, 'I'll see you around'."

3. "One good turn deserves another."

4. "Fired... no, shot perhaps!"

5. "In for a penny in for a pound."

6. "Well, you see, it's like this..."

7. "Prison riot in ten minutes, get your cart out of here!" (Alternatively, you can choose to bribe the driver with 100 coins)

8. "You can't leave me here, I'll get killed!"

Search the cart and choose the option to get on it.

Finally, return to Irena, and she'll reward you for your efforts.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

the tourist trap completed

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